What’s in my Conference Bag? + Giveaway! (closed)

This giveaway is now closed.  The winner is #13 Dionne!!

This past weekend I attended a blogging conference here in Western Canada.  It was a smaller conference which is what I most prefer as it makes for great conversation with plenty of time to meet everyone.

What I’ve found with conferences is that I always have a lot of stuff I need to have on hand with me.  With all past conferences I’ve attended I’ve never had the right bag to schlep all my stuff until now.  In addition, this particular conference wasn’t being held at a hotel so we weren’t staying in the same location.  This meant I needed to come prepared as I wouldn’t just be able to run back up to my room to get what I needed.  That’s where my new Martha Stewart small tote bag came in super handy dandy.  It was exactly the size I needed and it fit everything perfectly.  Seriously can you believe Martha’s Home Office collection via Staples now includes tote and laptop bags?  Couldn’t be more happier about that.


conference bag contents

Here’s what I carry in my conference bag:

Ipad ~ I bring this along to follow along with the conference Twitter/Facebook feeds and to join the conversation myself.  I find the battery lasts longer than on my netbook and then I don’t have to stress about finding an outlet which at conferences can be pretty hard to come by.  I also used it to follow along with the workshops that had interactive elements online.  I protect my iPad with a pretty padded sleeve ~ these are also a new addition to the MSOH line.


Netbook ~ for taking care of blog business.  The pink padded case I purchased from a thrift store.

My Conference Notebook Binder ~ This is what I use to write my notes.  Yes I know I could do it on the iPad but I still prefer good old fashion pen and paper in some instances.  It also includes a calendar, various sections using colorful dividers and business card clear pockets where I organize the business cards I collect at conference.  I purchased this binder last year from Staples and it too is from the Martha Stewart Home Office collection.

Water Bottle ~ I never leave home without it

Business Card Pouch ~ Martha now also has these FANTASTIC clear pouches that are the best for organizing just about anything but are especially useful for organizing totes and purses.  The small size was awesome for holding my business cards and it tucked nicely into the front pocket of my tote bag for quick and easy access.


The best part of my fun pink tote bag is that it can be made bigger or smaller with the side snaps.  I really like this feature because I’ll often leave my netbook in the hotel room which means I don’t need quite as much room in my bag for all the other stuff.

tote bag snaps


I’m so excited about today’s giveaway because it is AWESOME!  One lucky commenter is going to receive BOTH a Martha Stewart tote bag AND a Martha Stewart iPad sleeve!!  To enter simply leave a comment on this post telling me what’s in your bag or purse.   While these giveaway items aren’t available in Staple’s stores in Canada just yet this giveaway IS open to both US and Canadian residents.  Can I get a whoot, whoot!!  Giveaway ends on March 19, 2013 at 4:00 pm PST.


There is currently a 1 week promo on right now at Staples that started yesterday: spend $40 on any MSHO tote/accessory and get $10 off.  I’m not entirely sure yet if a coupon code is required but I’ll update here should that be the case.

Good luck everyone!!

Please note that for the purposes of this review I was sent samples of the tote bag and sleeve.  All adoration is entirely my own :)

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537 Responses to What’s in my Conference Bag? + Giveaway! (closed)

  1. 1
    Caryn says

    My bag…it’s a disaster!! Stuff is eveyrwhere..I’m an organizing newb! Thank goodness for this site!!

    • 1.1
      Julie says

      As a stay at home and child care provider for two, this bag would be much better than a cloth grocery bag that I currently use when we go out on adventures! It looks like there would be plenty of room for our snacks, wipes, first aid kit and any other things we need! This would be an awesome prize to win!! Thank you for offering it at as a prize!!!!

  2. 2
    Kristie says

    This would be awesome to win–what`s in my purse?? LOL–wallet, hand santitizer, lip gloss, lotion, all the necessities LOL

  3. 3
    Andrea says

    Lots of junk! This bag looks awesome – would love to win.

  4. 4
    Barbara Leyva says

    I’m a nurse so my tote bag includes my stethoscope, pens, highlighters, notepad, water bottle , iPad , and wallet. Would love a tote that has a lot of pockets , light to carry and can expand in size when needed:)

  5. 5
    Kimberly Gryszko says

    This bag looks so handy for all I carry everyday! I’m a teacher, so I have my MacBook, phone, clutch wallet, calendar, to-do lists/note keeper pad, sticky notes, sharpies, powder, Chapstick, snacks (mostly for my 3 yr old who searches my bag everyday at preschool pick up), and just took out my gloves today! What don’t I carry in my bag??!!

  6. 6
    Jenah Parris says

    What is in my purse? Well, I’m a mom, so what isn’t in my purse?! LOL! The usual, wallet, keys, note book, phone, make up, gum, candy, kids toys, pens, crayons, sunglasses….

  7. 7
    Kelley Clayton says

    Love this bag! I carry a big purse because i always have to have alot of things with me.

    Wallet, keys, make up bag, books, paperwork, lip glosses, little flashlight, mase and pens and notebook, rx’s and personal items. i just got a new computer and will be adding it to my bag!


  8. 8
    Nova C. says

    I have my wallet, a few coupons, change purse, nail clippers & file, chapstick, and small packet of tissues in my purse.

  9. 9
    Ashley Giles says

    Heres whats in my purse! :)

    A wallet, a small bottle of Heavenly angels perfume, Nivea lip balm, a small business card wallet with cards inside, receipts, some coupons.

    If my purse was big enough I would put an IPAD in mine ( That my hubby is getting me hopefully for my Bday, lol!!! Maybe if I have this awesome bag and IPAD sleeve, he will finally get me my IPAD! :)

    Thank u for the chance to win! Absolutely love the bag and sleeve!!!

  10. 10
    Kia says

    I would be lying if i said i carried a purse since i don’t. but i do carry a laptop bag. Inside is my laptop, 2 notebooks, 5 pens, an extension cord and lots of gum.

  11. 11
    Sharyn Elliott says

    This bag is so cute. I am a newbie to organizing but love your site and in hopes of reading and learning I can finally accomplish some organization which has been on this list now for nearly 20 years. My bag…too much junk…wallet, change everywhere, papers/mail, tape measures and flashlights (I’m a Realtor), etc.

  12. 12
    Jocelyne says

    I’m trying to carry less than I used to so I have wallet, moisturizer, lip balm, brush, iPhone and keys. Also a lightbulb so I know what replacement to buy.

  13. 13
    Dionne Schmid says

    I have a purse organizer that works as a great way to keep things in place. I have a coupon organizer too.

  14. 14
    shari sweeney says

    I have my wallet, keys and a book in my purse.

  15. 15
    Jana says

    Currently in my bag: essays to be graded, wallet, keys, phone, pens in assorted colors, calling cards, Girl Scout cookie order form, notebook, checkbook, yesterday’s mail, magazine, hair baubles, brush, lip gloss, in scented hand lotion, Kleenex… Ok, now I am exhausted just thinking about it all!

  16. 16
    Robin E. says

    Well, let’s see… wallet, gum, pens, kids pencils and candy, lipstick, tissues, hand santizer, mirror, cell phone. I’d love to win! Looks like a great bag!

  17. 17
    Corey Lesko says

    Since I always have a diaper bag for my newborn and toddler with me I have a very small messenger style purse. It contains: phone keys small wallet (more of card holder) pen stamps deposit slip (for some reason those are the two things I always have!) few coupons and of course sons kind of Thomas then tank train: currently it’s James the number 5 engine!

  18. 18
    Tammy Northrup {Yours and Mine ARE Ours} says

    I recently was gifted a 31 gifts bag with smaller organizer bags and a wallet in it. I love that I can organize my papers, coupons etc. in one of the organizer bags and my pens, gum etc. in another. the pattern is a little young for me though so I may need a change soon.

  19. 19
    april says

    I have a large bag that I use for my coupon binder. My purse is quite a mess. In the middle I keep restaurant/store coupons. the other sides I keep my wallet,checkbook,pen, tiny cosmetic bag and some kleenex

  20. 20
    Melissa says

    My purse contains my ID/Costco card/American Express card, lipstick, face powder compact, wristlet for cash, Epi-pen pouch, baby wipes, a spare underwear for my toddler, purple plastic folder with blank paper for keep-the-kids-entertained drawing opportunities, 4 pk of crayons, pouch with latest Costco sale and immediate-need coupons, hand sanitizer and cell phone.

  21. 21
    Amy Tilson says

    I have the essentials, but occasionally have crayons, backup battery for phone, small camera, notebook or tape measure. This tote is adorable!

  22. 22
    kim strozier says

    wallet, keys, lipstick, crayons, lightning mcqueen, pouch with pens, pencils, scissors; coupon wallet, membership/frequent shopper cards wallet, phone, tissues, wipes, etc. Mommy purse!

  23. 23
    Melissa W says

    My bag has all my school stuff for teaching.

  24. 24
    Monica P. says

    My wallet, comb, receipts and lip gloss is in my purse.

  25. 25
    Julie says

    All the essentials, plus normally some chocolate for emergencies!

  26. 26
    FAITH says

    makeup, pens, paper/notepad, keys, wallet, gum and whatever else my children get tired of holding/carrying, deem purseworthy for them for later.

  27. 27
    Jessica N says

    A pair of baby socks, a diaper, wallet, keys, lipstick :)

  28. 28
    Amy W says

    It depends on the day but I often have iPhone, iPad, wipes, diapers, wallet, Chapstick, toys, pen, etc, etc. :-). Would love to try out that tote bag!

  29. 29
    Liz Moss says

    Right now there is my wallet, a pouch with coupons, ballpoint pens, sunglasses, and a pouch for my makeup and some hair ties/bobby pins. I just cleaned it out this weekend.

  30. 30
    Shannon says

    My bag is my mobile work place right now. I have my macbook pro in a cute monogrammed sleeve, always a water bottle, a pen, clipboard with overview of current project printouts, mini and regular sized memo pads with notes, 1 fun book, 1 “always learning” book, pouch with stamps and note cards, pouch with power cord. And any other projects I’m working on.
    I’d love a new bag and pouches!

  31. 31
    Heather H says

    My bag is a mess, but has my wallet, keys, lip gloss, chap stick, lipstick (yes, all three are necessary!), my tens unit (for back pain), my kate spade makeup bag with meds in it, and a pen.

  32. 32
    Anita K says

    I have a Maxpedition “almost bulletproof” bag that I use as my everyday purse. It can carry my kindle and wallet in a safe “zip” pocket which leaves the main area empty for whatever I need for the day (planner, kids’ snacks, water bottles, etc). When I need to carry something bigger, like my 12″ laptop, I shove everything into my small laptop bag. It’s not the greatest “purse” but it works when I need to carry my laptop and research stuff to the library.

  33. 33
    April says

    I love the MSHO line but I don’t have a bag from it…yet. For now my bag contains: an iPad, coupon organizer, Carmex, scissors, lotion, lollipops (for my daughter), a couple of Kind Fruit & Nut bars and a flashlight.

