Friday’s Featured Favorites: Closet Organization, Checklist for Kids, Simplifying + more!

Howdy everyone.  I am especially happy this week is almost over.  Remember last week when I said this week would be all about getting the kids ready for school?  Well that didn’t happen.  Instead I was laid up in bed unable to move.  For those that don’t know for the past 13 years I have lived with chronic pain (Piriformis Syndrome) and I never really know when it’s going to flare up.  This time it started when we were in Maui and then got progressively worse after I got home.  So not much got done this week but I’m use to it now and try not to let it get me too down.  Thankfully I can now walk again so hopefully this weekend I’ll get caught up.

The cane I had to buy in Maui.  Not the type of souvenir I had in mind 🙂

maui with cane

My Favorite Weekly Links:

So many great links these last couple of weeks, I’ve had a hard time narrowing them down!

If there is one thing I have a love for it’s organized closets used in creative ways.  My passion for organizing took off many many years ago when I created an office in a closet in my 900 foot home.  It made me so happy!

Here are two closets that are drool worthy:

Craft Closet Organization ~ @ My Sophia Ryan

Coat Closet turned Office Space ~ @ Fynes Designs

Five Ways to Simplify Your Life Today ~ @ Home Sanctuary

Purging: The Dirty Truth ~ @ The Handmade Home

Kids Can Clean the Bathrooms with free printable checklists ~ @ Life as Mom

A Challenge to Slow Down ~ @ Chatting at the Sky

What I’m Loving On:

Today I’m going to share two of my favorite things from holidays.  They are a little more on the expensive side but I loved having both of them on my recent trip.  The first item up is a bag I purchased specifically for this trip to keep me organized without a lot of bulk.  This Flutter Mini cross-body bag from Lug is awesome for travel!

It comes in a ton of colors, but I was boring and bought the one in grey.  This bag has a ton of pockets and also a separate cell phone pocket.  It even has a side water bottle pocket that opens up when needed.  It is perfect for day trips and sight seeing.  I loved that it fit my camera perfectly as well.  Seriously I love this bag and nope I’m not affiliated in any way.  Just one very happy customer.

Speaking of cameras.  I also bought a new one of those for the trip.  I didn’t want to have to bring my big camera with me but still wanted a really good camera to take pictures with that wasn’t overly expensive.  I purchased the Canon Powershot ELPH 330 HS for around $120 on sale and it worked great and didn’t take up a lot of space.

Canon Powershot 330 HS

If I had known that my husband was going to end up using it more than I did though, I might not have been so quick to buy it in pink 🙂

What are you loving on this week?


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5 Responses to Friday’s Featured Favorites: Closet Organization, Checklist for Kids, Simplifying + more!

  1. 1
    Kathy Manning says

    That bag is cute and looks like it would keep you very organized! I am sorry to hear about your chronic pain issues, that would be awful to live with.

  2. 2
    Jessica says

    Laura- I look forward to this post every week!!! I’m sorry to hear of the pain that you suffer.

    • 2.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Jessica, I appreciate that!

  3. 3
    Kayden James says

    I just love that bag, especially the color. I hope it will be surely a point of attraction if you take it for your trip. I am always fond of my bedroom closets and wardrobes. Even though we spend hours of time in organizing closets, same mess will be seen the very next weekend. i think there are no permanent solution for this. Especially if a kid is in home.


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