Menu Plan Monday ~ October 16/17 Weekly Dinner Inspiration

Menu Plan Monday for the week of Oct 16/17 - weekly dinner inspiration to help you get dinner on the table with less stress and chaos

Howdy friends, happy menu plan day! This is the day we get ourselves organized for the week ahead so we can get dinner on the table each night with less stress & chaos. Totally do-able, totally possible.

Instant Pot: Yes or No?

How many of you own an Instant Pot? You may have noticed I never share Instant Pot recipe links but I’ve actually owned a pressure cooker long before they were popular.

My father-in-law actually bought it for us off the Shopping Channel one random day and it just showed up at our house. Problem is…I don’t love it. We’ve used it a number of times but the only time I really found it to be beneficial is with frozen meat we needed to cook fast. Otherwise I didn’t find it saved me a whole lot of time. You see the reason I love my slow cooker so much is because I can prepare meals in the morning when I have more energy. The Instant Pot is something I’d have to pull out at dinner time when I don’t have the energy. You’ll notice that most of the dinner recipes I choose are quick and easy and don’t require a lot of babysitting. I’d love to know your thoughts, do you own and use an Instant Pot? Tell me why you love it. Maybe you can convince me to give it another try :)

Paleo Treat:

I just discovered these yummy Date Coconut Rolls this week at Walmart. Just coconut, almonds and dates rolled into bite size pieces. Just wanted to share in case some others might also be looking for refined sugar-free treats.

Here’s what we’ll be eating this week.

My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday: Turkey, Bacon and Avocado Panini (I’ll have mine in a lettuce wrap)

Tuesday: Baked Crispy Chicken Legs served with yummy Green Smoothies

Wednesday: Easy Oven Baked Paleo Meatballs served with rice and broccoli

Thursday: Leftover buffet

Friday: Pizza Party Friday Night with 5 minute homemade pizza dough and for me Creamy Bacon Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Saturday: Loaded Taco Sweet Potato Skillet

Sunday: YOYO (you’re on your own!)

Have a wonderful week everyone!!


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My favorite menu planning resource:

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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5 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ October 16/17 Weekly Dinner Inspiration

  1. 1
    Andrea says

    I own one and this is the only recipe I’ve made! We love and it and I love the way the flavors are infused into the meat and the fact that it only takes 90 minutes. It would take longer using a traditional method for sure.

  2. 2
    Darcy says

    I know the focus of this post isn’t your 5 minute pizza dough, but I have to tell you that after a couple of years seeing your Pizza Party Friday, I finally made the dough to use with a Pepperoni Pizza loaf that I would normally buy a loaf of frozen bread dough for. It was so easy and so good! It will definitely be used again. It even feels good to the touch – so fluffy and soft.

    • 2.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Oh how cool, so glad you liked it! It’s a game changer for sure :)

  3. 3
    Michelle says

    I bought an Instant Pot and never took it out of the box. I just returned it. I never could convince myself that it would really save time. I either do something fast (30 min or less) or it’s in a crockpot.


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