31 Day Organizing Challenge Winners!


It’s time!  Finally today I’m announcing the names of the winners of the 31 Day Organizational Challenge that took place here during the month of March.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  I can’t even tell you how excited I got to read how excited you were to complete your space.  Knowing you’ve got an organized space to love and enjoy is the best reward of all for sure.  It can be done, you all proved that.  I hope you are all able to keep it up and keep going in other areas of your home.  So awesome!

Please know that even if you didn’t win it doesn’t mean I didn’t think you did an amazing job.  It was soooo hard to choose and I wish I had prizes to give out to everyone.  I’m so proud of each and everyone of you.  It’s not easy to put yourself out there but you did it and you accomplished something really great.  Whoot!

So let’s do this shall we.  The three winners are:

First Place:

Mary from Living a Sunshine Life

Mary organized her basement to make space for a home school classroom.  She spent a lot of time planning for this new space and how she could make it work with the other needs in the room including storage and laundry.  I loved how she created separate zones using what she already had on hand.  I also love that she has implemented a new family rule to maintain this new organization…if you get it out, you put it back before going upstairs.  Great job Mary!


Second Place:

Jenny from Choosing Abundance

Jenny organized their spare room.  In Jenny’s words this was a space that was a cluttered wreck.  But not anymore.  I’m so proud of Jenny for being intentional about getting up at 5:30 am every day to tackle this space.  That is awesome!  I also loved that Jenny took the PROCESS seriously and emptied the room before getting started even though she was very reluctant to do so.  It was very transforming for her and she admitted afterwards that she truly didn’t know how much different the room could look until she’d emptied it. That just makes me so happy!

jenny before

jenny after

Third Place:

Kristen from Zianessa

Kristen tackled her living room that had become a catchall.   She knows she is a collector so it was a real challenge for her to edit her stuff especially her books.  She was able to do it though because she planned her space first and once she knew what she wanted the room to be used for, making decisions about what was to stay and what was to go was so much easier for her.  That’s very cool!  I hope you enjoy relaxing in your new living room Kristen!


Please be sure to visit each of their sites to see all their before and after pictures.  They are very inspiring!

Random Bonus Prize:

The bonus prize drawn at random from the list of all challenge participants goes to Not a Coupon Queen!

If you don’t hear from me first please email me at organizingjunkie (at) gmail (dot) com with your address.

Congratulations to our winners!  Please see below for the fabulous prizes you will be receiving.  A huge thanks to all our wonderful and amazing sponsors!!

$100 Gift Card from the Container Store

container store logo

The Container Store has a HUGE selection of organizing products. You’ll find whatever you need for all your organizing projects.

A Car-Gos System & a Me+Mine Collection from SugarSNAP


SugarSNAP is a company with fantastic products for helping busy moms stay organized. You’ll receive a Car-Go System that is a compact, beautifully designed bin that fits perfectly in your car or SUV trunk, leaving plenty of space for a stroller, shopping bags, and more. The Me+Mine Collection is a set of 5 bags with customizable labels that will help you organize your existing diaper bag or handbag.

sugarsnap car files sugarsnap me and mine

Drawer Decor Cutlery Organizer + Deluxe Starter Kit + Additional Base Mat


These products are an awesome addition to organizing any drawer. Both the cutlery organizer and the deluxe starter kit are just the tools you need to get your drawers under control once and for all. You will have your choice of base mat color.

cutlery organizer

drawer decor

Rubbermaid DIY Classic Configurations Closet Kit


SpaceSavers offers products that increase household efficiency and functional storage space for DIY home organizers and small businesses. With this Rubbermaid closet system you’ll be able to reconfigure your four foot to 8 foot wide closet and increase your storage up to 14 feet of shelf space and 12 feet of hanging clothing storage. The kit has adjustable shelves and telescoping hanging rods so there’s no cutting required.

closet system

One Year Subscription to Getting Organized Magazine

Getting Organize Magazine is the go-to resource for those looking to organize their homes or their work. This comprehensive, easy to read magazine makes organizing fun, easy and how-to as possible. You’ll get previews of the latest products, tips on how to conquer your paper piles, advice on issues like attention deficit disorder (ADD) and much more. Getting Organized Magazine was created by a Professional Organizer with several years of client experience and is the only one on the market solely dedicated to the top of organization.

