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Get Your Home Organized for the Holidays with the PUPA Movement!

Okay friends, it’s time to get our homes organized for the holidays. The earlier we start, the less stressed we’ll be and I’m all up for that. But this year we’re going to do it a little bit differently. I’m intentionally not calling this a declutter challenge and instead calling it the PUPA Movement. What […]

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10 Things My Allume Roomies Should Know About Me

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m heading out to the Allume Conference next week in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Allume is a Christian blogging conference and many of my long time blogging buddies that I’ve made over the past 6.5 years will be there.  However there is one thing I am super nervous about and I’m […]

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How organized are you? Take this clutter quiz to find out!

Canadian Parents has a fun clutter quiz up on their site right now where you can answer 10 questions, score yourself and find out how organized you really are.  Now most of us don’t really need a quiz to tell us this information (do we?) but it’s always fun to see what they have to […]

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It’s Time for Another Org Junkie Video

Hey friends, thought I’d give you a peek into what my unedited videos look like.  I’m done with editing…blech.  Seriously, who has time for such things anyway?  Just kidding to all you editing geniuses, it’s all good 🙂 From now on though I’m one cut Laura, dorkiness and all! So I’d love it if you’d […]

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