The Rewards of Living an Organized Life

Rewards of Living an Organized Life

Organization hasn’t always been such a huge part of my life.  It’s only been the past 7 years that I’ve really started to reap the rewards of living an organized life.  And now I’m an Organizing Junkie, how do you like that!  But you see when I started to see the impact of a life lived with less clutter and chaos I wanted more and more of all the benefits I was seeing.  The rewards experienced are life changing and many but today I’d like to concentrate on the six that have made the biggest difference in my life since I began my journey.  It was the birth of my youngest son that sparked a desire in me to simplify and slow down — not so I could pack even more into my day, but so I could really enjoy all the benefits that simplicity and organization have to offer. Now that I’m addicted to the “high” that comes with it, I want to help others get “hooked” along with me.

1. Less frustration

Disorganization and clutter can be the cause of so many of the frustrations that occur in our lives each day.  It can be absolutely annoying to have to spend time searching for something over and over again.   From car keys to paper, it can be aggravating not being able to find what we need when we need it.  Anything from cluttered cupboards to tripping over toys can start our day off on a bad foot (ha!) and leave us feeling grumpy and flustered for the rest of the day.  Having organized systems in place allows you to free yourself from the daily frustrations that impact your day.  Plus not losing your mind trying to find something you need in a hurry is absolutely freeing.

2. More money

When you can find what you need when you need it means you won’t be wasting valuable dollars replacing the items you cannot find. Not only do duplicate purchases cost you precious dollars but they also add to your clutter load as well.

3. Better health

Stress caused from disorganization and busyness plays out in so many ways. In a recent Martha Stewart Living article, Dr. David Spiegel explained that our bodies react by releasing stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol, the lungs take in more air, and heart rate and blood pressure rise. If stress becomes constant, it can lead to headaches, trouble sleeping, lack of concentration, and weight gain or loss. It can also increase the body’s susceptibility to infections.

I know this to be true because at the height of my busyness my cortisol levels were through the roof. I experienced many of the side effects listed plus many many more. At the time I thought this was normal. Slowing down and simplifying taught me that it isn’t.

4. More time

Busyness is not an indication of success. When you become more organized and efficient at handling your day-to-day affairs, the natural tendency is to want to fill that extra time with more stuff and more activities. However, to maintain your sanity, it is important to recognize that down time is a productive and worthwhile activity that should be embraced.  In addition, time saved just from not searching high and low for a much needed item is huge.  It should never be necessary to spend more than a minute looking for something.

5. A great example for your kids

You maintain the standards with the examples you set. By modeling the organized behavior you want your children to emulate, you are teaching them the benefits of organization and simplicity from a young age so that it becomes a natural part of who they are.

6. Less housework

I have discovered that an uncluttered home lends itself to less cleaning. When everything has a home, clean up is suddenly a snap. Less clutter means less time managing, corralling and cleaning that clutter, and that, my friends, is a very sweet reward!

These are just a few of the many rewards of living an organized life.  Have you experienced any of them lately?

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4 Responses to The Rewards of Living an Organized Life

  1. 1
    Rae says

    I finally got organized and decluttered five years ago so I could move into a motorhome and travel around the continent, a huge dream of mine (I detail that story in my ebook ‘Sorting It Out’).

    The biggest advantage I’ve found to decluttering and organizing is that it’s easier to keep up on top of the housekeeping. I am still a slob most days, but now it takes only an hour to go from one end of the house to do other and have it completely spic and span (ie. washing the walls, ceilings, interior of the cabinets, detailing the fridge and stove, etc.). A spruce up for company only takes about 20 minutes. Instead of moving a pile of stuff out of the way to clean under it and then move another pile of stuff, I can put things away where they belong.

    Even though I live in only about 150 square feet, my home feels open and spacious and I take pride in the fact that I haven’t filled every nook and cranny of it.

    The best reward of living an organized life is that I love being home. I work from home and enjoy going from my functional home office to my neat living room to relax before making dinner in my super efficient tiny kitchen. I even have room, and time, to work on my favourite hobbies.

    One caveat about getting organized: it’s an ongoing process. A system that worked for a time might not work after a change in your life, so be prepared to tweak and improve your routines. As for decluttering, it needs to be part of your routine. I regularly purge and bring donations to the thrift store. I’m always amazed that I have extra stuff and then I realise that the item is something I couldn’t live without a year before, but hadn’t used in the year since. I constantly reevaluate everything in my home to make sure it belongs in my small cozy space.

  2. 2
    Marti says

    I need to print those points and tape it to my mirror, because you are so right. I have been organized in the past, and hope to get organized again soon. The more I declutter, the more I see my organized life again.

  3. 3
    Robyn @ Living the Simple Life Now says

    I could not agree more! Our journey was also a bit unplanned as my husband’s mother died, I got very sick and we discovered it was due to Black mold in the basement. We had to move out of the house while they gutted the basement but when we moved back in, the residue on our belongings made me sick. So we had to get rid of about half of what we owned! 3 months later I got an auto immune disease that still makes me ill. So we have had no choice to simplify and you know what? I LOVE it!!! 🙂

  4. 4
    Stephanie Ann says

    Every single one of these are so true. When I look around at the organizing systems I have in place now I cannot imagine how I managed so long without them. And I certainly don’t want to think about how hectic my life would be if I didn’t have them now. Also, changing things up every now and then when my needs change is always a pleasant distraction from the normal, daily routine.


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