Menu Plan Monday ~ April 9/18 Weekly Dinner Inspiration

Welcome to Menu Plan Monday!

Menu Plan Monday for the week of April 9, 2018 - weekly dinner inspiration to help you get dinner on the table each night with less stress and chaos

Hi everyone, how are you? Have any of you experienced the benefits of menu planning for the first time recently? I’d love to hear what you thought of it. Were you less stressed? Save some money? Eat healthier? There are just so much positives to menu planning and way less cons. The main con being that it does take a bit of time to do up a menu plan in advance of the week. However the time you save in return will more than make up for it! Don’t be afraid, give it a try!

Grain Free Rosemary Garlic Flatbread

Last week I made the Grain Free Rosemary Garlic Flatbread and I wanted to let you know how it turned out. It was pretty tasty although as you can see from the picture I believe I didn’t let it cook long enough. It was a little chewy. I will definitely make it again as that is an easy fix I can deal with ๐Ÿ™‚

Grain Free Rosemary Garlic Flatbread

Coming soon!

Just a heads up that this week the all new Ultimate Homemaking Bundle for 2018 will be released. I will be telling you all about it on Wednesday so be sure to look out for that. I’ve already had a sneak peek and you do not want to miss it!

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week.

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Spicy Honey Lime Chicken Thighs served with Baked Skinny French Fries and carrots

Tuesday: Paleo Sloppy Joe Casserole

Wednesday: Korean Style Pork Chops served with broccoli

Thursday: Leftover buffet

Friday: Pizza Party Friday Night with 5 minute homemade pizza dough and for me Lemon Garlic Herb Crusted Baked Salmon

Saturday: Breakfast for Dinner: Gluten-Free Waffles

Sunday: YOYO (you’re on your own!)

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


Menu Plan Guidelines, banner selections and recipe helpers are here.

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My favorite menu planning resource:

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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