Organizing Experts Share Their Secrets for Living a Happy Organized Life

If your desire is to live a happy organized life in 2020, then you’ll be very interested in today’s post. Are you struggling to get your home in order? Do you wish you had the mindset and discipline it requires to get it done? Do you have particular areas of your home you just can’t seem to get in order? Is the everyday chaos of life making you crazy? Does getting dinner on the table every night stress you out? Well you can stop trying to figure it all out on your own. I’m calling in the troops, the organizing troops that is.

Recently I was invited to participate in an all new organizing bundle collaboration. I love bundles because they consolidate (you know how much I love that word!) a ton of information into one easy to access location. And in this case, it’s an entire bundle FULL of valuable organizing information to help you combat all the havoc that clutter and chaos cause in your life.

Organizing Experts Share Their Secrets for Living a Happy Organized Life at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Happy Organized Life Bundle

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Get 62 eBooks, eCourses, Videos, Printables, and more all about how to declutter, get organized, and maintain your progress in the Happy Organized Life Bundle. Learn tips, tricks, and systems from 50 experts and professional organizers, and make 2020 your most organized year yet!

Let me give you the various titles of some of the topics covered so you can see just how valuable the Happy Organized Life Bundle is. Perhaps you are dealing with some of these situations in your own life right now.

  • How to Cultivate a Decluttering Mindset
  • How to Run Your Home Like a Hotel
  • Conquering Your Clutter Triggers
  • A Simple Guide to Overcoming 5 Common Decluttering Obstacles
  • Lose Your Clutter, Find Your Life
  • Take Back Your Goals
  • Developing a Weekly Structure
  • Priorities, Balance and Time Management
  • Plan Your Year Printables
  • How to Plan for a Successful Week
  • Tips for a Perfectly Organized Bedroom
  • How to Maximize Storage in your Bedroom
  • Tips & Tricks for an Organized Bathroom
  • How to Organize Any Size Bathroom
  • Bathroom Organization & Expiration Dates
  • The Ultimate Reselling Guide
  • Tips for Creating an Organized & Beautiful Pantry
  • How to Easily Create an Organized Kitchen
  • The Organized Kitchen
  • Fabulously Fast Dinners & Editable Grocery Shopping List
  • How to Easily Get Dinners on the table Night after Night after Night (by me!)
  • Creative Ways to Food Prep & Eat Well
  • Weekly Meal Planner
  • How to Implement the Two Week Multi-use Meal Plan System
  • How to Organize a Child’s Room
  • DIY Child’s Memory Box
  • 5 Steps to Organizing School Keepsakes
  • Creating a Control Center
  • How to Make a Minimalist Space Feel Like Home
  • Cord Organization for Small Devices
  • Organizing Your Digital Life
  • How to be Organized for Life
  • Simple Steps to Transform your Garage
  • How to Keep your Home Organized
  • Organizing Hacks to Maximize Every Inch of Space
  • plus more!

Most of the above topics have videos included so you can watch or listen while doing other things. You’ll also be able to catch me on video again even though I hate doing video so much. Gosh why do I find it so awkward? But that’s how much I love you. I’ll do it, even if it’s awkward, just for YOU! Especially when the topic is something I’m super passionate about.

Dorky Laura

Organizing Experts Share Their Secrets for Living a Happy Organized Life

Get Your Bundle Now:

The reason bundles are the way to go is because you get so many awesome resources at a reduced price. If you purchased all of the above individually it would cost you almost $2,000 but instead you can grab the entire thing for the bundle price of $49.97, that’s 98% off!

However, you should know that this bundle is only available for the next seven days and then my awkwardness goes away forever. Just kidding, you can catch my awkwardness here on the blog any time you want! You’re welcome 🙂

For many more bundle details and to purchase go RIGHT HERE. Now is a great time to stop living with clutter and chaos and to finally start enjoying all the benefits of living an organized life! Once you sign up, you’ll be able to access the bundle all in one area on Teachable. It’s really easy to maneuver (and nicely organized of course!) and you can take your time watching the videos and learning from each of the participants. Tackle one area at a time (maybe one a week) to avoid overwhelm and to really build on each task as you go.

I’m very excited about this Happy Organized Life Bundle and all the value it provides. I hope you like it and find it to be super helpful!


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