Washi Tape Stemware Labels

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home.

A few weeks ago I admitted one of my hostessing faux pas and how I made an organized drink station to solve the problem. Today I’ll share a quick-fix for yet another entertaining oversight I’ve made in the past.

Use washi tape and a marker for stemware labels this holiday season - such a simple idea!

Recently we had a large group of friends over for dinner. The party extended past dinner into games and fun conversation. With so many couples and continued activity, it didn’t take long until I began hearing, “which glass is mine?” Everyone’s stemware looked the same and I completely forgot to order some type of labels before the party.

My first thought was, I must remember to buy special wine glass charms for our next get-together but that didn’t solve the immediate problem. Then, the light bulb went on – why not use washi tape?!! I love this stuff and use it all the time.

Washi Tape Stemware Labels:

Love using washi tape for holiday labels.

It worked like a charm, figuratively & literally, on every style of glass that had a stem. I just cut a short piece and wrote a name down for each guest’s glass. At first I taped it to the side of the glass… honestly, that didn’t work too great because of the condensation. It’s better to stick the label on the stem itself (see below).

Label wine glasses with washi tape... so simple!

Personally, I thought it worked the best when placed directly on the base, like you see below. It’s the most obvious place to see the name and the easiest place to apply the tag.

Use this easy idea for stemware labels at the next get together!

Rather than purchasing pricey charms or specialized labels, I now use an inexpensive roll of washi tape every time we host friends. It lasts a really long time, it’s a fraction of the cost (less than a penny per label), and it adds unexpected festivity. How simple is it to match your washi according to the season or party style?!! It looks thoughtful and personalized without going to any extra trouble.

She labels stemware with washi tape for holiday parties.

You can pre-label the glasses or simply leave the whole roll alongside a permanent marker for guests to write their own names.

Washi tape works on any stemware piece for drink labels!

I especial love when organizing ideas are simple enough for adults and children to use.

Even kids can label their own drinks using festive washi tape, how simple!

Drink labels for the kids table using fun washi tape

In case you’re wondering, the washi tape removes easily and doesn’t leave a sticky residue afterwards.

Washi Tape Stemware Labels

Of course, you can get really imaginative with different colors or styles. I kept it simple but would LOVE to hear if you have any tips on using washi tape for creative drink labels; share in the comments below!


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2 Responses to Washi Tape Stemware Labels

  1. 1
    Laurie Meek says

    What a GREAT & festive idea, love it!

  2. 2
    Lauren @TheOrganizedPantry.org says

    What a brilliant idea! I know I’m a little late to the game on this post but I think this idea is super nifty and can be totally customized to the occasion. A must-try!


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