Friday Favorites: Closet Cleaning for Kids, Organizing Your Schedule + more!

my favorite organizing links for May 2/14 at
Hi gorgeous people.  Happy Friday to you!  For those that don’t follow me on Instagram, I’ve been a busy girl this week tossing things out or as I also like to call it procrastinating from doing my taxes (don’t worry though they aren’t late, us Canadians have until May 6th to get them done).  I always get the most work done around my house when I’m avoiding something else.  It cracks me up because look at how big my thrift store drop off pile is.

Purge Pile for April at
That’s a lot of procrastinating right there.  BUT my house feels lighter and I’m feeling good.  And then when that happens I feel like I can get on with the more unpleasant tasks.  Organizing is incredibly motivating and this motivation tends to spill over to other areas of life, at least it does for me.

So check out these organizing links I’m come across for you this week.  I think you’re going to like them!

Favorite Organizing Links of the Week:

How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets ~ @ Clean & Scentsible

Kitchen Spices Organization ~ @ ABC Creative Learning

Spring Closet Cleaning for Kids Tutorial ~ @ Sweet Haute

Organizing Your Schedule ~ @ Counting Willows

Each child has the ability to help and serve, when did we stop seeing that as a gift? ~ @ Mom’s Mustard Seeds

Bonus: Super cute free printable Mother’s Day cards

My Favorite Things of the Week:

Okay so those that have been around for awhile know that I absolutely adore potato chips and good quality dark chocolate.  Like I really really love them.  A lot.  These Hardbite potato chips are one of my favorite brands of chips.  I’m pretty sure I’ve shared that piece of information here before.

Hardbite Potato Chips 1
BUT, the really exciting news and what I just discovered is that the Barkley’s company has COMBINED my love of chips and chocolate.  Together.  Into one beautiful product that is so seriously amazing.

Barkleys Crunch Chocolate
A chocolate bar with chips inside.  Yum!!  I found it in a localish grocery store that has a pretty big natural foods section.  So so good.  I’m trying to ration my intake of it but gosh it is so hard :)

Another product I am loving on that I just purchased this week from Walmart are the Pilot Frixion erasable pens.  Now I’ll be honest I totally thought these were new because I’ve never heard of them before.  Apparently, according to my Instragram peeps, I’ve been living under a rock because they aren’t new.  But they are still so fun to use and they write well.  And erase well.  And they come in fine point which is the only kind of pen I’ll use.  Have you tried them before?

Pilot Frixion
What are you loving on this week?

Have a great week everyone!  Don’t forget to organize a little something something :)

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9 Responses to Friday Favorites: Closet Cleaning for Kids, Organizing Your Schedule + more!

  1. 1
    Michelle says

    Laura, thank you for sharing my link on organizing my schedule! Have a great weekend!

    • 1.1
      Laura says

      You’re welcome! :)

  2. 2
    Michelle @ My Gluten-free says

    I’ve been impressed with your purging as I’ve followed along on Instagram. I am soooo the same: getting a ton of other stuff done when I have something I should be working on!
    This weekend is our big closet clean-out and seasonal changeover. I’m looking forward to it like getting a tooth pulled.
    I love seeing your favorites. I’m totally going to look for those pens. They are new to me too. I just shared my favorites from April on my blog last night too.
    Have a great day!

    • 2.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Michelle! I’m definitely going to go check your favorites out, I love to see what other people are loving on :)

  3. 3
    JennGB says

    Hi – just a note of caution: the ink from those pens disappears with heat. So if you left a notebook on your car’s dashboard, for example, on a warm day, the ink would disappear.

    I have used them at work with no problem, because the papers always stay indoors.

    • 3.1
      Laura says

      That’s good to know.

    • 3.2
      Erica says

      Yes, but the ink comes back if you put in the freezer for a few minutes….
      Absolutely love these pens and use them daily!

  4. 4
    Victoria says

    Thank you so much for sharing my Kitchen Spices Organization!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  5. 5
    Rebecca says

    Wow, thank you for sharing my post on teaching children to serve in our homes and seeing that as a gift.


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