Large Lay-n-Go Storage and Activity Mat


Lay-n-Go Cosmo ~ The Ultimate Cosmetic Bag


Lay-n-Go™ is a patent pending activity mat, cleanup, storage and carryall solution in one that offers kids and parents a great way to easily manage their toy and makeup collections at home or wherever your travels may take you!

$100 Gift Certificate from Off-the-Floor

RackIt 500 x 500

Off the Floor’s products were created and designed to meet personal challenges of dealing with clutter throughout the house & garage, unmet by existing products out in the market today. The modular storage units have snap construction which allows for easy assembly with no tools required, including snap-on accessories. Configure the shape of the overall unit to fit any space, or split a starter kit into multiple smaller units. Ten different colors are available to fit any room décor. With door hang and wall mount options, it requires no valuable floor space. Various accessories allows a place for everything, and everything ends up in its place!

The 2013 Clean + Organized Lifestyle Kit

clean+organized lifestyle kit

This extensive instant download kit comes complete with 74 organizational documents brought to you from Becky at Clean Mama. Everything you’ll need to organize your life and time can be found right here in this kit.

One Super Organizing Tote + One Hang-Up Room Organizer

31 super org tote and wall org

These items are super cute, super functional, super stylish, super convenient, super fashionable and a super great price point!! They are just plain SUPER! They come from a company that sells organizing totes, bags, purses, wallets, bins and more! We offer solutions for our just about everybody! We are always coming out with new products, styles and fabrics to choose from so you will never get bored! For more information on our great products including specials of the month, hostess specials, new products and more please request to join Boid’s Bag Biz on Facebook.

$50 Gift Certificate from Fridge Coasters

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Fridge Coasters are super absorbent “liners” that come in different sizes to fit all high traffic areas of your refrigerator. Place under produce in the crispers to keep your veggies fresh longer, or under milk and salad dressing in the doors to absorb drips that would normally dry to the bottom of your bin, ewww. Fridge Coasters provide time saving function and fashion to the inside of your refrigerator. In addition, their really proud to say that their sustainable product is made 100% in the USA of 30% (or more) post consumer product.


I will select three additional people at random from all the entries received to each win a one year subscription to Getting Organized Magazine.

Thanks again everyone, it was fun!!

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12 Responses to 31 Day Organizing Challenge Winners!

  1. 4
    Mo says

    Congrats to the winners! Such great makeovers, great job! Thanks for pulling me as the bonus winner!

  2. 5
    Susan says

    Congratulations to the winners!!!! You all did a fantastic job! Thank you again, Laura, for hosting the challenge. Without it, I’d still be looking at an overwhelming job to get done within the next month.

  3. 6
    Kari says

    Congrats to all the winners! All the spaces were amazing!! And thanks again for the challenge Laura!

  4. 7
    Deana says

    Wowza! How awesome is that?! Congrats to the winners:) The effort that all participants put in was so amazing…great job everyone!

  5. 8
    Gianna says

    Great job everyone!

  6. 9
    hsmominmo says

    Congratulations to all the Winners!
    And a great big THANK YOU!!! to Laura for hosting this and motivating all of us to get our spaces and our lives organized!

  7. 10
    Mary says

    I am in utter shock right now! I think this is the first challenge I have ever won that took more effort than a random drawing! Thank you Laura for this opportunity, the education on organizing you give, and for the support you offer. To everyone else, congrats on spaces well organized. I don’t know about you, but these past few weeks have been so much more enjoyable without the unorganized pink elephant sitting in the middle of my house.

  8. 11
    Jenny says

    Honored to have been chosen! It was a transformative process to be sure. Thank you 🙂

  9. 12
    Veronica says

    I love before and after pictures, and these are especially motivating. Congratultions to all the winnners and participants, what an accomplishment.


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