  34. 34
    Summer Jackman says

    woo! I love this giveaway! My bag could definitely be more organized…I have my wallet, phone, tablet, and planner, with some other odds and ends that need a home!

  35. 35
    Patricia P. says

    water 4 bottles worth, snacks for outings, cosmetic bag filled with make up, chapstick for my daughter, wallet. note book to jot down or to review my lists, my coupon binder oh yah… a hair brush and extra clips. stuffed to the brim and a mom out of style, would love to win a stylish bag.

  36. 36
    Janette says

    Right now I have far too much junk, purse, cell phone, receipts and some how half of my kids bedrooms, please explain why mums bag end up there junk bag.

  37. 37
    liza bennett says

    2 books, 3 packets of readings from a mommy group I am in, receipts, a spare five bucks for emergencies, 5 pens, 3 pencils, an ipad case, 2 forks

  38. 38
    Dawn says

    I carry a lot in my bag: wallet, makeup bag, sunglasses, book, reading glasses, pens, pencils, crossword puzzles, Kindle, and if I’m going to work, laptop.

  39. 39
    Laura @ Casual Fridays says

    What’s in my purse….hmmm. What’s not in my purse. I always have receipts floating around, pen and paper (why I have this I have no idea – I always use my notes or photo on my iphone). wallet, inhaler, advil, make up bag, lipstick, hair clips/rubber bands, hand lotion, and my mommy kit (bandaids, and what not). All of the above is thrown into a black purse – I could use some organization!

  40. 40
    Jennifer E. says

    I try to keep everything as minimal as possible (until the inevitable chaos sets in again!). Usually, I have my wallet, phone, lip gloss, foldup brush, and kleenex.

  41. 41
    Marci says

    Fun giveaway!! Tissues, burts bees lip balm, thieves hand sanitizer, phone, 400 pens :), band aids and a lot of other unneccessary item – this is reminding to clean it out tomorrow morning!

  42. 42
    sandra barnes says

    I always carry my ipad and a notebook pad and pen. You never know when you’ll need either one.

  43. 43
    Sara Westhead says

    So awesome – thanks for the giveaway!

    My purse doubles as a tote for work – it ALWAYS holds not only my personal effects and my wallet, but also my day planner, a note book for doing interviews and stacks of G2 pens, usually in a variety of colours!

  44. 44
    Laura @ Laura's Crafty Life says

    My bag contains can contain any assortment of items – wallet, phone, notebook, pen and usually something of my kids like a toy car, sunglasses, etc! :)

  45. 45
    Jen says

    My wallet, far too many pens, lip balm and gloss, receipts galore and legos. :)

  46. 46
    Kristen @ Celebrate Every Day With Me says

    My purse is filled with essentials like my wallet, lip glosses and pens. But there is also a lot of snack wrappers from the kiddos, crayons and receipts!

  47. 47
    Lesley Lippold says

    I, too, find an expanding bag preferable for conferences. I wore through mine last year and have yet to find a suitable replacement! I hope I win! My bag ALWAYS contains a knitting project, change for parking and vendies, a place for my iPhone, my wallet, ear buds (critical on public transit even if there’s no music playing), lip balm, emergency feminine hygiene products, and my keys CLIPPED to a zipper pull so I don’t have to dig for them!

  48. 48
    JT says

    Oh there is so much in my purse: wallet, sunglasses, glasses, business cards, wallet with gift cards, notebook, ipad, snacks, chapstick, make up bag

    I would love to win the MS staylish carry all!

  49. 49
    Lori A says

    In my bag is an ipad, appointment book, a magazine, snacks,water and an assortment of pens etc that are not well organized. I have yet to find the perfect tote bag or work bag but this looks like it might fit the bill!

  50. 50
    Kim Valent says

    My bag has my work essential, laptop, glasses, notebook, papers, business cards, etc., but also contains my misc. mom items, small sewing kit, travel scissors, mints, granola bar, excedrin and tissues. It basically has to have a little of everything I might need! :)

  51. 51
    Melissa Moore says

    Hello! I am loving your blog! SO many great ideas! The MS tote bag looks so practical to me. I am always looking for things to keep me organized. What’s in my purse? pens, a highlighter, lipsticks and glosses, my wallet, my business cards, Aleve, hand sanitizer, Mary Kay hand lotion, my zipper pouch with coupons and gift cards… it never ends!!!

  52. 52
    Carissa says

    I love this laptop tote! I am always looking for a good laptop bag that doesn’t quickly turn into a mess in 5 minutes! I have about 5 chapsticks, my Kindle, pens, a notebook, my business card holder, an inhaler, a mirror, lotion, Aleve, and normally a snack in my bag!

  53. 53
    Joni says

    I love Martha’s new bags. I want one! I love being organized.

    • 53.1
      Joni says

      oops, hit enter too soon. I have tons of stuff in my purse. Have to be prepared for anything that my happen during the day. Have to have stuff to fill boring times.

  54. 54
    Maria says

    Right now I carry transcripts, pens, water bottle and my small purse in my tote. This MS tote is much cuter than mine and perfect for spring/summer.

  55. 55
    G. Green says

    My messy purse has my phone, wallet, coupon/gift card organizer, lip balm or lipstick, hairbrush, keys, pens, and scraps of post-its. My bigger purse does fit my ipad. I love the new MS organizing items! Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. 56
    Annette Shelton says

    My flair pens and my legal pad make me happy in the classroom and home, so , of course, they will go with me to the I Teach K! Conference in July. That is providing that my team mate doesn’t steal my pink ( her favorite) flair and throw away my purple (her least favorite). She really hasn’t done this but this is my go to explanation when I cannot find them. I need all the organization I can get on this trip!

  57. 57
    Bernice J says

    Oh I hope they are coming here to Canada soon!!

    • 57.1
      Bernice J says

      I should add what’s in my purse…Advil, credit cards, two organizing calendar, pens, dental floss, wallet, brush, kleenex and a book. Good thing I just cleaned it out, because otherwise I would have to add dust bunnies, old grocery store receipts, nail file, measuring tape, expired gift cards…

  58. 58
    Heather says

    iPad, wallet, phone, small bag with misc items, card organizer for store cards and gift cards, and coupon organizer. Would love to win new bags!

  59. 59
    Kelly D says

    My cell phone, gum, wallet, tissues and lots of change.

  60. 60
    Katie Weeda says

    I carry my iPad, a sparkly cosmetics purse, my lip gloss, phone and filofax in my purse! Yay for Martha Stewart products! Kt

  61. 61
    Tara says

    What’s in my purse? Depends on how long ago I cleaned it out… I have been know to carry around tons of receipts that I no longer need for weeks! My favorite is the little pouch with all our gift cards, so I am never sitting inside Target without the gift card and smacking my forehead for not remembering ;)

  62. 62
    Sue says

    I carry a very small purse on purpose. It holds my wallet, a small pad of paper and pen, lipstick, small pack of kleenex and my cell phone. I would love a bigger bag to carry in the car with me! Thank you!!!

  63. 63
    Gina W. says

    What isn’t in my purse!?! ;) I have my wallet, phone, checkbook, tissues, mints, pens, pad of paper, brush, lip balm, hand wipes,epi-pens and bendryl (for my son’s allergies)….plus all the things my kids put in there to have on the road!! I always have to have a big bag so I can keep track of everything! I love the size and the color of your conference bag!!!!!!! ipad case is so cute too! :)

  64. 64
    Diane Meade says

    Always have a book or my Nook for down times. Must have my phone, wallet, mints, a gel pen, note pad and chapstick. After that, is just cake :-)

  65. 65
    laura miller says

    wallet, mini notebook, brush, lotion, keys, makeup, pens, kleenex, my retainer and case, sunglasses, gum, receipts, and more! I’d love to win it!

  66. 66
    Melissa L says

    My purse? I’m a middle school teacher, online college professor & mom of three. I carry my iPad mini, wallet, phone, small toys, mini first aid kit for baseball games, crochet to do @ the dance studio, my son’s epi pen, chap stick, sun block, girls’ hair accessories, pens, pencils, notepad. Often times papers to grade and the baseball scorebook. I need all the organizing help I can get.

  67. 67
    Jamie says

    I carry a old school day planner, extra pens & stain remover. When my husband and son are with me, I end up carrying their stuff too.

  68. 68
    Sarah says

    must haves- wallet, fishermans friends(cherry), makeup bag with phone charger, feminine supplies, lip chap & nail file. Coin purse, small bible, receipts and arbonne fizz tabs

  69. 69
    Sophia N says

    Such a cute bag! My purse is filled with the following: receipts, wallet, bank cards, business cards, pens, unused female products, a diaper (for my son, not for me), and my phone! It has been known to carry binkies, baby socks, and migraine medicine too!

  70. 70
    Summer says

    I’ve come to have to have my planner in my bag at all times over the last few years. Also my cell phone of course!

  71. 71
    Miranda says

    My bag has Chapstick, money & cards, health card (touting them to each prenatal appointment faithfully) and a bunch of coupons.

  72. 72
    Linda Kish says

    pens, receipts, napkins, keys, wallet, phone, medicines for emergency (heart patient), lip gloss, mints

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

    • 72.1
      Sheila Waddell says

      I have a business conference later this month and this would be a great addition.

    • 72.1
      Heather S says

      My wallet, my asthma meds, and more often than not, a knitting project :-)

    • 72.1
      Teresa Kinder says

      Wallet, cash envelopes, coupon envelopes, credit/loyalty cards, makeup, etc. Lots of stuff but I combine using a pocket pouch and a purse brite. Very organized! Would love this conference bag. Wish me luck! Thanks.

  73. 73
    Danielle says

    In my bag there is a wallet, iPad, diapers, wipes and hopefully the car keys.

  74. 74
    Michelle Wimp says

    omgosh – what does my purse NOT have in it? i have meds, mini first aid kit, note pad, pens, wallet, organizer old school i still like a paper day planner – this one i made myself and had it bound at office depot), and a baggie of snackies.

  75. 75
    Kristi says

    Have to have my lipgloss… At least three!!!

  76. 76
    Ashton says

    I always have my lip balm, phone, and wallet!! I like to have my DIY Martha Stewart binder when I can :)

  77. 77
    Marlene says

    I carry a very small bag, and in it are my sunglasses, small wallet, keys, mint Chapstick, travel sized hand lotion and business cards. My company is having a conference in July and I could sure use your beautiful tote to tote my ipad and water bottle! Thanks for all your wonderful organizing tips.

  78. 78
    Karin says

    In my bag: iPad, notebook, phone, wallet, pens, copy of Chronical of Philanthropy, makeup, flash drive, and disposable toothbrush.

  79. 79
    Peggy Leland says

    Lovely bag! I love her staples line and did not realize she bags now too! Yay

  80. 80
    Cathy says

    I have drooled over the Martha Stewart products at Staples! My purse, when I carry one, is stuffed with coupons, wipes (for dirty kids’ hands), a notebook and pen, scissors, and tissue. Thank you for the giveaway!

