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The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Rachel at Useful Beautiful Home.

I’m out of town this week for a conference and discovered a quick & FREE way to pack my bulky bracelets for traveling.


A couple years ago Laura introduced her easy way to organize necklaces for travel (the direct link is at the bottom of this post). More recently, Sharon shared her necklace organizing technique too (also linked at the bottom). For two years now I’ve been packing my bulky statement necklaces as Laura demonstrated. However, I didn’t have a good option for the matching bracelets.

Just to be clear, I’m talking about the bracelets that are chunky, statement-style with lots of moving parts that tangle just as easily as necklaces.


Wrapping them in a towel or jewelry case helps, but I found they would still slide around and tangle upon themselves despite my best efforts. So, I headed back to the linen closet. I took a washcloth and rolled it up similar in size to the tubular displays seen at jewelry counters.


Then, I hooked each bracelet and watch around the washcloth “tube”. The shape has to be thick enough that the bracelets won’t move once clasped around the washcloth. It also helps to use a non-white washcloth to avoid a mix-up with hotel linens.


Finally, I wrapped it at the end of my necklace towel to keep all the jewelry together and protected from shoes and other items that would cause scratches.


I found it works best at the end of the the final necklace that gets tucked inside, otherwise the bracelets will scratch against the other jewelry.


I can attest that it traveled along excellently and without problem. The whole bundle fit just about anywhere inside my suitcase. It’s free, it’s organized, and it works! I hope you can find this useful alongside Laura and Sharon’s necklace travel tips!

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3 Responses to Travel Organization: Bracelets

  1. 1
    gigi says

    I would also consider putting the entire “roll” into a large ziplock baggie. As security inspects suitcases, and I’d think a roll shaped item that is essentially metal might increase the odds of being checked, unless they are also in a ziplock, there might be the chance of something being lost in the checking process. Just my .02. 🙂

    • 1.1
      Rachel says

      Thanks Gigi! I love your “2 cents”! 🙂 Good point about the metal roll-shaped item having increased odds of being checked. I’m always pulled aside in the airport for some reason, maybe this is why – haha!


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