Thrift Store Find for Organizing Essential Oils

Thrift Store Essential Oils Storage at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

If you’ve read here for any length of time, you know I am so not a crafty gal.  Oh I try every once and awhile but mostly it’s underwhelming to say the least.  But I’ve got to tell you, I am pretty excited about my lasted project.  I spray painted y’all.  For reals!  That’s a big deal for me because I attempted to do it once before and it didn’t work out all that great.  I tried spray painting mason jars white because really how hard could it be right?  Well apparently hard because mine did not look like any of the oh so cute ones you see plastered all over Pinterest.  I just couldn’t figure out why mine were the opposite of cute so needless to say that plan was abandoned and my spray paint forgotten.

Until recently.

I’ve been looking for a storage solution for organizing essential oils for awhile.  My collection has been growing as I fall more and more in love with the oils I use.  So as with anything, a collection of stuff without a home can quickly become clutter if not given a system and/or some parameters.  I’ve been searching for awhile for an inexpensive home for my essential oils with no luck.  Oh sure I found beautiful options online but they were out of my price range.

So I’ve been keeping my eyes open at the thrift store and I found the perfect solution in the kids section of all places! For $2.00!

horse barn toy 1 horse barn toy

I wanted something open without a lid because I’m reaching for them all the time and I had a bit of wall space in my office that I could put a shelf on so that’s what I was ultimately after (visit this post for a full office tour).  The horses and plastic came right out leaving a wooden structure with tiny shelves that was just the perfect size for my oils.  I thought about leaving it in the wood color but the fact that it resembled a barn made me want to paint it white to camouflage it a little bit.

Spray paint time!

I’m just thrilled with how it turned out and this time the spray painting was so easy.  I gave it three coats, added a wall hanger to the back of it and it was ready to go. I’m not going to lie either, seeing all the bottles lined up like this makes me very very happy.

Essential Oils Storage 1

Essential Oils Storage 9 Essential Oils Storage 10

Thrift Store Essential Oils Storage

The clear divided paper organizer (love it!) that sits below it holds all my essential oil resources so they are easily accessible when I’m selecting oils for various ailments of the hour.

Essential Oils Storage 6

And this other white rack sitting on the desk?  That’s another thrift store find that I bought that I think was originally for napkins.  Now it holds extra oil supplies.  It was also plain wood and I spray painted that too!  Somebody stop me!

So next time you are looking for an inexpensive storage solution, head to your local thrift store and think outside the box a little bit.  And don’t forget to check the toy section, you just never know what you might find 🙂

 I have a few affiliate links in this post – this does not mean you pay any extra for the product when you purchase through my link. It just means I made it easier for you to find what you might like, so I make a few cents if you purchase. Thank you so much for your support!
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13 Responses to Thrift Store Find for Organizing Essential Oils

  1. 1
    Rachel says

    Great find! I’ll be on the hunt for something similar, perhaps a wood cutlery divider would work, too.

    • 1.1
      Laura says

      Yes exactly Rachel, that would work as well because you could turn it on its side and add a picture hanger to the back. Let me know if you ever complete it, I’d love to see it 🙂

  2. 2
    Sarah says

    That is so neat! I thought it was some sort of a cutlery divider or something but it was too square for that! A big huge congratulations on successfully completing your first painting project! May it be the first of many crafting accomplishments for you!

    • 2.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Sarah, I’m so excited and am already looking around at what else I can spray paint lol.

  3. 3
    Jody says

    This is brilliant! Seriously, what an amazing find (but shh, my daughter would be all over those horses).
    I have oils all over my house, I love how this is so convenient and easy to get at the oils.
    doTerra essential oils have been a huge blessing for our family too <3

  4. 4
    Morgan says

    LOVE that you repurposed that shelf. I’m a huge fan of essential oils too.

  5. 5
    Elizabeth says

    Love the shelf. I have been keeping my essential oils in a drawer but I love this idea for better access. I keep serenity and breathe on my nightstand constantly. LOVE them all. My mom is a distributor and she gets me free stuff all the time. I have been wanting a diffuser. Hope to get one soon!

    • 5.1
      Laura says

      Oh yes Elizabeth, you will love it!!

  6. 6
    S. Davis says

    My only question would be – despite dark bottles, aren’t they supposed to have exposure to light minimized? Seems awfully bright where they are.

    • 6.1
      Eileen says

      I was a distributor for a while; the bottles are purposely dark so that direct sunlight does not make them “spoil” over time. So I would not display them in direct sunlight, but I know I’d enjoy mine even more if they were displayed as in the pic.

      Also, I have seen diffusers (Essential Living) on e-bay (NWT). I bought mine 12 yrs ago and it still runs smoothly as long as I clean between uses. I believe I use rubbing alcohol; whatever the directions suggest. Some companies started adding heat; but heat kills the effectiveness of real organic oils.

      I’m loving this website. Just came across it. Thanks.

    • 6.2
      Laura says

      Yes that is true, however this is in my office that is in a back room that doesn’t get much direct sunlight hardly at all. I had to put extra lights on to take these pictures 🙂

  7. 7
    Margarita Ibbott says

    Hearing the angels singing… that aha moment when you find the perfect container.

    • 7.1
      Laura says

      It’s the best feeling!


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