3 Tips For Creating An Office Nook

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Angie at Echoes of Laughter.

Hello Org Junkie Readers! Happy February! I am happy to see February arrive because that means that we are that much closer to Spring! That thought makes me so happy!

In January, I was able to tackle some of the organizing projects around my home that were at the top of my list…one being my office nook. Since we live in a smaller sized home, there is not a room that I can claim as an office. However, after looking at an empty nook for a few months, I decided to make it into my very own little cozy corner.

3 Tips for Creating an Office Nook

If you look around your home, you might also notice a corner that you can claim for a little office space. I think every mom should have a small office space somewhere in the house to help in managing all of the jobs that us busy moms are required to do! So after you find a  small space for a desk, here are my tips for making it work!

3 Tips for Creating An Office Nook

1} Go Up: Yes, find more space by going up and using the space directly above your desk. I did this by adding 3 shelves to hold an assortment of files, magazines and craft supplies.

3 Tips for creating a cute cozy office nook at I'm an Organizing Junkie blog

2} Use Closed Storage: Use an assortment of closed boxes, drawers and magazine files to help keep the space looking tidy so it doesn’t become an eyesore of messy papers. Using an assortment of closed storage options in one or two coordinating colours also  helps to keep the space looking it’s best.



3} Make It Pretty: Lastly, make the space pretty so that it becomes a place that you enjoy for sipping a cup of tea while you pay bills or attend to other busy tasks. I have made my space pretty by adding pictures, plants, books and this capriz shell lamp that I found at Home Depot.


And do you know another plus about having an office nook as opposed to an actual room? It’s only a small space to maintain and not a whole room where papers, files and other things can pile up quickly into a larger mess. I like my small, cozy space with closed storage boxes because it never takes more than 15 minutes to tidy up!

So, please tell me…do you have an office space? And if so, what is your favourite thing about it?


Angie bio Angie’s blog, Echoes of Laughter, is all about filling your home with love and laughter. She loves creative projects, organizing & decorating, cooking, baking, and all things domestic. Angie lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband and two great kids.





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7 Responses to 3 Tips For Creating An Office Nook

  1. 1
    Linda@Creekside says

    Hi Angie ~

    Love these ideas you’ve shared! So fun and super practical.

    I love my office because it’s filled with wonderful old oak spaces and re-imagined tool boxes and the best ever old blue post office cubby filled with my favorite things.


    And all I have to do is turn to my left and the windows open up to the busy bird feeders, the woods … and beyond …


  2. 2
    Theresa says

    BEAUTIFUL!! Where did you get those gorgeous black/white boxes??

  3. 3
    Becky Lowmaster says

    I am working on my new office space with my new smaller desk. I thought of shelf or two by it. It’s a work in progress since I need to get old desk out of there first!

  4. 4
    Andrea @ This Pug Life says

    Your office nook looks very inviting. 🙂 I don’t have an office right now.. I have a work space within a very cluttered room, lol. I do plan on organizing it into something more functional. I wish I could go up, but have to contend with dormer ceilings, unfortunately!

  5. 5
    Donna McBroom-Theriot says

    Such a cute space! I have an office (extra bedroom) that I just love. I had a nook for a long time and it’s exciting to see my Hubby enjoying it (he never had an office before). I love my desk.

  6. 6
    Brianna says

    I LOVE your office nook! …. i’m totally redesigning mine, but am having a hard time trying to get shelving for the wall over my desk. I like your setup, did you install your shelves yourself or did you have help? I don’t have anyone to physically help me and it is slowing me waaaaaaaaaay down on getting done with this project.
    Great blog btw. 🙂

  7. 7
    Barb Hodgkinson says

    We just bought a new home. We have an extra bedroom but it is used for guest/office. Boy it’s a small room so organizing is priority. It’s in progress…a mess right now so help is needed…..and you’ve given me a lot. Thanks!!


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