Organize Your Digital Camera’s Memory Cards

The following is a guest post about how to organize your memory cards from regular contributor, Rachel.

I’ve accepted that life is extra busy with an exploring toddler on the loose. So, I find organizing short cuts and bandaids until I can tackle the major time-intensive projects. Currently, my primary “bandaid” method for photos is to transfer them to different storage services and keep the originals on digital memory cards. (FYI: Experts recommend 3 different back-up methods for storing photos!)

Organize Your Digital Camera's Memory Cards at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

I’ve decided that organizing photos in a printed fashion is a luxury when children are young. With thousands of things to manage at any given moment, sitting down to sift through digital memorabilia has received lowest priority these days. Thankfully, like most Moms, I’m getting the important part done by capturing those sweet moments on my digital camera (or cell phone) and hopefully making back-up files before I forget. After that, I’m sad to say I haven’t managed to create books or printed copies yet – that will be a project for future me. 😉

Out of convenience, I found myself tucking away the full memory cards and pulling out a new one. Admittedly, those full cards accumulated before I could clear/empty them. I managed to label some with washi tape but my organization after that was pathetic. You can see below my feeble attempts. If I happened to have a plastic case, I would slap a quick label on the outside and stick it in a drawer. One card I found placed inside a sandwich baggie and stapled (what on earth???) shut. That must have happened during the no-sleep nights of newborn days. Worse yet, one was found taped on the inside edge of my desk drawer. That’ll keep it safe, right? Nope!

I had enough of my unruly one-inch plastic pieces. I thought about making a DIY storage system but most of my ideas were either too expensive or digitally unsafe. So, I took a chance and ordered a small organizer on Amazon HERE (affiliate link). This little black organizer (see below) is honestly the best answer and was super cheap. At $3.99, I couldn’t beat the price. It is considered an “add-on” if you order through Amazon to get the low price, so you will have to reach a certain price point in your cart before it will ship to you.

The cards slide into the divided slots. The protector is laid out like a book, with pages to hold the cards. I really like the zip closure for additional safety. I also found a way to utilize my washi tape again by labeling pages inside accordingly. I never put the washi tape directly on the cards for fear it would harm them. Instead, I write directly on the card in the space provided with a number system.

Annnnd, I labeled the outside. Surprise, surprise. 😉

For the sake of reference, below is a shot of the memory card organizer next to a Sharpie marker. It’s small enough to keep inside a camera case or desk drawer.

Finally, I keep those plastic holders for random needs because they’re much better than stapled plastic baggies. 🙂 I usually keep an extra card in a plastic case inside my camera bag. I like to have one available for times that I’ve hit my photo limit and I’m away from home. I’m sure you could’ve guessed, but I label that too with a small piece of… you know it… washi tape. 😉

I did a little memory card research before this post. I wasn’t aware, but according to people much smarter than me, you should never fill your memory card to capacity. It could potentially cause the card to corrupt and you would lose your images. One example I read was if your card’s capacity is 380 photos, then only take about 350 pictures. If you haven’t done it by then, you’ll want to transfer the photos to your long-term storage methods.

So there ya have it! A little public service announcement, a little glimpse into my strange baggie stapling oddity, and a safe way to organize memory cards. Happy weekend dear friends!

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