  81. 81
    Bre says

    More like what’s not in my bag! I’m a terrible overpacker. Essentials are wallet, planner, makeup bag, whatever book I’m currently reading, school binders, articles to read whenever I have a free minute, business cards, snacks, a water bottle. I work full time and go to school full time, so I often find there are long stretches where I’m out and need something. Needless to say, I carry a huge bag =)

  82. 82
    Nancy Housley says

    I love this site! I can’t function if I’m not organized! I am a teacher and this bag would be awesome!

  83. 83
    Kim says

    Everything but the kitchen sink is in my bag. lol Seriously, I have wallet, notebook, iPad, iPhone, chargers, calendar, bills that need paid, cough drops, and on and on and on.

  84. 84
    Chandani says

    hmm my purse always has some lip balm, a mirror, pen, hand sanitizer, ipad, lotion, natural gum, and wallet!

  85. 85
    Jessica W says

    I just did a purse switcheroo for a mini vacation with the family! I only packed the essentials…wallet, lip gloss, mints, phone, charger!

  86. 86
    Barbie says

    With a sore shoulder, less i more for me. In my little purse I currently have license and credit cards, a little bit of cash, some makeup and receipts.

  87. 87
    Yvonne says

    Well, I’m happy to say very little – I just cleaned it out. Wallet, cell phone, cheque book, lip balm, and a few pens.

  88. 88
    Stephanie says

    Currently my purse doubles as a diaper bag. So diaper, a few toys, wallet, water bottle and snacks!

  89. 89
    Traci says

    Woo boy! This is perfect timing since my snake pit of a bag cost me about 15 minutes looking for an bank envelope at the store today! The better question is, “What ISN’T in my bag?’ Organization needed…S.O.S.! Thanks for the opp. :)

  90. 90
    Cassie says

    Super cute! My purse currently holds my wallet, notepad, pens, gum, cell, and random odds and ends.

  91. 91
    Kassie says

    My purse is a disaster. I also always carry other bags with me which hold a couple snacks, water bottle, the book I’m currently reading and notebook with lists in it.

  92. 92
    Kathryn says

    Right now, besides my wallet, glasses, and other boring items, I have my erin condren life planner which is so necessary juggling work, three kids, and husband. I also have some graded spelling tests, a book on teaching reading workshop, and an iPad.

  93. 93
    Christine says

    Everything and then some!!

  94. 94
    Pam says

    All kinds of stuff in my bag. My e-tablet, a calendar, wallet, receipts (lots and lots of receipts), pen, Mentos, cell phone, comb, reading glasses, small notebook for random notes, and sometimes, even a magazine – like today.

  95. 95
    Jennifer miller says

    Purse: iPhone, iPad 2, wallet, checkbook, ACE PACES (homeschool my son, need them on the go), numerous other things needs to be organized been slacking on that!

  96. 96
    Renee Valdivia says

    My bag has a note book for jotting down ideas, quick notes, daily stuff, a water bottle, hair elastics ( I have long hair), at least 2 pens, I always manage to drop one. post it tabs to mark notes I will need to get back to quickly.

  97. 97
    Renee says

    I just cleaned out my bag so right now it is pretty empty. I have my wallet, make-up bag, phone, a notebook and pen, a book or my kindle. I love the Martha Stewart office line! I have to stay out of Staples or I would be in TROUBLE! LOL

  98. 98
    Casey says

    I am a food allergy mom and I have a baby, so I carry a lot in my bag! An allergy and asthma kit, safe snacks, water, diapers and wipes, toys, baby clothes, first aid kit, sanitizer, wallet, receipt holder, lip balm, kleenx… you name it, it’s in there!

  99. 99
    kelli smith says

    I have a three ring binder, a penicl pouch, my nOok, keys and cell phone. Oh and a spiral notebook and notecards.

  100. 100
    Jo Sue says

    My wallet, my lip gel, check book, tic tacs, facial tissue , benadryl and epipen for my kiddo!

  101. 101
    Amanda says

    My bag holds my breastpump, Kindle Fire, occasionally my iPad, & snacks. :)

  102. 102
    Mal says

    A pen and then more pens because I live in fear I won’t have a pen when I need one. Snacks in case of an unexpected toddler meltdown. My checkbook-am I last person still using one? Blank notepads since I’m a list maker and then the must-haves like the wallet and driver’s license.

  103. 103
    Becca says

    My bag: my ipad, makeup, wallet, work badge and tons of receipts!

  104. 104
    Deb says

    My bag consists of my Bible, my notebook, sometimes my computer, and soon, my ipad.
    I am a worship leader, and my bag isn’t big enough for my music book, so I have to carry that separate.

  105. 105
    Anna says

    Thanks for the fun giveaway! Currently, I have my billfold, a small calendar, and a little bag of “Important Stuff That Every Woman Needs In Her Purse.” ie. tampons, lipgloss, tissues, breath mints, measuring tape, mirror and advil to just name a few. Often I carry around my kindle or a small knitting project!

  106. 106
    Amy C. says

    My bag is a mess too. I got everything my kindle, mirror, fingernail file, toiletries, you name it I got it.

  107. 107
    Heather says

    What’s in my bag….well too much stuff probably!
    Wallet, mints, small bag with make up etc, small note pad, business cards, lip gloss, assorted toys, pens, probably some pins & buttons. And my iPhone lives there during the day.

  108. 108
    Juliana Wade says

    My bad is a diaper bag- so bottles, burp clothes, diapers wipes, wallet, camera, chapstick, change of baby clothes and paci;s!

  109. 109
    Tracy @ usingtimewisely.com says

    Whoot, whoot! I keep snacks as my blood sugar levels drop if I do not eat regularly. Thanks for the giveaway!

  110. 110
    Maayan says

    Notebook, several pens, camera. I would love the bag!

  111. 111
    erica says

    I carry everything and anything! Coupon holder first aid kit, wallet, gum. U name it I prolly have it!

  112. 112
    Sheila V. says

    Right now my small crossbody purse contains a wallet, a tiny cosmetic bag (containing a lipstick, sanitary napkin, facial tissues, hair tie), a bag of cough drops, a school form, sticky note, pen, lip gloss, old receipts, sunglass, eyeglass (in a pouch), hand sanitizer, and keys. That’s a scale down from my usual handbag. :)

  113. 113
    Amy Teeter says

    I have a huge conference coming up and I could totally use this bag! *crossing fingers* either way thanks for the tips, I know better what to carry with me now.

  114. 114
    Lori K says

    Lets see!!!! What a great giveaway!! In my purse, I carry an epi-pen for potential allergy emergencies with my son, hand/face wipes and gel sanitizer, tissues, my Rosary, band aids, feminine products (assorted, of course! Lol), extra knee highs in case I mismatch in the morning or catch a snag, 3 gel-ink pens, my fancy “Sunday Gone To Meetin'” name badge for special occasions like networking lunches. I think that’s it… I’m thinking of adding clear polish and pepto bismol tablets too, ;-)

  115. 115
    Alisha Boddy says

    My bag right now has my make-up bag, 10 mini catalogs for my business, 3 full sized catalogs, a brush, my case of business cards, at least 5 pens, tums (just in case) , gum, and mwallety

  116. 116
    Verena says

    my handbag is on it’s last legs, and is a little too small to carry my planner in, which I would like to do. I carry all the usual assortment of little things and wallet etc., but would also like to be able to carry a water bottle.

  117. 117
    Jackie says

    I have coupons, 2 sizes of diapers, wipes, my wallet, a leather credit card/business card holder that holds all of my gift cards in it, 3 pairs of sunglasses (mine, toddler’s & baby’s), a phone, pens, too many receipts, old shopping lists, paper clips (I think I need to clean out my purse!) and reusable grocery sacks because our town just banned plastic bags.

  118. 118
    Pat F. says

    My purse is a disaster and I desperately need organization! I carry everything, making my purse very heavy! I can use all the help I can get! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  119. 119
    Jodi says

    Hi! I have to say I been following your post few months back and I just love your organising ideas! I am from Australia and know that the giveaway if not for Aus resident. But I just want to tell you your post is awesome, and the tote bag is really something I would hate to miss! Unfortunately I don’t foresee this tote bag to be available to us down under…but just want to drop by and say Hi and keep up the good work!

  120. 120
    Kristin says

    In addition to my wallet, keys, and cell phone, my bag is now overrun with diapers, wipes, extra clothes, and pacifiers. Love the expandable feature on the tote bag!

  121. 121
    GG says

    Always have my cell phone and iPad.

  122. 122
    Julie Haldeman says

    My purse currently doubles as a diaper bag, so I’ve got wipes, diapers, toys, snacks, etc!

  123. 123
    amy says

    I am a teacher at multiple schools, so my laptop bag, tote bag and cart contain my life. :) I am so glad you posted your review because I need to replace my tote bag and was considering the MS line at Staples. Your review is helpful!

  124. 124
    Elisabeth says

    Let’s see…I have a smallish purse, but I still manage to put my cell phone, two wallets, keys, loyalty cards, lip balm/gloss, hand sanitizer, library card, pen, and handfree piece for my cell phone!

  125. 125
    Jules says

    I love the side snaps to allow it to grow when you need extra “stuff”.

  126. 126
    Dale Cusumano says

    Love it! I am always looking for great and beautiful bags for conferences!,

  127. 127
    Cindy says

    Oh the things that i could put in that bag!!!!

  128. 128
    Elissa says

    What’s in my purse? Always a snack!

  129. 129
    Kat H says

    Oh, I hope Staples in Canada starts carrying these soon! I have been searching for a long time for a good conference bag!

  130. 130
    Rhonda Curry says

    LOL I even carry my laptop in my big purse! That takes up MOST of my purse. Soooo need an organizing bag to organize me… :)

  131. 131
    Marcy says

    I have gum in my purse

  132. 132
    Missy M says

    At the moment, all the basic essentials, plus my ipad, my daughter’s mini ipad, a moleskin notebook and colorful pens.

  133. 133
    Tara says

    It’s easier to ask what isn’t in my bag/purse :) Hand sanitizer, travel baby wipes (they’re not just for babies), organizer/planner, cell phone, highlighters, bills & paperwork to go through… Would love this to get me back on the organizing track!

  134. 134
    Kim @ Homesteader's Heart says

    When I carry my purse there is usually a cell phone, my wallet and a .380 in there. LOL! I probably carry tote bags more than I do an actual purse because I can fit my kindle and such in it. Hence me trying to win this beautiful thing. LOL!
    Have a lovely day.

  135. 135
    tammy d. says

    Mine is a mess right now. But my wallet, makeup, chap stick, hair clips, gum, ban aids. Nothing exciting.

  136. 137
    Sarah Keidel says

    I too have a conference bag for such trips. Thanks for your list of items!

  137. 138
    Kim Bishop says

    Love this site! Thank you for all the fantastic info! I am desperately trying to get organized….baby steps!;). Would love the tote and iPad case to get started on organizing all of my work junk!)

