Weekly Organizing Links: Become Intentional, Chore Kits, Tackle Procrastination + more!

My favorite weekly organizing links for May 22/15 .....become intentional, chore kits with free printables, how to tackle procrastination + more!

Hey y’all!  How are you this lovely Friday?  Last weekend I half organized my backyard shed.  I can’t finish it until I get all our deck furniture out of there and I can’t do that until we stain the deck.  Isn’t that how it goes sometimes?  One project depends on another for completion.  I did what I could in the shed though as I’m not entirely sure when the deck staining is going to happen.  Better to be half done than nothing at all.  At least now we can get into the shed 🙂

I was looking through Facebook this morning and was so excited to see that I’d been featured on the site LifeHacker with regards to my post this week on putting things back where they belong in order to find them again.  So fun!  If you didn’t have a chance to read that post you can find it HERE.

Why You Keep Losing Your Stuff

My Favorite Weekly Organizing Links:


When You Are Ready to Become Intentional + free printable ~ @ Mina and her blog


Motivational saying that you need to take small steps to make changes in your life

Are Your Time Management Skills Failing You? ~ Get Organized Wizard


chore baskets with to do lists

Chore Kits with Free Chore Printable ~ @ Joyful Homemaking



How to Tackle Procrastination + free printable ~ @ Clean & Scentsible

Declutter Your Life ~ @ How Does She

Have a wonderfully organized weekend everyone!!


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    Margo says

    Thank you so much for sharing my chore baskets, I am thrilled! 🙂


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