My Latest Organizing Finds at the Dollar Store

Have I told you lately how much I love the dollar store?  My favorite one is the Dollarama here in Canada.  I could walk around in there for hours.  Seriously it’s that fun and you never know what you’ll find because their stock changes all the time.  Unfortunately I don’t have a Dollarama in the small town I live in and have to drive two hours to get to the closest one.  We do have a different dollar store in town but gosh does it ever pale in comparison.  So sad really.  In the last month or so though we’ve had to go to the city on a number of occasions for appointments (my daughter got her braces off, whoot!) and so each time I try to sneak in a little visit to whichever Dollarama happens to be near where we are going.  And boy did I ever score on one of those visits.  I can’t wait to show you.

Look at these lovely bags I found.

Yep beautiful right?  But there is a story here.  Do you see that polka dot bag on the bottom?  I already owned this exact same bag.  Mine is a Thirty-One bag, a home party company in the US (just branching out into Canada) that sells AWESOME bags and totes.  I’m in love with that company and will totally be a consultant if they ever decide to come to Western Canada.  Anyway so imagine my surprise when I’m sauntering around the Dollarama and see the EXACT same bag that I already own in the gardening section for $3.00!


So I bought two:


I initially thought they were a complete knock-off to the Thirty-One bag until I got all the way home and discovered a Thirty-One tag on the inside.


Ummm, wow!  This organizing utility tote normally sells for $30.00 on the Thirty-One site!  I have no idea why they are being sold this way…..I’m wondering if it’s some kind of overstock or old pattern type of thing.  I tried googling but didn’t find anything.

These bags are so handy because of the pockets all the way around.  I currently sit on the Executive of two parent councils here so I use this bag for that and just leave it packed and ready to go to meetings with my binders, etc.  Now that I have these two new bags I am thinking one will be a beach or picnic bag and I’m still thinking about the third one.  The possibilities are endless really!

Here’s a picture of my original.  They are exactly the same!


I’ve since tried to go back and pick up some more but can’t find them any more.  Blah.  I’d love to pick some up for gifts for teachers and friends.  Oh well.

The next thing I was excited to find (although not nearly as exciting as the totes) are these adorable cardboard magazine holders.  I believe they were two for $1.50.


These are silly crazy expensive at office supply stores.  Like ridiculously expensive plus they aren’t even cute half of the time.  Anyway I know you can make these out of cereal boxes but when they are this cheap why not save yourself some work and go this route.  There were other fun designs and colors as well.  I’ll definitely be buying more of these.  In addition to magazines, these also work really well for corralling kid’s coloring books and workbooks too.

magazine-holders 1

So there you have it.  My two super sweet scores at the Dollarama dollar store.  The only way to catch these type of deals is to go often and scope out the entire store.  I literally will go up and down every single aisle, every single time I go, checking out the new stuff.  But of course I’m a junkie so that shouldn’t surprise you in the least :)

Have you picked up any terrific dollar store finds lately?

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61 Responses to My Latest Organizing Finds at the Dollar Store

  1. 1
    Shannon says

    Way to go! That is such a steal of a find!!!

  2. 2
    Brennan's Mom says

    I’ve been wanting to go – the Dollarama by me is nice, the one where my Mom is better (its 2 hrs from me and it is where I’ve found my gems).

    Soon, I’m going to have an all day trip and hit several in the city. I’ve got a HUGE, two tiered wall unit to outfit in containers to house my son’s toys… No idea how to wrangle Hot Wheels track but I’m hopeful the $ $tore will help!

    Great find for you – so colourful!

    • 2.1
      Laura says

      Have fun shopping!!

    • 3.1
      Laura says

      Let me know if you do! PS: I haven’t forgotten about you. We are still waiting for hubby’s vacation to be approved!

      • Jolyn @ Wander Love Travels says

        There are about 10 left at the Callingwood Dollarama (west end) after I bought about 6 ;)

        No worries Laura, I’ll be happy to help when you figure out his schedule.

        • Laura says

          Oh good to know about which store, thanks!!

  3. 4
    Annie says

    I’m totally heading to my Dollarama…yes that is right we have one (right next to Winners)!! You want to move back now right??

  4. 5
    annie says

    We have Dollar Tree here, so I’ll have to see if they carry these bags. What a deal to find them at Dollarama.

  5. 6
    Kim says

    These are not at Dollar Tree, where everything is only a buck. (To the person above, maybe save yourself a trip). I believe they are at dollarama in Canada only….they must have got some kind of overstock deal.

