Maximizing Space with a Closet Extender Rod ~ Day #28

Another great way to double closet space, in a very inexpensive way, is to add an extender rod to your closet.  We use one in our master closet on my husband’s side and it gives him a place to hang his pants.  It’s all about not letting any good space go to waste.  These are particularly helpful in kid’s closets as it brings the clothes down to a level that they can actually reach.  Here are a few examples from around the web.

This one comes from the girls at Clutter Interrupted


This girls closet over at Grace Lee Cottage is so adorable and super functional.  No wasted space here!

girl's closet makeover

Alex from Happy, Healthy & Domestic shows you how to make a quick and easy hanging clothes bar for almost no cost at all.

quick and easy hanging clothes bar

This closet extender rod below can be purchased on Amazon for just $6.79 which is a great price for the amount of extra storage it provides.

closet extender rod

Do any of you currently use a closet extender rod in any of your closets?  Are you happy with it?

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6 Responses to Maximizing Space with a Closet Extender Rod ~ Day #28

  1. 1
    Sabrina says

    Wonderful idea! I have the over the door organizers! There are so many in the market now. You can find exactly what you are looking for. Thanks for sharing.

  2. 2
    Ashton says

    I did this a few months ago in my 4 year olds closet with an old shower curtain rod and ribbon!! I had both laying around, I was so excited!!

  3. 3
    Kierstin says

    That’s wonderful! I should probably do that but I tend to just get rid of things when my closet gets junky lol.

  4. 4
    Heather M says

    I got them for both of my girls so that they could reach their clothes…and could hang them back up. I really didn’t need them to double the size of my closet…I just wanted the rod lower. So I didn’t like the extenders because the ones I bought did not have an adjustable down rod. So the only option was low. Which was fine for shirts, but I always hang things in sets, which meant the pants and dresses brushed the ground…which I hated. So in the end, a step stool worked better.

  5. 5
    Clutter Interrupted says

    Love this post!!! And you, Laura!! Thanks! 🙂

    My kids have all used this product. The girls are switching things up in their use of it – currently they have all their clothes on the main rod and then put what they are wearing the next day on the extender! In the past they have had one person’s clothes on the main rod and the other person’s clothes on the extender. #lovemyorganizedkids

  6. 6
    Leah says

    Thank you so much for sharing my little girl’s closet! Have a wonderful day!

    Leah @


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