Neat Containers for Your Closet ~ Day #11

How are you all?  I’ve been super busy helping my sister organize some things in her house while I’m here visiting.  She always saves me some spaces so I can get my organizing moves on.  I’ll be sharing those with you soon.  Today though I’m going to talk about the product Neat Containers.  Many of you, after I showed a picture of my closet, asked me about the clear containers on my top shelf.

My Organized Closet featuring Neat Containers

Well those would be Neat Containers and they are AWESOME!

Caution:  Please read the comments on this post as it has been brought to my attention that this company is going through some difficulties and not holding up their end of a transaction.  And while I love the product I wouldn’t want anyone to experience any difficulties with a purchase on a recommendation I gave.  

From their site:

“Our storage pods are made from a highly durable, clear plastic material. The units have been life-cycle tested tested for open and close over 60,000 times withouth cracking or breaking.
Furthermore, they can handle a wide range of temperature. You can actually freeze the units and they will still function normally without breaking!  These units are designed to be lighweight yet tough enough to easily handle a wide array of everyday items from shoes to garage hardware.”

Neat Containers to Help You Organize Your Closet

These clear containers that come in multiple sizes slide onto one another and you can remove one without affecting the others.  Brilliant!

I use my set (shown above in my closet is the large 20 pc combo kit) to store all sorts of things.  From my dressy heels that are only used once and awhile, to bathing suits and coverups, shapewear, wallets, pashminas, slippers, etc.  I love being able to divvy up the pods according to my needs.  They are so versatile!  And because they are clear, I can easily see what’s inside.  Also look how much space they are maximizing, they practically go the roof.  Talk about using every inch of available space!  The large combo kit sells for $49.99 online.

Of course these containers can be used in any closet to hold all sorts of things.

I found a video on You Tube that lets you see the pods in action if you want further information.

If you don’t see the video, it can be found here.

Happy Friday!

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10 Responses to Neat Containers for Your Closet ~ Day #11

  1. 1
    Susan C. says

    This look really great and I immediately found many uses for them around my house. Checking online, there seems to be a problem with the company with them taking orders and charging your credit card, but never delivering the product. I work for at a national lab and we are facing furloughs in a week, so I’m not going to order any now, but I would love to hear if anyone has ordered and successfully received any of these in the past 6 months.

  2. 2
    Sally says

    The product IS terrific. I ordered these before as a gift several years ago without a problem.
    But this year, when I ordered Neat Containers in June 2013 for a Father’s Day present, I have yet to receive them as it is now October 2013. Sent several emails and made too many phone calls to count leaving several messages. I didn’t even get a courtesy email as to say that they were out of stock of what I ordered.

    Unfortunately, I let too much time pass by to dispute it on my credit card.
    Do you have some kind of magic contact number? Great products MEAN NOTHING when you
    can’t get it. I’ve been SCAMMED out of $60.00. Go ahead try to call them to see if you can actually speak to a live person. Trust me, I have called MANY MANY and did I say MANY times but to no avail.

    Tel: 877-632-8763
    Corporate Headquarters:
    Neat and Nifty TECH L.C.
    42308 Hayes Road
    Clinton Township, Mi 48038

    • 2.1
      Liz in Georgia says

      Oh…thanks for telling me about this. Have you reported the problem with BBB? I was going to order, but now I won’t.

      • Susan C. says

        I haven’t ordered any, just seen some reports out there. According to the reports, they have been reported to the BBB.

    • 2.2
      Laura says

      Oh I’m so sorry for what happened to you. I went ahead and added a caution note to this post as I wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone else. I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment here on your experience. Thank you for that!!


      • Sally says

        And… A big thanks to you Laura for looking out for your audience.

        It’s a mystery as to why this company is experiencing issues with fulfilling orders when their products is truly a fantastic item. I think companies bomb when they fail to understand that consumers can be VERY understanding if good customer service is given. All it would have taken is a phone call or even a letter which can be produced via a mass mailing to apologize for not being able to fulfill the order along with a reasonable time frame of expected refund. Even 60 days would have been acceptable to me with a perk.

        For instance – a promise of a generous discount when items are back in stock. That’s all it would have taken to get the bulk of disappointed and irate customers to satisfied customers.
        But now, because there was absolutely no communication from Neat Containers, I don’t care if they were selling diamonds for $25.00 per carat, or Wild Caught Smoked Salmon for .99 a pound, I don’t want to purchase anything from them ever again.

        Ok folks, now laugh out loud, because I don’t like being a complete downer.

  3. 3
    Yvonne says

    I have made my first order on 21 Aug and still waiting for the goods to be delivered. I have sent several email asking the estimate time of delivery but nobody has bother to reply.

  4. 4
    Michelle says

    I made an order in March 2013 and have not received anything. This company took my money. They know that if they can get you not to get your money back after 60 days they keep your money. If you believe your items are on back order, you just might wait that long. Do not wait more than 30 days if you order from this company. If you have a question and they don’t respond, get your money back immediately.

  5. 5
    Katz says

    I ordered these from either HSN or QVC a number of years ago and still use them today. They are great. I ordered two sets at $29 each.


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