  138. 139
    Amy B. says

    I am currently carrying a wristlet with my cell, a couple of credit cards, license, a little cash, chapstick, and insurance information. I have a baby so I often just drop the wristlet into the diaper bag!

  139. 140
    Mechale Brewer says

    My daughers play softball so I have to be super prepared! I carry hair ties, lip balm, sunscreen, money, a first aid kit, iphone, camera, snacks, and my nook for between games! Throw in some gloves and a light jacket for cooler weather and I have it all!

  140. 142
    Jane Babich says

    Love the term… Conference Bag!
    My Conference Bag includes my iPad, IPhone and bottled water. I also include, cough drops for those nagging coughs that can grap me just when I “do not” want to leave and miss the speakers next point. In addition I throw in a few small give aways; small kleenex packs, hand lotion or eye glass cleaners. These are to just show a little love to other people I meet at the conference, that may be blessed with one of these simple items. Finally, I have a little container of some friends business cards; I have found that as we interact I always find people that could benefit from a conversation with some I know. I hand out more of others cards than I do mine! Well that is the basic items in my bag. Throw my name in the contest, I would love to win your items. Blessings Jane

  141. 143
    Jackie Robinson says

    Love your blog. My problem is no bag always grabbing grocery bag and running out the door with a trail of dropped items – Goal for 2013 – to be organized

  142. 144
    Allison Clem says

    I have a business, so my “bag” ranges from a crossover Coach purse to a large canvas tote bag to the large utility tote from 31. Everyday I go to work, I schlep my laptop w/charger, a lot of files, my new filofax, lots of pens and highlighters, vitamins & supplements, wallet, bank bag, dog food, leash, and more. It’s kind of like my portable life. I really need to consoidate :)

  143. 145
    Stacey says

    I carry a bag in a bag, my purse holds my wallet, lip stuff, phone ect. I place that in my Pink Women’s half marathon tote which holds something to ready, oversize stuff, ipad or Nook, water.

    Would love to try the Conference bag and have it all together

  144. 146
    Jo Ann Glenn says

    I love love love this tote. I am never without my Kindle and my address book which also has URLs and password hints. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  145. 147
    Kimberly says

    This bag is adorable, and would be perfect for me in my new position. The iPad case as well… I use both a laptop and iPad for my job, and it would be a great way to keep these things with me, and stay looking stylish… Thanks for the offer.

  146. 148
    Shauna says

    My purse contains very little, as I tend to be a minimalist. Wallet, pen, lipstick, and a paint chip I am trying to match!

  147. 149
    Annette {This Simple Mom} says

    I love that it can be made bigger or smaller! I like it small typically, but add a water bottle or book if I am going out for too long.

  148. 150
    Melanie says

    My bag is always a disaster! Calendar, coupon book, wallet, llip gloss, a diaper and some wipes, hand cream, pens, pencils, and my kindle…No wonder my little bag looks so messy :-) Love this website!

  149. 151
    Kathi says

    I am a Homecare Nurse so this Bag would be so Great because my Bag is ripping and I need a new one! I carry my Blood Pressure cuff and stethoscope, my folders with patients Doctor appts etc and due to my long hours, with this particular case I bring my bills with me so I don’t send them out late. Great Bag and Thank You for this opportunity. :)

  150. 152
    jan altomare says

    my bag has a little bit of everything. organizing it would be great. although i might need to use this bag as a emergency bag, with all the basics needed incase of an emergency, just grab and go if needed.

  151. 153
    Jeana says

    I travel so I have wallet, planner, pencil case (stocked), portable pharmacy, makeup bag, large scarf which I use as a blanket on planes, book or kindle, laptop, snack, water. I would love to win this bag!

  152. 154
    Jennifer Ryan says

    I recently started a direct sales business and am constantly struggling with what I should carry around with me at all times, vs. what is actually practical to take along. Right now, I have all of my daily essentials I would normally have in my purse, plus my calendar, a promo magazine, fliers, samples, and a Power Point in a presentation binder.

  153. 155
    Sangeeta says

    My bag…has the purse kangroo to keep small items organized. It has a small notebook for notes/lists/ideas etc. My wallet, checkbook and lotion.

  154. 156
    Lorinda L says

    Nice article on organizing your tote. I’m still searching and tweaking after years and I see many items in Marta’s line that I want to add to my organization. Thanks for a chance at winning!

  155. 157
    Jessica says

    I have a two year old so I carry around a diaper bag/purse – so I always make sure I have diapers, wipes, a few snacks, my iphone, my wallet and usually a bottle of water! There is usually a ton of paper floating around in there as well!

  156. 158
    Mindy says

    My bag is actually looking pretty good right now. I have my padfolio, 2 magazines, hand sanitizer, 2 pens, my redesign work flow process…on paper, USB, iPad and my charger.

  157. 159
    Jennifer says

    I need a new bag. Right now I have a large purse that I carry snacks, a book to read on my lunch break, and all of the other purse essentials. I carry my iPad in my hands and I am scared to death that I’m going to drop it or leave it behind.

  158. 160
    Robin from Frugal Family Times says

    So thankful that this contest includes Canada! I have wanted to try some of these products. My work bag is looking pretty tired.

  159. 161
    Kasheika says

    I’m an educator and attend a few conferences every year. When I attend conferences, I have to have lots of snacks. I also make sure to have plenty of sticky notes on hand too.

  160. 162
    Christina says

    Right now I have a diaper bag and a purse. My purse has my wallet, cellphone and smaller pouches for makeup and store cards/etc.

  161. 163
    Tracy says

    Right now in my bag I have my laptop, notebook, and snacks. Desperately need a new bag, mine is completely worn out lol.

  162. 164
    Jennifer M says

    besides the usual car keys and wallet, I always keep a small notebook, pen & pencil with me to take notes while I’m shopping. How much something is so I can comparison shop or ideas for my birthday or xmas wish list.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  163. 165
    Marie-Christine says

    Yay! A giveaway that’s open to Canadians!

    My bag usually contains a small notebook, a couple of pens, my keys, my phone (if it’s not in my pocket), my wallet, my iPod, and a small zippered pouch that holds small items like lip balm, hand sanitizer, lotion, etc. Depending on the season, I might also carry mitts or sunglasses. And I usually have a water bottle or a mug for coffee/tea with me.

  164. 166
    debb says

    I switched to a small purse so I would not carry too much- Ha! It is stuffed with a wallet, sunglasses, pen, paper, makeup, hand sanitizer, card case, coin purse….

  165. 167
    Tara H says

    My purse carries my wallet, my iPad, my phone, coupons, brush, neosporin and band aids (we have 5 boys!), a Bible, a calendar, and probably more that I can’t think of right now.

  166. 168
    Amy Campo says

    my purse doubles as a bag for my stuff and a diaper bag. oh, and throw in the stuff my other 2 kids can’t carry, and a snack or 2. I think I need a bigger bag!

  167. 169
    Karra Clymer says

    My bag contains my thirtyone wallett, my ipad, multi color pens for my calendar that I carry because i color code my appointments.

  168. 170
    April V says

    Oh my gosh…where do I start?! I have everything from my wallet and sunglasses to diapers and napkins!

  169. 171
    Sara says

    Mostly I keep small purses with not much in them but necessities, but I’m pregnant with my first baby due in August so it looks like I’ll need to carry around much more in the near future! Would love to try out this bag!

  170. 172
    Kathy Cunniff says

    I always carry my kindle or a book in my purse, along with wallet, makeup, and my ipod.

  171. 173
    amy says

    I would LOVE this!

  172. 174
    Naomi H says

    With year old twins my bag is stuffed with diapers, extra clothes, and odds and ends.

  173. 175
    Rosiland jaussi says

    In my purse/bag lol is everything, I always carryin my ipad, my coupon binder, wallet, a makeup type bag with anything I may need for emergency ie band aids, aspirins, tweezers, tissues etc, notebook & pen, business card holder ( for the ones I collect during a day, a bottle of water, not to menton my phone,keys & n actual touch up my face bag, a mall tote umbrella i think thats about it i surely hope so lol my bag is NEVER SMALL!! Always a tote!!! Thank you for this opportunity have a great day and many blessings

  174. 176
    Teresa S. says

    My bag holds healthy snacks, a pen, and my iPad and e-reader.

  175. 177
    Alison Shoepe says

    My purse is a mess…wallet, “mom zip bag” with meds, band aids, etc., makeup bag, pens, paper clips, old hockey tickets…the list goes on and on. My PTA bag is usually a little better…My MomAgenda, my Texas PTA notebook, files I need for that particular meeting and pens.

  176. 178
    Katherine says

    My bag has my wallet, my coupon file, sunglasses, lip balm, phone, benedryl, a diaper, and some baby wipes.

  177. 179
    Laura L says

    I’m heading to a conference next month and I would love to be able to pack this :)

  178. 180
    Lisa says

    my bag has my wallet, iphone, kindle and note pad with all my ideas in it

  179. 181
    Jori Bates says

    I have a little one in diapers yet, so I have diapers and wipes, a snack and a sippy cup in my purse quite often. As well as my wallet, Kleenex, lotion, lip stuff, phone, etc.

  180. 182
    Elizabeth @ HobbyLobbyist says

    Gosh, what isn’t in my purse? I have my cell phone, chapstick, 2-3 lipsticks, gum, my work badge, and a bright pink wallet that I can always find amongst the mess.

  181. 183
    Mel says

    Wristlet wallet, planner, sunglasses, lip balm, pens (lots of pens), klean kanteen, Ibuprofen, granola bars, and then whatever “stuff” I need to deliver or return while I’m out.

  182. 184
    Penny says

    What’s in my bag?? In a word: Everything! Pick me! Pick me!!!

  183. 185
    Sandra says

    I have all my necessities in my purse – wallet, keys, cell phone, mints, gum, lipstick, pen, notepad, hand lotion, foldaway tote bags & coupons!

  184. 186
    Lori S. says

    My iphone, wallet, medication, and…since I am a librarian…a book or my Kindle.

  185. 187
    Rita says

    I carry a LOT in my purse! I have my wallet, chapstick, my knife, a pen, my planner, a notebook I write info about home improvements, my sunglasses…and so much more lol.

  186. 188
    Charmb says

    Thanks for the Canadian contest. I love your blog and the fact that it is Canadian. I have just about everything but a small village in my everyday purse. I started using a purse organizer and a key finder last year and I absolutely LOVE THEM. Here is the list . . .

    Wallet, keys, cellphone, iPod + stylus, ear buds, 2 shopper bags (1 groceries, 1 other shopping), makeup case, change purse, usb key, tape measure, loyalty card case, business card case, Drivers licence case, nail file, 1 mini highlighter, 1 mini sharpie, Mini pouch 1(tissue, toothbrush and paste, feminine stuff, bandaids and contact case), Mini pouch 2 (Hand cream, sanitizer, eye drops, sunscreen and a mini air freshener.

