Two New Books to Help You Keep a Clean & Organized Home

Two NEW Books to Help You Keep a Clean & Organized Home

As long time readers know I have a blog “tribe” of organizing friends that I just adore. Two of them recently released books that are AMAZING and I want to tell you all about them and brag on my friends a little bit because I am just so dang proud of them. Writing a book is hard work y’all. I wrote my own book to help you have an organized home, Clutter Rehab (link in my sidebar), many moons ago and I have been asked by various publishers so many times over the past number of years to write another one and I just keep saying no. It is a time commitment that is for sure. Maybe one day I’ll get up the nerve to do it again but in the meantime I’m happy that there are others braver than I. In fact for both of these two ladies, Becky Rapinchuk of Clean Mama and Toni Hammersley of A Bowl Full of Lemons, this is their SECOND book each. I’m totally in awe of them. Their books are awesome and practical yet still fun to read and they smell good too so there’s that. Any other book smellers out there? Ha! I always smell my books :)

Books for a Clean & Organized Home

Two NEW Books to Help You Keep a Clean & Organized Home

*please note that I have included Amazon affiliate links below to help you easily find the books mentioned.*

Simply Clean:

Simply Clean by Becky Rapinchuk

Okay so let’s start with Becky’s book, Simply Clean. Her tagline is: The proven method for keeping your home organized, clean and beautiful in just 10 minutes a day. Um yes please. I hate cleaning as many do. You just keep having to do it over and over and over again. Seems so pointless am I right? Well regardless it needs to get done one way or another unfortunately. That’s where Becky comes in. She has a system, a real everyday system that she calls the Simply Clean method and it’s designed to incorporate just a few simple actions into your everyday without being overwhelming.

Simply Clean

Becky’s book is an easy to read, easy to implement instruction manual on how to follow her proven systems. It starts with a 7-day Simply Clean Kick Start and then moves on to the 28-Day Simply Clean Challenge. Every step is supported with simple yet thorough checklists to keep you on track. Seriously where would we all be in life without a good old fashion checklist to help us get stuff done. The checklists are not complicated to follow and throughout the book there are also tips for how to clean and organize (just about) anything in your home. Such great information to have in your life!

The Complete Book of Clean:

The Complete Book of Clean by Toni Hammersley

Toni’s book, The Complete Book of Clean, centers around tips & techniques for your home and it is beautifully done. Similar to Toni’s first book, The Complete Book of Home Organization, what makes Toni’s books so special is the stunning photography interspersed throughout. Oh my, so pretty! In her newest book, Toni provides her readers with 255 organizing and cleaning tips grouped together by the various living spaces of our homes. This means you can easily and quickly find all the information you need for whatever room you are working on. Each section has room-by-room advice to effectively eliminate dirt, dust and everyday messes. Such a practical and pretty book.

The Complete Book of Clean

Both books are amazing and ones I would highly recommend and I don’t just say that because they are my friends either. They really are awesome! Becky’s book is centered around teaching you how to implement her proven cleaning system with helpful supporting checklists. Toni’s book is a super handy reference manual that you can quickly access for cleaning help as you tackle each room in your house.

Clearly I think everyone needs both of these fantastic books in their life immediately :)

Two NEW Books for a Clean & Organized Home at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

I have company coming soon so I will be using both of these books to get my home into tip top shape and as clean as it can be over the next couple of weeks. Anyone with me?

Thanks Becky and Toni! With cleaning resources like yours, we’ll definitely set ourselves up for success and be on our way to a clean and organized home in no time. Whoot!

Let’s get it done!



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5 Responses to Two New Books to Help You Keep a Clean & Organized Home

  1. 1
    Susan Barone says

    I just requested The Complete Book of Clean from my library after reading your blog. Thanks for the reviews! I have a cleaning schedule in my head, but there are some areas I keep saying I will tackle and haven’t yet. This should be a handy guide for things like that dreaded medicine cabinet.

  2. 2
    Linda says

    Hi Laura, I confess, I am a book sniffer. I love the smell of books.
    Your friends’ books sound interesting. I will definitely check them out.

  3. 3
    Becky says

    Aw, thanks so much Laura! Happy Cleaning!
    xo, Becky (Clean Mama)

  4. 4
    Toni says

    Thank you so much for sharing Laura. ????

    • 4.1
      Toni says

      Not sure why it posted ??? ????


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