10 Encouraging Truths You Need to Hear on the Hard Days

10 Encouraging Truths You Need to Hear on the Hard Days

A couple of weeks ago I shared some personal thoughts on parenting as I adjust to my oldest being away from home at University. It’s certainly taken some getting use to not having her here but at the same time it comes with a bit of relief as well. Relief that we have raised this beautiful kind smart human and didn’t mess her up too bad :)

You see there were plenty of hard days where I thought I was failing as a mom.  In the early days when my oldest two were little and I worked outside the home full time I was so overwhelmed I didn’t know which end was up half the time.  We also spent so much time in and out of Doctor’s offices with my middle child and all his food allergies, that the stress was just debilitating. My kids often got the short end of the stick as I tried to do all the things, juggling so many balls in the air.

I was my own worst critic too, us moms can be so terribly hard on ourselves can’t we? On and on goes the list in our head as we stew about the ways we didn’t match up or weren’t enough or were too whatever (angry, critical, impatient, disorganized, fill in the blank).

If this sounds even remotely familiar, you need to know two things:

You are not a failure. Most of us feel this way far more than we ever admit.

All the ways you failed?? How awful you did today or last week? It’s just not true. You’re doing better than you think.

I’ve had many of these sorts of days myself, and have talked about them on the blog over the past 10 years. I’ve also documented my journey as I’ve learned not how to keep all those balls in the air but how to counter-culturally put some of them down. To live a more simpler and less overwhelming life. I get so many emails from moms who are at their limit, who are stressed and miserable and buried in clutter.  They feel like they aren’t enough and just don’t know where to start.

Since this topic is so near and dear to my heart I’ve written a lot of blog posts on it, many of my more popular posts can be found right HERE, but today I wanted to share a brand new (and free!) video series that two of my blogging friends have put out. Stephanie and Beth are not only popular bloggers, but they’re also moms in the trenches. They’ve got 8 kids and almost 20 years of mothering experience between them.

They also understand and have the deepest compassion for moms who are working their tails off, but still hitting the pillow at night with a heavy heart and tear-stained face, because they feel like they’re failing at one of the most important things they’ll ever do in their lives.

And so they’ve put together an honest, candid and incredibly encouraging series of three videos just for moms. It’s called “The Truth About #MomFail Culture: 10 Things You Need to Hear on the Hard Days”. I’ve already watched it and it’s pretty powerful.

10 Encouraging Truths You Need to Hear on Hard Days

It won’t solve all your problems, and much as they wish they could, they can’t reach through the computer and fold that pile’o’laundry for you. But we can all benefit from a fresh perspective and encouragement from someone who really gets it.

Each video is short – around 10 minutes, and you can watch it on any sort of device and whenever you’ve got a few spare minutes.

**Unfortunately the free video series has expired and is no longer available.**

However if you are interested in some other pretty awesome resources on motherhood, please be sure to check out the Ultimate Homemaking eBook Bundle that is on sale right now but only until midnight on May 2nd.  You’ll receive 93 homemaking resources, valued at over $1000 all for less than #30.00!!

Ultimate Homemaking ebook Bundle sale available now

I really hope you don’t feel alone. You are doing a good job momma, hang in there!  If you have any questions for me please share them in the comments below. Thanks!

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    Laura says

    It seems the link is not working. It takes me to a $29.99 home bundle….

    • 1.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      I’m sorry Laura, the video series has expired and is no longer available :(


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