    Wow I have never listed all that out before, surprisingly it all fits in a medium size bag and is all organized because of the purse organizer. Now if only my house could look like the inside of my purse. One step at a time. ; )

  187. 189
    Adrienne H. says

    Too much stuff! Seriously – always an epipen for my son, wallet, lip gloss, iphone and to-do lists.

  188. 190
    Ericka Felker says

    I have pens, pencils, chap stick, ipad, note book, calendar, my favorite sweetener for my coffee, a snack, tums, Tylenol what ever papers are needed for the conference and my charge cords for my phone and ipad ;0)

  189. 191
    Jenna says

    My conference bag has my laptop (but I may try the ipad instead now), water, snacks, a sweater, notebook and business cards. This looks like a great bag and I love the bright colour!

  190. 192
    Sarah says

    I carry a small purse, so it gets upgraded to a bag for trips (or conferences). Just got back from a conference in the States – and my bag had everything I thought I might need. Wallet, passport, tickets, pens, iPhone, cross stitch & supplies, snacks, plastic bag with earbuds/cords/chargers, cloth bag with tylenol, flashlight, ear plugs, stain remover, bandages, batteries, chapstick and any other little ‘possibilities’ I might need, water bottle, epipen, kleenex packs, more snacks and several books!

    Thank you for the giveaway! I rather like the Martha Stewart line – but it’s too expensive to splurge on very often. :-)

    • 193.1
      Lisa @ CheapThrillsInOmaha says

      As to what’s in my purse…organizer, wallet, checkbook, eyeglass cleaner, mini makeup/touchup bag, camera, memo notebook with fancy pen, keys, tape measure, cell phone. And a bunch of lists, of course.

  191. 194
    Elizabeth Staska says

    My purse has my schedule planner, budget planner, wallet, perfume, a small quick make up bag. I am looking at getting another bag for my ipad and organizational helpers.

  192. 195
    Jean says

    OMG everything ends up in my bag(wallet, keys, tablet, etc.) and I am always trying to find that “perfect” bag to carry things to and from work. Haven’t found one yet but this bag looks promising.

  193. 196
    Jessica H says

    I try to have only the necessities, you know; hot wheels cars, the occasional discarded sock from one of my little people, a stray sippy cup, paper and pens, chap-stick, finger nail clippers, hand sanitizer, allergy pills, my wallet (which could use some organizing), my planner (which could use some organizing). I also have my phone, keys, and another notebook for when we need to make lists of things while we are in the car. My purse/bag is a catch all for when we all go somewhere. My husband usually dumps his wallet and phone in my bag, along with sunglasses from everyone and an occasional hat or two. On any given day, if you look in my bag, you will see an organizing nightmare.

  194. 197
    Tara says

    In my bag, I have a little of everything. Diapers, toys, crafts, notebooks, pens, snacks and really anything that I might need with two little ones :)

  195. 198
    Pam B. says

    You don’t want to know what’s in my purse…I don’t even know what’s in there! I do know it’s heavy. I have to go through about once a week and clean out all of the receipts. Eventually the clutter gets to me and out they have to go.

  196. 199
    Jennifer F says

    What’s in my purse? It’s really an odd collection.
    Gameboy, compression wraps, iPhone, paper, pens, knives, and handcuffs.

  197. 200
    Jacque R says

    Love the Martha Stewart bag. I carry a bag to work with me every day. I always have my planner, lunch & my purse/wallet. I never go anywhere without my planner.

  198. 201
    Leona McNeil says

    What’s in my bag? Wallet, sunglasses, pens, tissue, notepaper…but I need a bag big enough to carry sales flyers. This would be great.

  199. 202
    Davette Martin says

    I would love to win the tote bag! My purse contains extra makeup, wallet, small notebook, water bottle, gum, mints, kindle fire HD, book to read, hand sanitizer,lotion, keys, nutritional, cough drops, eye glass wipes, bandaid friction block, lip balm, twizzers, Tylenol.

  200. 203
    amybee says

    In my bag is my paper agenda. I still prefer the old school paper version!

  201. 204
    Liz says

    Might be better to list what’s NOT in my bag….the kitchen sink!

  202. 205
    Kiki Fed says

    Just the essentials … plus an envelope stuffed with receipts that is taking up way too much room. :)

  203. 206
    Ann says

    wallet, checkbook, cash, keys, lipstick,
    kleenex, hand wipes, receipts, pen, little toys for the kids
    to play with if we are stuck somewhere. Thanks for the chance to win.

  204. 207
    Leila says

    My bag has pens, kleenex, kindle fire, notebook, planner, snack….

  205. 208
    Sylvia says

    My purse holds my plastic cards, my hand sanitizer, chapstick, phone, usually a book, and often my IPad. I would love the IPad sleeve and the bag that could accomodate my laptop. Thank you for the chance! Love your blog!

  206. 209
    Sarah says

    My purse perfecter is in my purse and I love it! (and a wallet, hairbrush, water bottle, sunglasses, etc…)

  207. 210
    Joanna says

    My bag has a ton in it but thanks to being organized it is not that bad, teh basics like wallet, makeup etc then pens, Ipad, small pad of paper. I have a yearly conference I attend and this tote would be perfect for it! It is for my business so we get a ton of products while there so it gets kinda hard to keep it all organized, I love that the bag can expand and easily be organized while looking nice!

  208. 211
    Amanda says

    My bag is a bit of a disaster right now! I work in human services, so you never know what my day will bring. Right now my bag contains my iPad (in a Booqpad case), my planner, a few case files, one chux pad, a bottle of tylenol, perscription ear drops, hand lotion, and a few bills I need to drop in the mail. Phew!

  209. 212
    Michelle says

    I currently use a Vera Bradley Microfiber Diaper Bag as my work tote. I LOVE the interior pockets! Inside I have my laptop, project notebook, Blue Sky Monthly Planner Notes (one-stop shop for to do list), phone & laptop chargers (in individual baggies as to not get hooked or tangled on anything), and pencil/pen case.

    While this works fabulously for work, I would love the MS bag for all the things I do with our church ministry. I seem to grab a different tote each time I head out…but the contents is pretty consistent. Bible study book, journal, Kindle Fire HD, Ministry Committee notebook, and personal laptop. I love the expandability of this bag – that seems to be why I keep shifting between totes already.

    My fingers are crossed….pick me, pick me :)

  210. 213
    michelle says

    I keep my wallet, keys, phone, ipad, calendar & makeup bag in my purse. that’s it! if my purse is a mess, you know my life is a mess!

  211. 214
    SueBE says

    My conference bag is also my meeting bag so at the moment is has my choir binder and extra music.

  212. 215
    Rachelle says

    In my purse I have: Big Red Gum, Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm, USM Coin Purse(that I use as a wallet), Checkbooks, Keys, Pens, Pencils, Hand Sanitizer, Post It Notes.
    In my book bag I have: Planner, Folder, iPAD, Notebook, Pens, Pencils, Stylus, and mini notebook for inspiration/design ideas.

  213. 216
    yaz says

    wow so cool, i’m always looking for things that make life easier and this looks like one of them; as for my bag i carry everything but the sink we live in a remote area so every outing reuires at least 2 hrs highways travel so i carry wallet, games, snacks, first aid kit, even the inhalers hahaha

  214. 217
    ilona t says

    whats not in my bag??? coupons, wallet, band aids, snacks…

  215. 218
    Alyse P says

    I use the martha stewart small binder to keep all my lists and junk, then I have my wallet, a planner, and a bag full of colored pens. I just need to find a good organizing bag to carry it all

  216. 219
    Claudia Hernandez says

    This is the 3rd time attempting to comment.

    What’s in my purse? I love to use small bags to compartmentalize all the things I need. I use a small one for 1st aid stuff, one for feminine products, one for my make up, one for snacks, one for tech stuff (ear buds, charger, memory card, etc), I carry a small binder for notes, my reading glasses, sunglasses, my water bottle, my wallet, my Galaxy S III and my Surface Pro (for working on the go).

  217. 220
    Jen says

    Cool post! And cool bag! In my tote, I carry my iPad, my planner, my wallet, a small bag with hand cream, lip balm, a measuring tape(interior decorator), Advil, and an Emory board.

  218. 221
    Nydia F. says

    purse organizer with all my essentials, makeup, pens, etc., my handy pink tape measurer, iphone, and ipad!

  219. 222
    Phyllis Law says

    I love this bag. Would be so helpful for meetings and conferences.

  220. 223
    Camille says

    what’s in my back…..wallet, coin purse, makeup bag, contact lens solution, lotion, 4 lip glosses, deodoant, water bottle, phone, ipad, ipod. I could go on and on but I will stop there.

  221. 224
    Kelly Hardin says

    I am forever searching for a bag that I can use as a bag, but also fit diapers and snacks for my triplet boys as well! I always carry my Martha Stewart planner with me, my wallet, makeup bag. Then I usually am carrying my husbands wallet. I also usually have several pairs of socks, snacks, and shoes!

  222. 225
    Kat says

    OMG. What’s NOT in my bag? LOL. Purse: I had to scale down a bit because the last purse I bought was just a teeny bit smaller! Other than my cell phone, billfold, work keycard, change purse, and glasses case, my essentials are eyedrops, a compact, tweezers & nail clippers, collapsible bluetooth headphones, a small pill organizer, a comb, chapstick, and a small diabetic emergency kit in case my husband forgot his/isn’t near his. Tote bag: ALWAYS my current book; I also use it to bring my lunch if I’m not using my lunchbox. And that’s it. I carry as little as possible and anything that makes its way into my tote bag during work gets cleaned out when I get home. If I’m at a conference of any sort, I have an organizer that has lots of pockets inside as well as a legal pad; I may switch to my briefcase I have on hand if necessary.

  223. 226
    Judy says

    wow! hmm.. my bag? DSL camera to start – big room hog!, wallet, makeup bag, first adi kit, sweater – I live in SoCal but don’t leave home without it – air conditioning makes me cold everywhere!, bottle of water, keys, phone…and all the odds and ends, gum, pens, purse hanger so I don’t have to put my bag on the floor – icky!

  224. 227
    Toni W. says

    What is in my purse? Wallet, keys, phone, mints, tissues, & pen.

  225. 228
    Claire says

    Ooh, that tote is so cute and looks to be just the right size. In my bag on most days? Wallet, small zippered bag with lipstick and lip balm, sunglasses, sanitizer, phone, planner, pencil and pen. Lots of days, the ipad goes in if I think I’ll have time to read in the school pick-up line.

  226. 229
    Ellie says

    Wallet, glucose testing kit, glucose tablets, healthy snacks, keys, notepad, extra birthday cards – volunteer at Senior Center and most likely there is a birthday that I’d like to acknowledge, water bottle, netbook, calendar.

    Love the bag! So cheerful looking.

