Menu Plan Monday ~ August 18/14

Menu Plan Monday for the week of August 18/14 - Join Us!

Hi friends, one of my favorite things to do on Sunday nights is scroll through my Feedly account, where I follow over 100+ food blogs, looking for new recipes to try and to link to.  I absolutely love linking to other bloggers, it provides them some traffic love while at the same time it provides you, my Menu Plan Monday readers, and I some new quick and easy recipes to try.  There are so many creative ladies out there that make weekly meal planning so much easier and I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work.  If you’ve like a particular recipe that I’ve featured here then be sure to check out that blogger’s recipe index page on their site.  Most food bloggers have them and they are such great resources.  I’ve actually got a round-up of recipe indexes HERE that you might find helpful.  I’d like to grow this list so please feel free to add your own recipe index from your blog if you want to!

Menu Planning Resource:

I’m getting excited for my brother’s arrival in a week and so I’m thinking ahead to what I’ll be serving his family for dinner each night.  I found this great resource over at Merry About Town for Easy BBQ Party Meal Plans that looks super helpful.

What is your go to quick and easy meal when you have guests over?


My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday:  Pesto, Tomato and Mozzarella Sandwiches

Tuesday:  Lime Chicken Thighs served with rice

Wednesday:  Easy Baked Ziti

Thursday:  Leftover buffet

Friday: Italian Sausage and Potato Roast (family favorite!)

Saturday:  Summer Crock Pot French Dip Sandwiches

Sunday:  YOYO (you’re on your own)


Menu Plan Guidelines, banner selections and recipe helpers are here.

More family favorite recipes here.

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One of my favorite menu planning resources:

  Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat

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9 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ August 18/14

  1. 1
    Jean says

    Our guests usually get either tacos or spaghetti. Simple always works best for me. Thanks for hosting!

  2. 2
    Lori says

    Thanks for hosting! I love reading through the menus everyone has posted – always a lot of inspiration.

  3. 3
    Keri says

    I like doing tacos for guests. I make beef, beans, rice, and tons of toppings so everyone can make their own.

    I’ve been trying to come up with a better way to organize the recipes on my blog. I don’t know why I’ve never thought of an index! Thanks for the idea!

  4. 4
    Janet says

    The sausage and potato roast recipe looks so good and really easy. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week.

  5. 5
    Danielle says

    Hi I’m Danielle & I stumbled across your blog today, looking forward to checking out the recipes as I just started menu planning this week for our family of 7 🙂
    Thanks for hosting x

  6. 7
    Angela says

    Something is up with the linky…it wouldn’t find my image and then it said that there wasn’t a backlink, when there was. Anyone else having this issue?

  7. 8
    Angela says

    third times a charm…or it ‘heard’ me make a comment and decided to straighten up! (hehe)

    Thanks for the link up!

  8. 9
    BeBetsy says

    Thanks for hosting a great party! Hope you’re having a great week.

    Denise & Aubrie


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