Over the Door Shoe Organizer for Kids Closets

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Yuni at Love Your Abode.

Over the Door Shoe Organizer for Kids Closet

Recently, I gave my 6 year old son a room makeover on a budget. From that makeover, we purged and organized everything in his room. It was refreshing to say the least! I used an over the door shoe organizer because they provide flexible storage options and I really love how they maximize the space behind the door while achieving a clean look. If you don’t have a closet door, you can always put an organizer behind the actual room door.

shoe organizer 2

You can find these in your local retailer for $5-$10 each. I like using the plastic clear organizers because it allows the kids to see what’s in each pocket. You can also find mesh, cotton, or canvas, but again, I prefer the plastic because it’s inexpensive and makes for easy access for my kids. Design wise, I don’t love it but sometimes, functionality wins!

shoe organizer3

Since my son isn’t able to access the higher pockets, I made sure to place the daily necessities, like socks, underwear, and soccer accessories, in the lower pockets. Don’t overcrowd the pocket!

shoe organizer4

Seasonal items, like hats and gloves, and special occasion accessories, like ties or belts, are at the top because they are rarely worn. This also makes it easy for him to help me put away clean laundry, definitely a key habit for all of my kids to learn!  Moving these items to the over the door organizer also frees space in his dresser for other items like clothes, pajamas, and blankets.

shoe organizer5

Here’s one from my oldest daughter’s room. The pockets are wide enough for headbands. I placed her belts, tights, hair accessories, bracelets, and necklaces in the pockets.

shoe organizer6

Winter scarves, mitttons, and gloves are also neatly tucked inside.

shoe organizer7

I even used these organizers for my kids’ rooms when they were babies because they were great for holding infant/toddler items like socks, bath rags, bibs, bath supplies, creams, etc. You can also use them to hold all of your craft items if you don’t have a place to store everything. You can use them for school supplies, tools, etc. The possibilities are endless. They can also be used for the original purpose… shoes! They maximize storage especially in tighter quarters. If you are in need of storage, try this inexpensive method. Good luck!


Yuni is married to her high school sweetheart and is a stay at home mom to three precious miracles. She is passionate about Jesus and loves creating a home with purpose. You can find her at Love Your Abode where she shares her love for DIY, organizing, cooking, and interior design. She loves gathering, feeding, and celebrating people. 

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