  227. 230
    Samantha says

    Wallet, gum, keys, and chickfila sauce

  228. 231
    De Beck says

    What a fun giveaway! My purse could certainly use some oranization! I go everywhere with 4 Little People, so I travel fully stocked! Hand sanitizer, lotion, lipstick, chapstick, fingernail clippers, reading glasses, gun, an assortment of pens, pencils and highlighters; wallet, kleenex, motrin, cell phone, camera, mints, measuring tape, coin purse, epipen, coupons and a book/and or Kindle… what a workout!

  229. 232
    Vicki K says

    Kindle, wallet, pencil bag, 2 checkbooks and makeup bag…and receipts…lots of receipts

  230. 233
    Suzanne says

    Rose Lip Balm, and a coupon bag and a receipt bag.

  231. 234
    Brenda says

    What’s in my bag? Nothing. Why? Because my car was broken into last Tuesday…they broke a window and stole my Tote bag and Bible bag right out of the car. So…….I’m in the market for a new tote bag. One that will not be left in the car again. BTW – that was an abnormal occurrence. The Tote normally comes into work with me, but I don’t know what I was thinking that day. I just hope whomever stole the bags sits and reads the Bible and 3 years of sermon notes and gets something out of it! My purse is semi-organized, although it’s acquired a few extra things this week, because I don’t have my Tote bag any longer….

  232. 235
    miranda says

    lots of kids toys

  233. 236
    Staci Johnson says

    honestly, I dont carry a bag anymore. I cannot find the right size of one to hold my essentials that I like to carry. I gave up. i only carry my debit card and ID now. I feel more disorganized this way, but I do know where everything is in 1 drawer at home.

  234. 237
    Lori Bomberger says

    I work as a security officer, so I carry everything in my bag because I don’t have a desk of my own.

  235. 238
    Laura says

    I really need both of those giveaways. I currently have makeup, pens, Advil and my toothbrush/floss/picks for my braces! (I’m 58 and have top and bottom braces)

  236. 239
    Ampidala710@gmail.com says

    I just starte a blog myself!! Inside my purse I carry: mostly stuff for my two year old (water,wipes, etc.) but always carry my iPad (you never know when you’ll need it!!!) thanks for this blog and for the chance to win!!

  237. 240
    Leann says

    Since my two little ones go to work with me (age 2 1/2 and 14 mos.) I have a small thing of wipes and diapere (in case we have to leave the office so I don’t have to take the whole diaper bag,) I also have my calendar/notebook with me. It has everything in it so I don’t have to try and remember stuff my mom brain just can’t seem to fit anything more… I also have my wallet, calculator, pens, pencil, phone, and a small snack to hold us over between meals. I would love this bag to use for my work stuff and hopefully not have so much in my purse all the time.

  238. 241
    Bridget F. says

    The question should be what is not in my purse. A few of the necessities, purse, business/loyalty card holder, pad, kindle, pens, numerous key sets, lipstick and lotion. Would love to win this bag.

  239. 242
    Lori W says

    I’m not sure what s in my bag. Maybe some tissues. Old receipts and bills. I know a lot of
    change. At bottom of bag. Lipstick with lids that had fallen off. The list goes on and on.

  240. 243
    Monica says

    Right now my work bag has a lot of “stuff” in it since I am pregnant I am always carrying snacks with me, my kindle, shoes to walk in at lunch, and some other random stuff.

  241. 244
    Yvonne M. says

    I just purchased a few Martha Stewart things at Staples last week. This bag would hold them nicely.

  242. 245
    Rachel says

    I carry a tote bag to work with my water bottle, notepad, lunch, and a small purse.

    Thanks for this giveaway, by the way!

  243. 246
    Ann says

    I carry most of my purse, plus my IPad, 2 business cards cases (one for people I meet, one for my own cards), multiple pens and notebooks and my calendar/planner. I know, I know; my poor aching back!

  244. 247
    Claudia Mitchell says

    LOVE how organized your bag is. In mine, I have a wallet, makeup bag, phone charger, glasses case. I would love to win this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  245. 248
    Jennifer Madigan says

    What an awesome giveaway. In my purse is my wallet, a few essentials and room for my day planner. I’m always on the look out for a purse/bag that will allow me to carry my tablet as well. I use it all the time now.

  246. 249
    Faye says

    So excited about this giveaway! Thank you!! I’m from Ontario Canada – and there just aren’t as many giveaways for us. Anyway, in my bag – an ipad and iPhone. But also a wallet, lipgloss and sunglasses. (and a few other things that probably shouldn’t be there – but I’m working on that!)
    Thanks again!! Here’s to crossing fingers and toes!

  247. 250
    Andrea says

    too much stuff…and I can’t find anything when I need it…ughhh!!! I would love this bag…it would be a step in the right direction! Thanks for the giveaway!

  248. 251
    annietiques says

    What’s in my purse????? Artists sketchbook, daily notebook of shopping and to-do items, monthly appointment schedule, baby wipes for my messy granddaughter, etc. etc. etc.

  249. 252
    Emily Brown-Pratz says

    This bag is awesome! I never have what I need at conferences, or I’m hauling armloads of stuff trying to balance my purse and waterbottle. It looks like the perfect size and I love that you can make it smaller w/snaps. What a great idea! Thanks so much for the great tips!


  250. 253
    Faith says

    Wallet, iPad, calendar, iPhone, notebook, pen/ pencil, and a bag with essentials/personals.

  251. 254
    Lisa Reavis says

    My Martha Stewart disc bound notebook, winter gloves, phone & zipper pouch with various misc items (and whatever my kids ask me to carry lol)

  252. 255
    Tracy Caldwell says

    It would be easier to ask “what’s NOT in my bag”. My husband keeps telling me to clean it out but then I’ll go to get something and it’s not there!! There are tissues, sunglasses, baggie with medicines, pens and mechanical pencil, wallet, coupon organizer, reading glasses (yes, I’m that old), keys for work, keys for personal, phone, tic tacs, gum, peppermints (everybody likes something different), sanitary napkins and tampons. Oh my, this is quite embarrassing! :)

  253. 256
    MaryJane Higgins says

    My purse is a mess. I have my wallet, business card case, check book, makeup bag, credit card wallet, gum, tissues, tape measure, flyers for my direct sales business, cell phone, spare power for cell phone. Kindle, water bottle, & miscellaneous receipts! This bag sounds wonderful. Hope I win one!

  254. 257
    PW says

    OH my I could use that. I go everywhere with a bag because I always have an ipad, pens, paper, small first aide kit and on and on. I like the Martha Stewart line and hope to win that bag–i need it.

  255. 258
    Karen says

    OMG! This is a perfect tote bag, and I’m in love with the pink…my favorite color. I just might need to pick one of these up from our local Staples before my trip to Florida this summer.The thing that is always in my bag when away from home is my Kindle Fire and a Medifast bar, so I don’t get overly hungry. Gosh I’d love to win one!

  256. 259
    Anne says

    I love the pink (I live in household with all males).
    I currently have calendar, notebook, and project planner.
    Bag for pens, tiny stapler, paperclips. Section to add my Nook, cell phone, and mini wallet.
    Tiny book of inspiration, lip balm, water bottle, and mints.

  257. 260
    Lisa DeCourcey says

    In my purse–wallet, coupon carrier, gum, lip gloss, keys, pens, small notepad.

    In my bag–laptop, teaching materials, DVDs or CDs.

    This giveaway would let me combine everything into 1 bag! Hurrah!

  258. 261
    Darlena says

    I love your site. I’d love to win that bag.

  259. 262
    Joy D says

    I carry 2 bags, one for wallet, make-up, brush, checkbook, etc….. one bag for planner, ipad, pens, notebook, coupons. Both of them have receipts and are a mess. I love the MS totebag and the ipad sleeve. Gonna have to get some of the clear pouches – I love that they come in different sizes. I hope I win. Thanks for the chance.

  260. 263
    Kelly Smith says

    I love the bag! My tote around bag always contains my iPad, tissues, notebook and pen/pencil plus hand sanitizer. I try to keep my bag organized, but it doesn’t always work out that way. I love your blog and your pins on Pinterest. In fact, I think you were the first thing I pinned on a board. Thanks for sharing!

  261. 264
    amy Edwards says

    I feel like I have to carry my whole life in my purse :) I always have the normal such as wallet and keys but I HAVE to have my chapstick (which I put on fifty thousand times a day), a little pad of paper and pen, and my Card Cubby from Clever Container which is a small size wallet which has alphabetized cards in it to organize all of your loyalty and punch cards. This saves me sooooo much time when I am looking for one of my millions of loyalty cards!

  262. 265
    Crystal says

    LOVE this bag! What’s in my purse? I’m a mom so everything but the kitchen sink! Wallet, cell, sunglasses, kids medicine, tissues, various lego pieces and some miscellaneous kids meal toys!

  263. 266
    Heather says

    I carry a wristlet with me since I have a diaper bag to tote around. It has my phone, car keys attached, hand sanitizer attached, and all my debit cards, membership cards, and drivers license. Oh and chap stick! That’s it!

  264. 267
    Fran Wender says

    What a beautiful prize that would be. My purse is one of the few places I keep organized on a consistant basis and that is because there is so much in it I would never find it if not organized. I carry card/cash/coupon holder, check book, cell phone, lipstick, hairbrush, coughdrops, pen and pencil,small notepad, a few bandaids, couple small packets of eyeglass cleaner, small keychain with digital photos of family, regular keychain, small flashlight. I do remove my checkbook except for rare occasions when I know I will need it.

  265. 268
    Melissa Gillispie says

    I would love to have one!!! Thanks M

  266. 269
    jessica w says

    A small make up bag, my first aid bag containing floss, chapstick, tampons,etc, wallet, hair bands, and two pens.

  267. 270
    Apryl says

    Calendar, meal plan, wallet, make-up bag, phone, brush, Bible, pens, receipts, invites to my church, various to do lists, probably some trash… :(. Haha!

  268. 271
    Amy says

    Receipts,receipts,receipts…. That’s what is in my bag. I can never find what I really need because I can’t get past the paper clutter. Would love to be an org junkie… Just a wannabe;-)

  269. 272
    Raye W says

    My bag has chapstick, makeup, notepad, pen, phone, keys, tiny flashlight, glasses, sunglasses, mints, tissues, lotion, wallet, small snack, water bottle, and wire, crochet hook, and beads so I can make jewelry while waiting for appointments. There’s often a book or magazine in there too.

  270. 273
    Theresa Bumstead says

    What don’t I have in my purse!
    meds/epipen, paper, large wallet etc!

  271. 274
    Sandee L. says

    Thank you for this. I always take too much in my bag when I go to conferences…ipad, laptop, notebook, pens in multi-colors, sticky notes, pencils, chargers, etc. Too much and my bag ends up being too heavy. Time to cut it down thanks to your ideas.

  272. 275
    Wendy says

    I am a school nurse and I travel daily between several schools, so a good bag is hard to find. But, I always carry a mini first aid kit that can handle just about any minor injury from scrapes to hangnails. It comes in handy anywhere I go and I can transfer it easily to my purse.