  6. 7
    Stephanie says

    I’m jealous of the totes! I’m in the states, and buy my Thirty-One totes full price (unless I host a party and rock the hostess credit). The organizing totes are by far some of my favorites!

    • 7.1
      Laura says

      Believe me I would still buy Thirty-One totes at full price, they are awesome bags and so worth the money. It’s just always fun to score a great deal :)

      • Carolyn says

        Will let you know when Thirty-One opens up Western Canada. I have several ladies on a waiting list. Hopefully some time in 2014. Only in Ontario right now. Blessings, Carolyn

  7. 8
    Robyn says

    Wow! I can’t believe what great finds you got.. LOVING those totes and the Magazine holders too.. I can’t believe how cheap it all was!…I keep forgetting about our Dollar Stores around here..I really should put a sticky or something on my forehead when I head out looking for something.. and I can NOT believe that you got that same bag for 3 bucks and that company is selling them for 30!?!!? Seriously!?!??!.. Thats insane… Great finds!! :)

    • 8.1
      Laura says

      It was a fun day that’s for sure!! :)

  8. 9
    Deena says

    I was just at Dollarama last week, I think I spent over an hour there! I always grab tons of plastic baskets for organizing and gift baskets. I will definitely keep my eyes out for those Thirty One bags.

  9. 10
    lauren says

    Thirty one reps said they are old stock and not supposed to be on the shelves. Dollarama has been ordered to remove them from the stores immediately. So shop quick :-)

    • 10.1
      Laura says

      Oh wow, I wondered how that all happened?

  10. 11
    Hilda @ From Overwhelmed To Organized says

    Wow! Those are amazing finds Laura! I love shopping all the aisles at Dollarama, especially the ones with organizing products. I hope I can find those 31 bags around here :) And I need some magazine holders too. Thanks so much for sharing these awesome deals!

    • 11.1
      Laura says

      Hope you find them!

      • Hilda @ From Overwhelmed To Organized says

        No luck on the bags (checked at 3 Dollaramas!) but I did find the magazine holders and was pleasantly surprised at how cute all the other patterns were. Bought a few of several designs so I can use them for each person in the family. Thanks again for the tip! I don’t think I would have found them on my own.

  11. 12
    Jessica VM says

    That’s stinkin’ amazing!! That’s my FAVORITE Thirty-One bag! Too bad there’s no DollarRama in town selling them. :) What an awesome deal!

  12. 14
    Alicia says

    Those are retired patterns.

  13. 15
    ter@waaoms says

    are you kidding me?? I ‘m heading to the dollarrama tomorrow then. I didn’t see those last time I was there (just a couple weeks ago). I didn’t even know thirty-one was available in canada!

    • 15.1
      Carolyn says

      Thirty-One opened in Ontario last fall and I am so excited to be a consultant for this wonderful company. We have been told that these bags are seconds and not authorized by 31. We have so many more products than the organizing utility tote. Can’t wait till other provinces open so we can expand our business there.

      • Misty says


        Could you please tell what other products are available? I have a toddler girl and would love to hear about products to organize her hair accessories, seasonal clothes and books.

        Can anyone recommend a simple, budget friendly, good sturdy way to organize books so that they are all visible and kids can pick what they want.


  14. 16
    Lori Myers says

    Wow! That’s an amazing find! I am a 31 rep in South Carolina and that bag is my top seller at $30 a pop. The two patterns you bought retired last year. The white one with the colorful spots is called “Circle Spirals” and the blue floral one is called “Harvest Floral”. I’m sure the company is not happy that they ended up at on the shelves for $3. But I can guarantee there is no way they will ever be offered at the Dollar Store in The States. Occasionally the company has outlet sales and you can get them for $10.00 and sometimes they are offered as the monthly special for $5. Anyway… you should TOTALLY become a rep as soon as you get the opportunity. Thirty-one is an AMAZING company and its such an easy product to sell! :)

    • 16.1
      Laura says

      I would still buy all the bags at full price because I love Thirty-One products that much. I have a few of the bags and they are awesome!!

      • Carolyn says

        Agreed, you should become a rep when your province opens!

        • Carolyn says

          So happy they opened in Ontario first as I love being a rep!

  15. 17
    Susan Strickland says

    Those are some great finds at the dollar store. There’s nothing better than that!

