Tips for Organizing Your Kitchen and Fridge

The following is a guest post from regular contributor, Angie at Echoes of Laughter.

Hello Org Junkie friends! I hope you had a great holiday! I cannot believe that it’s the second week of January already! I am just starting to get back into a regular routine after 2 weeks of having house guests and kids home from school. I am sure that you are just getting back to a normal routine yourself, am I right?

Let me first confess that my house is a huge mess and needs a complete and thorough purge and decluttering in a big, BIG way! As I recently looked over my organizing posts at Echoes of Laughter, I realized that I did not write a lot of organizing posts in 2013, and boy….my house is showing it! So I am fighting the feelings of being overwhelmed and made a list of ‘hot’ spots, which are the areas of my house which are bothering me the most. Those are the places that I intend to tackle first, and I am sure that I will be sharing some of those projects here along the way!

As I looked at my top 3 organizing projects, it struck me so funny that my top 3 all involved FOOD. I guess we like to EAT in this house! The most popular organizing post I wrote was Organizing The Fridge For Healthy Fast Food At Home. I gave my readers a peek of how I get the fridge organized with healthy food options for our busy family.

The second most popular post was Organizing a Kitchen Into Zones. I find that my work in the kitchen is much easier with the areas divided into specific work zones.

Have you tried organizing your kitchen into zones? It really works!

And my third most popular organizing post was Organizing A Camping Kitchen.

When we camp, we tent and use an outdoor camping kitchen, so I shared a few of the tricks and tips that I have learned over years of family camping experiences.

What are some of your favorite organizing posts? I love reading Org Junkie’s posts…especially  when I need some inspiration to tackle a new project! She is so good at giving advice and motivation, don’t you think? And how about Menu Plan Monday? It’s my favourite place when I am in a bit of funk when it comes to making meals!

See you back here in 2 weeks! Toodles!

Angie bio Angie’s blog, Echoes of Laughter, is all about filling your home with love and laughter. She loves creative projects, organizing & decorating, cooking, baking, and all things domestic. Angie lives in Alberta, Canada, with her husband and two great kids.




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    Shelley @ Two Healthy Kitchens says

    Wow, did I need this post … this very morning! I, too, am just getting back into the swing of things – made even tougher by the fact that my kiddos’ birthdays come right on the heels of Christmas! I’ve gotta put my house back in order!!! And yes, yes, yes – I need KITCHEN order! As a food blogger (and someone who generally just loves to cook), my fridge is generally a constant jumble of potential ingredients and delicious leftovers – a great problem to have, no doubt – but also a disorganized scene of chaos! When my blogging partner visits, she’s always aghast at the state of my fridge! I’m so excited to read these three linked posts! Thank you, thank you!!!! 😀


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