  273. 276
    Jill Hartley says

    The shorter answer is what isn’t in my purse! Wallet, keys, snacks so I’m never hungry, things for my hungry, things for the gym, sometimes coupons, makeup…

  274. 277
    Leatha says

    I always have a clipboard & address labels for vendors! Awesome giveaway!

  275. 278
    Lisa says

    Wallet w/ lots of credit cards i don’t need or use! A spiral notebook, a organizing e book, phone, pens, various forms to be filled out for kiddo’s school, keys, hand santizer, lipstick, gloss, change, bills (not in wallet), key chain, calender…….just a MESS!

  276. 279
    Angel says

    always have pens, notebook, then a snack, usually raisins in a plastic container, then because I am allergic to almost all types of toilet paper, I always have to have my own with me. Then depending on what I am reading, either a book or my kindle with me

  277. 280
    Lisa says

    Everything but the kitchen sink!!!!!! It is a black hole!

  278. 281
    Martha Holder says

    I have had such a crappy week that winning something would make me feel like maybe the Universe does like me. A little.

    I love the bag and all the goodies! Nice!

  279. 282
    Margaret says

    My purse and diaper bag never seem to stay organized more than 24 hours. There’s everything in it…crayons, coloring pads, snacks, water bottles, etc. This bag looks like it has a lot of potential!

  280. 283
    Kristi Veitenheimer says

    I have a cross-body purse right now that carries my keys, glasses, wallet, and kindle.

  281. 284
    Sheila Dunning says

    Today, my bag consists of a package of Belvita biscuits, lots of lipgloss, tylenol, ipod, hand sanitizer, lotion, a notebook that organizes my life, wallet and lots of my daughters miscellaneous hair ties, toys and papers. Some days its more, but never less :) Love the color and the bag!

  282. 285
    Teri says

    In my purse… Filofax fins bury personal, my wallet, my iPad and chargers for my phone and iPad…

  283. 286
    Jeri says

    I love how colorful everything looks! That outside pocket is a great idea. I carry my ipad, magazines, water bottle and whatever book I’m reading. So glad I found your website! Love your blog!

  284. 287
    Ellie keaser says

    There are pens, gum, sanitizer, book, wallet, jewelry purse hanger, Kleenex, calendar, sunglasses, protein bar, individual drink mix, pill bottle with assorted vitamins, aleeve and allergy medicine, keys, cell phone with essential apps. and a small notepad in my purse.

  285. 288
    Jeri says

    I love how colorful everything looks! I carry my ipad, magazines, notebooks and a water bottle. Sorry if this posts twice, it looks like the first one may have not gone through.

  286. 289
    Kendra says

    Wow, what a great giveaway! Thanks! My purse is fairly minimal – just wallet, pen & retainer case – but I carry a planner with me everywhere that includes my life – calendars, coupons, daily task list, notepaper, all of the non-credit cards I carry (punch cards for Yogurt Extreme and Dutch Bros. coffee!), grocery list, blank paper….

  287. 290
    Sharon says

    Too much stuff to count- mine and the kiddos’! I need this bag! :-)

  288. 291
    Courtney says

    I actually just downgraded to a small satchel type purse that literally holds only my wallet, phone, keys, small handlotion and some chapstick. It has done wonders helping me keep a decluttered purse.

  289. 292
    Merica says

    A purse organizer, wallet, phone, android pad, chap stick, and a bunch of stuff that I probably don’t need. I love the color. It sounds like you were well prepared. Hope you enjoyed the conference.

  290. 293
    Wendy Yeung says

    Well I’m a college student so my bag always has my laptop, wallet, keys, and phone, while I sometimes carry my tablet and some snacks for hardcore studying!

  291. 294
    Loraine says

    My bag has an over-sized wallet and business cards from people I meet. Subway card stuffed in there too. And always a pack of gum, a stash of dark chocolate and note pads.

  292. 295
    Loraine says

    My bag has over-sized wallet, business cards from people I meet. Pack of gum and always, a stash of dark chocolate.

  293. 296
    Souda says

    My bag has my sunglasses, wallet, iphone, a wide array of random chapsticks/lipsticks/lipglosses because you never know and a bunch of papers that are important but not important enough to organize and file immediately. This pocket pouch and bag would be perfect for me to help organize.

  294. 297
    Angela says

    I too am a pen and paper girl so my bag ALWAYS has my Erin Condren life planner!!! :-)

  295. 298
    Char says

    Whoot! Whoot! I love all things Martha! As an educator and mother of 4 ranging in age from 17 to 2, my bag is like something you would take to “Let’s Make a Deal”! You name it, it’s in there. Besides the essentials there’s always a chance you will find ear buds, binkies, toy cars, note pads, kindle, etc, etc. Would love to win this beautiful bag et al. :)

  296. 299
    Stephanie says

    I am a speech language pathologist and work at an elementary school. I carry a bag with me everywhere. In my bag, there are folders, loose pens and pencils and dry erase markers, papers, snacks, treats, sometimes my tablet, books, stickers, my phone, picture cards, calendar/ my schedule for the day, etc…:)

  297. 300
    Jonnie says

    My purse has my wallet and keys, some coupons, lip balm, kleenex and my ipod

  298. 301
    Hope D. says

    OMG! What is NOT in my bag????
    I lug around everything – so this bag would be the “cat’s meow” for me!
    I’m so excited I have a chance to win!!!
    And…on top of everything, it would make me look so “stylish”! (hoot! hoot!)

  299. 302
    Bonnie says

    Right now I have a clip that holds money on one side and cards on the other, pens and pencils, gum, lip colors (too many, need to take some out), my phone, and probably some receipts.

  300. 303
    Kristina says

    Right now, in my bag, I have my IPad :) ( the iPad case would be Great ); a note book; my Bible ; pen/ pencil case ….. Loaded ! This bag would help me out greatly!
    Thank you for considering me,

  301. 304
    Chiara says

    What’s in my purse… Since I am a mom of three kids under the age of 5, it is full of snacks, diapers, wipes, toys… and of course wallet, bottle of water, gums, notebook. People always tell me that I have to much stuff in my purse but I am always ready… no matter what…

  302. 305
    Carmen Woitas says

    Thank you for all of your helpful information! I enjoy seeing your ideas on organizing.

    Currently in my purse it is packed…small pack of tissues, wallet, size 6 and size 1 diapers, wipes, chapstick, coconut oil, keys, pen, napkins, trail mix, phone, circumcision ring (haven’t got it to the baby box yet), breast feeding cover, action figure, car, crumbs…eh yeah thats about it. ;)

  303. 306
    Cindy Brooks says

    small wallet, gift card pouch, notebook, pen, mailbox key and loyalty cards on a keyring, car keys, camera – there’s usually a lot of gum wrappers, etc, too…but I just cleaned it out!
    someluckydog at gmail dot com

  304. 307
    Amy says

    In my bag (there is too much in my purse to list) I have: an umbrella, a folder with a printed out devotional, several paycheck stubs, a pencil bag, 5 State Reports to correct, a few reciepts and old school papers (corrected already) belonging to my kids, and a candy bar.

  305. 308
    Elizabeth says

    I always carry antibacterial, my wallet, phone, keys, and a great book!

  306. 309
    Donna McBroom-Theriot says

    What’s in my purse? Ummmm.. wallet, kindle, iPhone, keys, flairs (hate the normal ink pen) water bottle, business cards, and the handy pouch where I stuff all the little necessities. Great give away!

  307. 310
    Denise - 3D Travel Company says

    My purse is small, but that keeps it down to the essentials. Checkbook, credit cards, business cards, pen, lip gloss, a small amount of cas and sometimes an iPad (which has to turn sideways since my purse is small)

  308. 311
    Lynne B says

    My diaper bag is my purse so the needed items are there (do I get a bonus for having your recommended sugarSnap files?) for the baby in addition to my wallet and phone.

  309. 312
    Sara says

    I’ve been wanting to go to a blog conference every since I started my blog! You look super organized and I’ve been trying to streamline my life by getting everything organized!

  310. 313
    Tyna says

    Hmmm…all the normal stuff in my purse, plus I usually have a spare diaper/wipes, sanitizer, bandaids, chapstick, mints or candy, someone else’s sunglasses, and enough store-specific cards to weigh a ton!

  311. 314
    BethB says

    Wallet, Day-Timer Advance Planner, comb, tissues, lipstick, lip balm, tiny mirror (Clinique freebie), toothpicks, Zebra brand retractable pencil and a Zebra pen, nail file, small (3ish by 4ish) Vera Bradley quilted envelope with mints and gum, small zipper pouch with nail clippers, eye glasses screw driver, tiny tweezers, trial-size dental floss, tiny plastic container of meds, I think that’s it.

  312. 315
    kristen says

    whats in my purse? a paci, diaper (no wipes..not helpful lol), wallet, smart phone, lip gloss, planner, notebook, keys……

  313. 316
    Leah Coleman says

    I really like your Conference Bag by Martha Stewart. It looks like a very useful product.

    I am new to blogging thus I don’t yet have a Conference Bag. But, in my purse I carry a zipper pouch to organize my budgeting envelope system and gift cards (2 separate zipper pouches). I love the inside pockets of my purse to organize keys, pens, etc. I have a small calendar in there the size of an envelope. I like hand written calendars best for me. I seem to remember appointments best if written down. My wallet holds my ever important library cards.

  314. 317
    Becah says

    Appt post cards to remind me to make an appt, a bill I need to pay, a coin purse (that unfortunately the coins keep slipping out of) various meds like a painreliever, an antacid, and my xanax. Water flavoring and liquid stevia, a package of flushable wipes, my wallet, my cell phone, my work Blackberry, my keys, my ipod, a set of ear buds, a container for my hearing aids, a lighter, a silver sharpie, a few pens, some coupons, a loose nintendo ds game (must belong to one of my sons), peppermint chapstick, two packages of hearing aid batteries, several different shades of lip gloss and some small binder clips. Do I need a tote bag or what????

  315. 318
    Siobhan says

    My bag has too much stuff and needs to be organized!

    Wallet, phone, brush, lotion, chargers, coupons, pens, my nook.

  316. 319
    Kari Akers says

    Woot Woot! I love this tote!! I am headed to a conference myself soon and would love this! It would solve my problem of carrying a tote and a purse. Perfect!!!

  317. 320
    Carol says

    Too much junk but always have an umbrella as I live in the Pacific NW!

  318. 321
    Cait says

    Woot! Woot! I am addicted to the MS line! Every time I go to Staples I MUST browse the section to see if there are any new products :)

    • 321.1
      Cait says

      AND, in my bag: wallet, paper & pens, kleenex, gum & mints, makeup bag, and a file folder for collecting papers that I empty when I get home.

  319. 322
    Brittany says

    I really need to organize my purse. I have my wallet in there, and then thrown around is various items such as receipts, change, makeup etc.

  320. 323
    hsmominmo says

    Just switched out my purse, so only the basics are there now — wallet, sunglasses, reading glasses, lip gloss, tin of mints and a zipper pouch with “essentials” like a pen, tape measure, extra key, etc.
    And I”m NOT going to tell you what’s in the old purse still – this comment would be waaaay too long!

