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Sponsor Spotlight for June 2015 at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog  Fantastic organizational resources!!

Yay to the end of June!  June was such a busy month that I’m looking forward to the slower days of July now that the kids finished school last week.  I’m also excited to get some organizing and painting projects done as we switch some rooms around in the house.  My middle son is taking over my daughters old room and we are creating a designated guest room.  I’ve never had a room specifically for guests before so I can’t wait to get in there and make it pretty.

If you are thinking about getting organized this summer and would like some extra help on your organizational journeys then be sure to check out these resources below that my amazing sponsors have to offer. I love sharing these companies with you as they are as passionate as I am about helping people get organized in some way. Keep reading to find information on what is being offered, any current specials, promotions, posts, discounts and/or any workshops that may be available to you at this time. The time to get organized is now, you can do this!!


Profitable Organizer Feb 2015

Profitable Organizer is a company created to help you set up your own Professional Organizing business. I get many inquiries from people wondering how to go about doing this so I’m thrilled to be able to refer you to an excellent resource. Professional Organizer, Cynthia and her husband Adam have designed their business and membership site to help walk you through this process step by step. To find out if this is a path that might be right for you, you can take a tour of their extensive training area and watch a video that walks you through what is required and how Profitable Organizer can assist you with setting up your business. Find out more about their membership options, which include videos, forums, sample documents and much much more, here.

You can also find Profitable Organizer on Facebook



Alejandra Costello is a Certified Professional Organizer who shows individuals how to become more organized and productive on a daily basis by setting up systems that work for their own organizing style. Alejandra started her company, Alejandra.tv, in 2008 at the age of 23 and to date has shared her organizing expertise with thousands of people in over 100 countries around the world. Formerly an IT engineer, Alejandra was named 1 of the 5 most organized people in America by HGTV. Her expertise has been featured in HGTV, The Washington Post, Family Circle, Woman’s Day, The Washington Times, CBS, NewsChannel8, and Mashable.

Alejandra just added 40+ “how to” organizing videos and lots of printables to her complete organizing program (the Power Productivity Program)! In the program she shows you step-by-step how to get organized, stay organized, and become your most productive self without slipping back to your old ways. The program gives you the tools you need to finally overcome your physical and mental clutter. For more information: www.alejandra.tv/products

Here is a link to Alejandra’s most recent video:

Pet Organization

Feeling stuck with clutter & can’t get started? Alejandra’s video series shows you 3 e-a-s-yyyyy things to do tonight to feel more organized tomorrow morning. How’s that for starting the day off right?! You can sign up to watch the free videos here.  For organzing inspiration check out Alejandra.tv’s new Photos of Organized Homes page.

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find the joy in simplicity



Get Organized Wizard is a company designed to help you move from procrastination to action. Their programs help busy men and women take action toward a life of greater happiness, productivity and personal organization. Michelle has many products and programs available to help you with getting organized. You can view all of them and how they can help you by visiting her product page.

Starting July 20th30-Day Organize-athon: a power-decluttering program for getting rid of household clutter in 5 or 10 minutes a day over 30 days.

If you:
– Can only manage a few minutes of declutttering at a time
– Want to move quickly and get fast results
– Feel overwhelmed by long projects
– Don’t know where to start
– Need some guidance, motivation, and acountability to get it done…

Then the 30 Days To An Organized Home program is perfect for you!  Get more information by clicking on the banner below.

30-Days-to-an-organized home

Also find Get Organized Wizard on Twitter and Facebook.


Smead Ad new

Smead Manufacturing Company is a well-known leader in high quality, environmentally responsible and innovative products, most of which are made right here in the USA. Founded in 1906 in Hastings, Minnesota, Smead is a certified woman-owned business offering thousands of organizational products for use in the home or office. For more information on Smead’s products, visit smead.com. For personalized organizing advice, tips and solutions, visit Smead Organomics.


Submit a Smead product review using this link and you could win a $100 Smead shopping spree!!

Also just released is Smead’s new eBook called “Room by Room” organization. It features organization tips and advice for each room in the home from some of the top professional organizers in the world. Download your free copy today HERE. Happy Organizing!

Smead also produces a weekly podcast with organizing tips. Check it out at www.Smead.com/podcast

You can also find Smead on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube!



Some of you may have noticed I had a new subscriber this past month.  StoreWALL is a company that offers storage and organization for the garage and throughout your home.

StoreWALL is more than the pegboard storage system your dad had.  It is an easy to use, easy to install, superior wall storage solution.  Installation is 3 easy steps, one: screw in our InstallStrips, two: place wall panel on the InstallStrips, three: start organizing your space!


StoreWALL’s products have Olympic like strength.  Their 10″ & 15″ Shelves with brackets can hold 200 pounds. That’s 20 gallons of paint.  The exclusive CamLok™ is an important part of every storeWALL accessory. With a simple twist, the Camlok locks the accessory in place, insuring that your accessories (and your stuff) stay on the wall and not on the floor.

Also find StoreWALL on Facebook and Pinterest and YouTube.


If you would like to consider advertising here at I’m an Organizing Junkie and being featured on my monthly sponsor spotlight post, please send an email to organizingjunkie (at) gmail (dot) com and I’d be happy to discuss my rates with you. Please also check out my advertise page for my site statistics. Thanks so much!!


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