Friday Favorites: Help Your Daily Routine Go Better, How to Tackle Kids Clutter + more!

my favorite organizing links for the week of Oct 24/14

Hi!  Is everyone happy it’s Friday?  I am although I don’t know why considering the most exciting thing I have to look forward to is Amazing Race tonight, ha!  But honestly that’s just the way I love it.  I love weekends without agendas and running around.  I like relaxing with the kids, hanging out with my hubby, going for walks, playing games and just taking time to breathe.  Of course there are always some organizing projects thrown in there because that’s relaxing for me too 🙂

I hope you find time to do a little organizing as well.  Hopefully these links below will help inspire you and give you some ideas.  Enjoy!

Oh and I wanted to mention that this past Wednesday I took pictures of my entire day and posted them as the day went along on Instagram.  I am a visual girl and Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms right now.  It’s so fun!  If you are interested, come see how I spent my Wednesday 🙂  Look at this sweet picture I shared of my little Bella girl.

Bella Girl

Favorite Organizing Links for this Week:

Find Your Organizational Comfort Zone

Staying Organized & Finding Your Organizational Comfort Zone ~ @ Simplify 101

The Importance of Slowing Down So You Don’t Miss This Moment ~ @ House of Rose


Top 10 Questions You Should Ask When Organizing ~ @ Clutter Interrupted

Clutter is Postponed Decisions ~ @ Balancing Bedlam & Beauty

One Simple Question to Help Your Daily Routine Go Better ~ @ An Inviting Home

How to Tackle Kids Clutter

How to Tackle Kids Clutter ~ @ Carrie This Home

Free Fall Gratitude Printable ~ @ Crafting Chicks

Have a fantastic and organized weekend everyone!!!


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4 Responses to Friday Favorites: Help Your Daily Routine Go Better, How to Tackle Kids Clutter + more!

  1. 1
    Marcia Francois says

    I enjoyed seeing your day unfold, Laura, but I must admit I couldn’t figure out this HH thing for the longest time 😉

  2. 3
    Carrie This Home says

    These are great tips Laura! I’m honored to be featured among them! Thank you!

  3. 4
    Sarah @ An Inviting Home says

    Thanks for sharing my post Laura! Now I’m off to go check out all of the great reads. 🙂



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