Top Organizing Bloggers Family Room Tour: Quiet Time Corner Organization

Top Organizing Bloggers Family Room Organization

I’ve shared my living room with you before but today I want to show you how I created a little spot in my living room that I call my quiet corner.  It’s where I do my devotionals and have my breakfast in the mornings, it’s where I watch Youtube videos and have my lunch and it’s just generally a really great place to put my feet up and relax.

Quiet Time Corner Organization

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 13

Feet up and comfy

If you remember it all started last year when I suggested to my hubby that a really great birthday present would be a new comfy chair for the corner of my living room.  I really thought I’d be the one to pick it out but to my surprise he went out and picked one out all by himself for me.  It’s a “mini” recliner that fits perfectly in the small space I had designated for it.  And while it wouldn’t be my first choice of color it is so incredibly comfortable that there was no way that chair was going back.

Quiet Time Corner Organization

To organize the space, I added a side table that I had.  It has a drawer which provides extra storage for odds and sods.  Remember the divided drawer organizers I told you about a couple of weeks ago?  This is where I ended up using the second one.  Love it!

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 12

On top I keep some let’s pretend they are real but they are not flowers along with one of my favorite signs and a flameless candle that runs on a timer and turns on at the same time every day for five hours.  How cool is that?  Set of three for $20 at Costco this year, great deal!  I also keep an iPad stand on top where I watch my videos from.

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 4

On the shelf below I keep a box of tissues and my bible for quick and easy access.

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 6

Next to my chair is a fantastic wicker basket that my husband bought for me some time ago.  It’s actually a cute story you can read about HERE.  Inside I have all my devotional books I’m currently reading and my notebooks for jotting down notes.  I recycled a round container to use for pens and highlighters.  Behind that is where I keep my old lady reading glasses 🙂

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 3

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 14

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 5

The next two things that are super important for creating a comfortable corner is a reading lamp and a cozy blanket to throw on when it gets a little chilly.

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 7

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 8

Finally is my iPhone power cord.  My phone battery lasts hardly any time at all so I attached a Command hook to the side of my side table to keep my cord neatly tucked away when not in use.  When I need a quick charge it’s ready and waiting for me.  Usually I do this over lunch while I’m watching vlogs on the iPad 🙂

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 11

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 10

I love having all my supplies right there handy for when I need them.  I know if I didn’t have everything organized and ready to go at my fingertips I wouldn’t be as diligent about having my morning quiet time with God.  I never have to look for anything because it all has a home and is easy to find.

Do you have a quiet time corner somewhere in your house?

Living Room Quiet Corner Organization 1

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15 Responses to Top Organizing Bloggers Family Room Tour: Quiet Time Corner Organization

  1. 1
    Ginny @ Organizing Homelife says

    This is a great space, Laura! I love that you have your notebooks and your devotional books in a basket by your chair. I don’t always want to leave personal notebooks on end tables, but it’s not as convenient to have to grab them from a bookshelf every time. Great idea!

  2. 3
    Leslie says

    Laura! I love it! Especially the hook on the side of the table for the iPod charger. That’s genius!!! Love ya!

  3. 4
    Kate @ Teaching What Is Good says

    It has always been my desire to have a quiet time area. But with 10 of us (and 9 home all the time) it never quite worked out to find the space. If we had some help to build a wall, I would put it in my bathroom. I know, it sounds strange, but our bathroom is HUGE (we’ve even had a couch in there) with a recliner, table and lamp in it. But it can easily be divided into a separate space. And it would be great for a quiet time area.

    Marking some of your ideas for the future!

  4. 5
    Becky - Clean Mama says

    I love this Laura! So clever and what a great use of space 🙂 xo

  5. 6
    Anna says

    What a great space Laura! I’d like to curl up there with a good book, that chair looks wonderfully comfortable. 🙂


  6. 7
    Leanne says

    What a great space to relax and read or write. I love all the things you have close by so you don’t have to move once you are settled.

  7. 8
    [email protected] says

    Oh, I love your quiet time corner!! It’s so nice — makes me want to have one, too! Becky B.

  8. 9
    lyn says

    That’s such a lovely idea and space! I don’t really have a “corner” as such and my home is generally quiet. But I’d like to create a little nook like that.

  9. 10
    Lisa Sharp says

    We are so lucky to be able to carve out little spaces in our homes to call our own. Even if it’s just a chair, a blanket and a book, it’s really heavenly. So simple but so restorative. And now I want a green smoothie! 🙂

    • 10.1
      Laura says

      Just realized I should have said in my post what it was. Hope I didn’t gross anyone out lol. I use a combo of mango, banana and spinach, so delicious!!

  10. 11
    Diane says

    Just wondering where you got that quote sign about life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful–love that!!

    • 11.1
      Laura says

      Hi Diane, I got it at a local gift shop here in Alberta, Canada. I’ve never seen it available for purchase since. I do love it! 🙂

  11. 12
    Bonnie says

    Thanks Laura. You inspired me to create my own “cozy corner” in our basement. Love it!

    • 12.1
      Laura says

      Oh that’s wonderful Bonnie!!!


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