Pantry Fix for Empty Spaces

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home.

Hi OrgJunkie friends! I’m sure you’re all busy plugging away at your Christmas plans and holiday shopping. When I think of holidays, I also think of making room in food storage areas like the pantry and freezer in preparation for entertaining.

Pantry Fix for Empty Spaces at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

Do you remember a while ago when I posted my easy fix to make more space in an upright freezer? Read about it HERE if you’re curious. I used THIS white wire under shelf basket and it worked like a charm for filling that otherwise unused space. So, I found myself with a similar problem in the pantry. Long story short, there was empty space between the bottom shelf and the items on the floor of the pantry. So, I returned to my wire basket answer and voilà, instant usable space for a great pantry fix!

OJ pantry5

I’ve often been asked questions about organizing wire pantry shelves. I’ll have more on that in the future when I reveal my entire pantry, but for now, this is one simple fix to make the most of every inch. I decided to use my basket for potatoes and onions because the wire design gives the produce the necessary air circulation it needs.

OJ pantry3

It’s super easy to install by just sliding the arms over the shelf. The problem I ran into was the back side drooping since my shelves are not solid. I think the basket is intended for a solid surface, but a little ribbon to suspend it in the back and the ever-popular wire shelves are no problem at all!

OJ pantry7

OJ pantry6

So that’s it! Something easy for a December organizing topic, since we’re all busy this time of year, but also something applicable for those looking to find extra storage space in their pantry.

OJ pantry2

OJ pantry1

Merry Christmas Friends and Happy New Year! I’ll be back after a much anticipated “baby-moon” I’m taking. We’ve finalized our adoption and are in love with a precious new baby girl who joined our family last week. Thank you for all your thoughtful comments along our journey painful memorabilia to hearts overflowing with baby blessings. Wishing you all love and peace this holiday season!


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