I’m an organizing and cleaning rebel and you can be too!

One of the benefits of having this blog is that I get to break open the stereotypes on how things “should” be done when it comes to organizing and cleaning.  One thing that I’ve noticed over and over again when working with clients is that people get stuck in following the “rules” they think exist often to the detriment of their family.

Forget about it.

Throw those rules away.  Just because we’ve always done something a certain way does not mean we have to continue to do so.  The problem is often that we don’t give these things a second thought since it’s just the way we’ve always done it.  I’m here to challenge you to rethink some of these things.

Sometimes when we are limited in space, time and/or money, we need to get creative and think outside of the box.  This does not always go well with the general population.

I’ve developed a bit of a thick skin over the years around here.  Since I often don’t follow the “rules”, I get a lot of flack for it.  Here are a few instances that I can think of off the top of my head.  I’ll update as I think of more.

I got rid of my mother’s china (oh yes I did!)

I put an ugly dresser in my living room (scandalous!)

I don’t sort my laundry (gasp!)

I store my photo albums in the garage (shocking!)

I don’t spring clean (and yet I don’t live in a pig pen!)

I stored kitchen stuff in my bathroom (say it isn’t so!)

I hang up my hair appliances in an unsightly fashion (can you imagine!)

I don’t wait on my children hand and foot (I’m such a mean mom!)

And my life runs smoother because of it all.

Moral of the story here?

You’ve got to do what works for you and your family alone, regardless of what others think or say!

That’s it.  End of story.

Who cares if it’s a solution that doesn’t make sense to anyone else.  Be wild and crazy and just go for it!

Have you been a organizing and/or cleaning rebel lately?

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18 Responses to I’m an organizing and cleaning rebel and you can be too!

  1. 1
    Tracy @ usingtimewisely.com says

    I love how you reorganized your hair appliances. Could it have looked better? Sure, but you would have wasted precious time wrapping all those cords each day. Goodness! We have enough to do in our days beside messing with cords.

    Great to see how these innovated techniques work for you. I keep bookshelves in my dining room to hold all our craft items. Would a china cabinet look better? Of course! But, my kids are only young once. I can get that china cabinet when they are out of the house. I’ve only got about 15 more years with them before they take flight. I’m not about to waste my time on pretty when economical and fun work better for me now.

    Keep sharing, Laura! I love your creativity.

  2. 2
    Laura Jane says

    I agree – you need to do what works for you! I’ve been known to do some pretty strange things in the name of function. I used to have bookshelves in my kitchen so I could have more storage in my kitchen and did have to cram everything into to my small cabinet space. Also, we turned our coat closet into a pantry and put the microwave there as well! In my old house I put my microwave in my laundry room. I didn’t use it very often and I wanted the counter space. It was strange, but it worked for me!

  3. 3
    Linda Stoll says

    I like what you’re saying, Laura. We all come at this whole organizing/clutter thing from different perspectives because we’re completely different individuals! There’s no one cookie-cutter way to take care of business, is there … and what worked for us {or someone else} in one season might not work for me where I am right now.

    As a pastoral counselor with a coaching background, it’s just second nature for me to link up cleaning out clutter with cleaning up our act online with cleaning up messy relationships. Based on years of work with women, I know for sure that they’re usually all somehow connected.


    I’m really resonating with your thoughts today!

  4. 4
    Mo says

    So true! Whatever works for you and your family is whats best.

    I love when I do things a different way, or use something in an unconvential way, and someone notices and says “great idea!”, even better when I get an eye roll from a family member ;)

  5. 5
    Lani says

    And that’s why I like you…you are such a rebel!! :)

  6. 6
    Susanne says

    Looks very nice. I wish I had space for a china cabinet but I don’t, not with a dayhome and the whole table being used all day long. And it’s annoying but I can’t fit a lot of serving dishes into upper cupboards anymore because for some reason our new ones are more shallow than the old ones. I’ve resorted to having to move some stuff downstairs into the storage room. :(

  7. 7
    Christa Graham says

    I’m so glad someone said this! hahaha Thanks for making me feel better about myself :)

  8. 8
    Laurieann says

    Amen. The rule I hate is “touch it once.” Thanks anyway but I prefer to do things incrementally and I like to touch my paper and clutter over and over. Really. Not being sarcastic. I’m not going to pay a bill the second it comes, I’m going to make a little pile. I am not going to run up and down the stairs ten times a day because of the one touch rule. The only thing I’ve ever touched once was that advice and only to throw it in the garbage.

  9. 10
    Sharla @ Slacker Saver says

    8:00 am comes and everyone in my house is still in bed most days. How can I run my life if I don’t get up hours before daylight? Quite enjoyably, thanks for asking! Also, I used to just move once a year or so, which negated any need to spring clean. Hmm, looks like I’m doing that this spring, too.

  10. 11
    Andrea says

    Haha! I like your in bracket comments! You are so funny!

  11. 12
    Laurie says

    I don’t spring clean either!! It feels good to admit it!

  12. 13
    Angie - Easy Living Mom says

    This is one of my favorite posts yet! I especially like the one about “not waiting on your children hand and foot” – that makes you an organized person and a good mom!

  13. 14
    Louise says

    Amen, sista! The things I do that fit the way we live just work out a whole lot better. I put a shoe organizer in my hall coat closet, because I kick off my shoes almost immediately when I come home, and almost never put them away in the bedroom. I figure it’s better than a pile under the kitchen table and I can find the darn things when I’m getting ready to go.


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