Friday Favorites: Command Central Station, Baby Steps to Simpler Living, Timesaving Travel Apps + more

my favorite organizing links for January 9/15

Hello!  Welcome to the first Friday Favorites post of 2015.  These posts which I try to do every Friday are a round-up of some of my favorite organizing posts from around the web over the previous week.  I do it to highlight and share great posts not only to inspire you but to send some traffic love to other bloggers out there as well.  I think it’s important to share the love and it’s nice having great information centered around one topic all in one place so you can sit down with a cup of tea and perhaps get some ideas for your own organizing needs.  I do hope you like this feature, I’d love to hear your thoughts either way.

Okay so on to this week’s favorite organizing links and this week there were many to choose from.  January is a hot month for organizing and it seems to be on everyone’s mind these days.  And while I think that’s a good thing, my goal around here is to hopefully encourage you to not only think about “getting organized” in January but all throughout the year as well.  Organizing is an ongoing process that doesn’t start and end in a month, it’s something that needs to be incorporated into your everyday.  It’s not just about making things look pretty on a shelf but changing habits, systems and mindsets so that your efforts aren’t a temporary passing in the night type of accomplishment.  If you’d like to learn how to do this, you’ve come to the right place!  Stick around, it’s going to a fun ride to getting “hooked” on organizing.  Whoot!

Favorite Organizing Links:


Simplify Life: How to Take Charge When Toys are Overrunning Your Home ~ @ Intoxicated on Life

Housekeeping? Do The Minimum ~ @ Home Sanctuary

To the Mom Who Does Too Much ~ @ True Aim


Command Central Station in a Small Closet ~ @ The Happy Housie

Baby Steps to Simpler Living ~ @ Slow Your Home

Laundry Room Organization ~ @ Graceful Order

At a Glance Weekly Calendar

Free Printable At-a-Glance Weekly Planner ~ @ Hello Cuteness

Find Your Perfect Planner! – The Ultimate Planner Review ~ @ Kayse Pratt

Timesaving Travel Apps ~ @ Organized Island

Have a super organized weekend everyone!


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