5 Ways to Stress Less this Holiday Season

The following is a guest post with 5 ways to stress less this holiday season from regular contributor, Morgan from Morganize with Me.

As soon as the Halloween candy is either gobbled up or given away, we start hearing about Black Friday deals and seeing Christmas decor on display. Heading into the final two months of the year, tends to bring with it, an increased sense of hustle and bustle. The countdown to the holiday season is on!

It can feel stressful, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

5 Ways to Stress Less this Holiday Season at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

I want to encourage you to find more meaning this holiday season and to experience: less panic and more peace, less meltdowns and more memories, less stress and more bless.

Is it possible? Absolutely!

How? It starts now.

Start planning and preparing now, so you can welcome the season with open arms, rather than with a sense of dread. Prior planning prevents problems. And while you can’t prevent every problem, you can work to minimize them.

Here are five ways to plan and prepare for a delightful December. (Wouldn’t that be a gift?)

5 Ways to Stress Less This Holiday Season

#1. Write your gift list

Consider every single person you want to buy a gift for and list what you would like to get them. Want to take it a step further? Break down the list into different weeks and plan to shop for specific gifts each week for specific people. As you schedule your shopping/ordering, consider also the timing of delivery/shipping.

#2. Plan your menu

Work to create a menu plan for the weeks ahead. Take time to make meals that you could pull out for either a weeknight dinner or a celebration. Your freezer is your friend. Also, are there specific items you could stock up on? Drinks, appetizers, kids’ snacks, treats that tie in with your ‘Elf on the Shelf’, or your advent calendar?

#3. Decide – cards or no cards?

Are you mailing out holiday cards? Or sending an email letter/picture? Decide now what you want to do (and don’t feel like you have to do what you’ve always done). Also consider, if you could delegate this task to someone else or if it is time to change course with this “tradition.” Remember more bless, less stress.

#4. Schedule your priority holiday activities

What are the events you typically go to and enjoy over the holiday season? Which ones do you need to continue attending? Are there some that you could say no to this year? What would be the “Goldilocks” (the just right) amount of activity for you and your family to commit to this year? Schedule your top priority celebratory activities on your calendar now but also give yourself permission to scale back too!

#5. Tame your traditions

Traditions are important. They help to create meaning and belonging. However, if you are not careful, traditions can feel more like another “to-do,” rather than a way to “be” with your people. As kids grow up and family dynamics change, it is important to keep reevaluating your traditions. Discuss now, with your loved ones, which traditions mean the most and why. Plan to keep the traditions that work well and skip the rest. (Not all traditions need to continue on and on.)

Maximizing your strategies and systems now, will help to minimize your struggles later. Prior planning is the foundation to experiencing more peace, memories, and bless.

Happy organizing and celebrating!

Morgan is a professional organizer (chaos calmer), writer (list lover), and exercise enthusiast (fitness fan), keep up with her on her site, Morganize with Me. Her mission is to share tried and true techniques that she hopes will encourage her readers and clients as they focus on their health and homes. Check out her new Book, join one of her Challenges, listen to her Podcast, and be sure to check out her Shop full of fabulous organizing printables!


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