  16. 18
    Judy says

    OMG, did you ever hit the jackpot!

    • 18.1
      Laura says

      I was so giddy it was ridiculous :)

  17. 19
    Kim @ Homesteader's Heart says

    Those are serious scores. LOVE the bag. I’m going to have to go walk through our dollar store. It’s been awhile so I don’t know what treasures I might find.
    Have a lovely day.

  18. 20
    Laura Jane says

    Wow, what a find! Now I wish we had Dollarama’s in the US!

    • 20.1
      Laura says

      What dollar stores do you have there Laura?

  19. 21
    Shana says

    I love Dollarama!!!!

  20. 22
    Rachel says

    I’m very jealous. It seems impossible to get these bags in the UK without paying hefty premium and postage costs. I really want something like this to take my sewing machine and things to sewing group every week.

  21. 23
    Karen says

    Very nice find!! I’ve actually cinsidered a couple of the more fashionable diaper bags just for all the pockets!!!

  22. 24
    Kaui @ Organizing Military Mommy says

    I. LOVE. THE. DOLLAR. STORE!!! I too will spend hours in there, but I’m jealous that you found those bags so stinking cheap. I’ve never found a deal that awesome at the dollar store. Yay for you!

    • 24.1
      Laura says

      Keep checking, you never know what you’ll find :)

  23. 25
    dramaqueensmum says

    Wow, that’s crazy that they have the same 31 stuff. I own a bunch of things from them. I had a party last Fall. We don’t have Dollar rama here.

  24. 26
    Gabriella says

    The store you bought these bags in has been issued a Cease and Desist letter. They are no longer allowed to sell them. This is probably why you can no longer find them. Or maybe someone bought them all.

    • 26.1
      Laura says

      Uh oh that’s not good :(

  25. 27
    Melissa says

    What a great find! =)

    I own one of those Thirty One bags ( in another style ) — I won it from a Giveaway and love it!!

  26. 28
    Jessica says

    I love those totes! I own 4 of them :) One I use one as my greeting card tote….I wrote an entire blog post about how I use my 31 products around my house for organizing…

    I also use one every day as my second purse. I have a 2.5 y/o toddler and we carry a lot of things when we leave the house…these bags are PERFECT for that! Sippy cups, water bottles, hand wipes…it carries it all so nicely!

    I just can’t believe you found them for only $3!!! Great find!

    • 28.1
      Laura says

      What a great post! So many great ideas! I can’t wait to get more of the Thirty-One products!! Even at full price!

  27. 29
    anon says

    You need to question where Dollarama is getting their stock. They are not authorized Thirty-One dealers. If they are not authorized to sell these bags by the company, there is only one other way they are getting them.

  28. 30
    ter@waaoms says

    so disappointed. The dollarama by my house did not have these products. :(
    But I did somehow spend money while I was there!

  29. 31
    Annie says

    I went to my Dollarama and got 4 of them…they are a great bag!!

  30. 32
    Elaine says

    I just got back from one of the Dollaramas in Brampton. No luck finding the bags. One salesgirl thought that they may not have received them yet. She said since they were $3.00, they were brand new stock. She wanted to see the code on the label but the pic was too blurry when I zoomed in on my phone. Based on others comments above, they may have been pulled already. How did people find out about that?

  31. 33
    Angela says

    I rushed to my dollarama last night but no luck on PEI!

  32. 34
    Theresa says

    anybody find these in Newmarket/Bradford area?

  33. 35
    Jennifer says

    I LOVE Dollarama!!! Where would us Canadians be without them – I couldn’t imagine?! I am finding that the store is carrying a lot more brand named items from toiletries, to bake ware to stationary supplies. I am a huge fan of their craft supply area. The other day I purchased a glue dot gun with 500 glue dots for $3 from a brand name–the name escapes me right now. Tho I didn’t see the refills for the gun about. Will have to check out another Dollarama Store in the next town. To me it seems that each Dollarama has a selection of it’s own unique items.

  34. 36
    Stevie Luplow says

    That Thirty-One Bag is a definite steal! I would’ve died and gone to heaven!

    I also have that polka dot one, but have never seen the pattern of the other one. I use it for my church things. I also have a few of their other products and I just adore them! I just wish they weren’t so expensive!

  35. 37
    Tracy says

    I was just in Dollarama in Toronto (Coxwell and Gerrard) and they had the ThirtyOne bags. Grabbed two for my open house kit! They’re awesome!


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