    So Laura – you carry this tote AND your purse at the conference?

  321. 324
    Jill says

    Wallet, gym pass, Tic Tacs, breath spray, water bottle, IPhone, IPad, and sometimes keys.

  322. 325
    Linda says

    i keep my catalogues wallet, and card holder thats all that fits

  323. 326
    Jessica says

    This bag is so fun! In my purse now are diapers, wipes, snacks, wallet, tissues, lipstick, sunglasses, sunscreen… LOTS of stuff! I love big bags!

  324. 327
    Beth spencer says

    I keep tic tacs note pad with attached organizer wallet with checkbook and manicure set

  325. 328
    Ali says

    My bag is a work of art.
    It contains:
    2 meals plus snacks (I am out of the house for 15 hours sometimes)
    Workout clothes (usually I try to work the top or bottom into my outfit, but I need to change shoes)
    Personal kit: but of make up, deodorant, moisturizer, Castile soap, elastics, quips, safety pins, diva cup, ibuprofen)
    Water bottle/coffee mug (I use the same)
    Tea bags and a lemon
    School stuff (lap top or iPad, notebook, textbooks)
    Surely that deserves a prize?

  326. 329
    Joyce M. says

    To start with, my purse doesn’t have that much stuff, but then somehow, the kids or hubby always end up with stuff for me to hold on to….I usually just have my wallet, car key, sunglasses, a small notepad, pen, Softlips lip balm, and stickers. :)

  327. 330
    StaceyC says

    My life, or at least it feels that way! Wallet, checkbook, Financial Peace University envelope system, phone, tape measure, eye glasses… and so on! I carry a lot in my purse!

  328. 331
    Stephanie says

    Wallet, phone, colour swatch, measuring tape, paint chips, lip gloss and hair elastic.

  329. 332
    Teresa O. says

    I have my laptop, keys,phone,wallet,chapstick,hairbrush,and of course my phone all in a little tiny bag.

  330. 333
    Diana M. says

    I carry a tote. It holds: my wallet, my keys; my calendar, some pens; my latest knitting project. It also contains my inhaler, allergy meds, and eye drops. That’s the normal stuff. The stuff that gets added causes it to have crumbs in the bottom.

  331. 334
    Megan Y says

    I have Midol, makeup, gum, WISPs, my ipod, cell phone, chapsticks, a TON of hair scrunchies, bobbie pins, blotting papers, my license, school iD, money, and my house keys in my bag.

  332. 335
    DeDe@DesignedDecor says

    I carry my wallet, ipad and a few essentials, I need a new bag that will fit a camera too!

  333. 336
    Dana Brady says

    Love! Love! Love! Thank you for always turning us onto such great products! And so pretty too!

  334. 337
    Kerry says

    I absolutely LOVE the tote not to mention the clear pouch you used for business cards– awesome! What’s in my purse??? Well……lotion, chapstick, ibuprofen (you just never know), and lots of pens ( i seem to lose them all the time and then find them again!). Occasionally my kindle gets thrown in there, it just depends on where I am going!

    Kerry from Country Living On A Hill

  335. 338
    Jessie says

    Right now I am carrying a diaper bag so my bag is full of baby stuff. For me, I keep things simple with a wristlet with my cash, card, chapstick, anti-bac, pen, and a thin notebook.

  336. 339
    Kirsten says

    I love this bag! Currently, my bag includes: my nook, charger bag, wallet, coupon organizer, spare clothes for the youngest, mini first aid kit (I have 3 kids….and there’s always a need for bandages!), lipgloss, extra snacks, and my phone!

  337. 340
    Jennifer says

    My purse is usually a mess! I always carry a cute bag but it usually contains a bunch of junk: wallet, receipts, makeup bag, keys, and sunglasses. I love the Martha Stewart line and would love this bag!

  338. 341
    Lisa L says

    I have a bag stuffed with my girls’ ballet slippers!

  339. 342
    Kristy says

    I don’t usually go for a pink bag. but I really like that one.

  340. 343
    Kim says

    Wallet, hand sanitizer, phone, keys, & hand lotion.

  341. 344
    Ann Marie says

    As a mom, nurse, and student I never go anywhere without a tote bag. It has my work stuff, school stuff and kid stuff. I would love to win a new bag!

  342. 345
    Christy C says

    Wallet, lipstick, some receipts (loose unfortunately), highlighter, keys, and my phone when I am not at home.

  343. 346
    Teresa S says

    My purse currently has a small billfold, my cell phone, a comb, a lipstick, 2 Avon brochures and an Avon order book, my Kindle Fire, some loose change that I haven’t put in the billfold yet, and 2 ink pens. Would love a bag like the one in your post to help me organize my new Avon business.

  344. 347
    Tracie says

    I recently downsized my purse/bag and while I can find everything easier, it’s too small! I don’t have everything I need. This would be a great bag to keep in the care with all the necessities of life!

  345. 348
    KimM says

    In my purse, I carry keys, wallet, lipstick, chapstick, mints, medicine, and cell phone. I also carry a larger bag each day, and it contains a variety of papers from home and work, Ipod, an external hard drive, books, coupons, and snacks.

  346. 349
    Melissa says

    In my bag I can have anything from diapers and wipes to my laptop, school binder, text book, snacks, spare socks, one of my daughters beloved stuffed animals that she always carries with her, Avon books, samples, order forms, and my make up case.

  347. 350
    Jaime says

    I have the Martha Stewart planner discbound system in my purse and I love it!

  348. 351
    shelly buchanan says

    What’s in my bag: brush, toothbrush (from dentist appt), small wallet, plastic tubes (to save), kleenex, pen, lotsa papers.

  349. 352
    Chelsea Mitchell says

    I’m a college student so most of my stuff is in my book bag! Wallet, pens, pencils, headphones, phone charger, flash drive, chapstick, headache medicine, lotion, deodorant (for those mornings when I wake up late and run out the door without it!) and I’ve always got a granola bar! I obviously have my books and I bring my ipad along also to take some notes on and access documents referenced in class! Chapstick, lotion, and my wallet are usually the only things that make it into my purse for an occasion where I am not carrying my bookbag!

  350. 353
    Kathy C says

    I always have some make up in my purse for touch ups, sanitizing wipes, my credit card holder, I still carry checks even though I write like 1 a month : )

  351. 354
    Monica says

    Never leave w/out my iPad in my bag since I spend several visits at the doctors office each week

  352. 355
    Pam says

    I keep a wallet, a zipped pouch of hand lotion and lipstick, another pouch with feminine stuff, my wallet and pen, my Ipad Mini and a (gasp) paper journal for writing practice which was my favorite treasure from a writing conference.

  353. 356
    Stacy says

    What isn’t in my bag? Not much!

  354. 357
    Jane Goetz says

    I have my Erin Condren life planner, mentos, laptop, bag with laptop charger and colorful pens in my tote! I also am able to throw in my wristlet with my phone and cash into my tote! I would love to win this to try something else…and pink is my color!

  355. 358
    muriel says

    I have a purse perfector for my stuff & then toys, snacks, spare diapers, etc for my son.

  356. 359
    Leia says

    What’s in my purse…wallet, lip gloss, rubber bands, a happy meal Barbie for my daughter, nail clippers, lotion, hand sanitizer and about a million gum wrappers and receipts. Who knows what else is in there. Thanks for such a great giveaway!

  357. 360
    Toni T. says

    I carry my iPad, my dSlr, wallet, erin condren life planner.

  358. 361
    Teaching in Turtlepond says

    I carry a small black backpack and all it ever has in it is my lunch, wallet and and makeup bag. It is always heavier to carry to work than to carry home! I never bring work home with me so all of my paperwork stays there. Works for me!

  359. 362
    Kimmy wallace says

    What a pretty bright tote. Perfect for spring. I just found a tote i fell in love with at Marshalls. I use it as my purse and work bag so it is pretty full! I love it because it has several pockets and dividers. On the first sidi have my work note book, my agenda, and a small tablet for lists. The middle holds my kindle and and magazine i am trying to read through. And the third side has my wallet and zipper pouch for coupons. The smaller zipper puches hold pens on the notebook side and lip gloss on my wallet side!! I would say i am a tote finatic, but so far this one seems to be the one i would stick with. Wishi could get it in a spring color!,,

  360. 363
    Jillain says

    I carry my wallet, chapstick, kleenix, hand sanitizer, lotion, my journal, organizing calendar thingy and pens.

  361. 364
    maeve says

    Lipstick lipstick lipstick! and my phone and keys of course! :)

  362. 365
    SARA says

    My daily planner is the item taking up space in my purse!

  363. 366
    Tina says

    What is in my bag. . .it feels like everything but the kitchen sink. If you need it, it is probably in my purse.

  364. 367
    Kerri says

    My purse is boring compared to many of the others. Wallet, phone (except when I forget and leave it on the counter or table), nail file, lipstick, Chapstick, some medicine for my daughter, Advil for me, pen, random gift card and receipt, oh…and a very cute looking portable shopping bag with a built in handle…very Eco-friendly if I actually remembered to use it at the store….sigh. Maybe if I had a beautiful big tote I would be able to see what is in the bottom of my bag! :)

  365. 368
    Cathy says

    In addition to normal purse stuff, I carry my iPad and a book. Might be a little redundant but I still prefer to read paper books.

  366. 369
    natalie7015 says

    I have so much in my purse it is silly sometimes. Because I have two kids and work full-time as a teacher my purse sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) becomes a dumping ground for odd and ends. I try to clean out my pursue once a week. I have my billfold, keys, chapstick, checkbook, gloves, lotion, my coupon envelope, business cards, pens, cell phone, lollipops, matchbox cars and a book in my purse currently and I’ve just added thank you notes and sticky labels to it for work tomorrow! Yikes!

  367. 370
    Jan says

    Wallet, keys, Kindle (NEVER leave home without it!) cell phone, pen, notepad, calendar, Burt’s Bees lip balm, OTC meds,

  368. 371
    Kim says

    What’s in the BAG! which one.
    I have a cute little one with the essentials: debt card, check book, lipstick, hand sanitizer.
    The little bag goes in the big bag with, notebook, legal pad, apples, protein bar, cards that need to be mailed, bills, everything that should be on the desk!

  369. 372
    Kristen says

    I have three pockets in my purse. In the main pouch is my wallet, keys, and planner if I am carrying it. Inside of the pouch is a small zippered section containing my chapstick (unless I lose it, which always happens somehow!), travel sized lotion, tissues, and a hand sanitizer wipe. I have another pouch on the outside of the purse which holds a pad of post-its, miscellaneous pens and my phone. This is all when my purse happens to be organized.. ;) Thanks for the giveaway!

  370. 373
    Melani Lovik says

    This bag is so cute! What’s in my purse? Wallet, hand sanitizer, lipstick, cell phone charger, cute kleenex, business cards, bills…

  371. 374
    Traci Dube says

    Filofax! Love technology, but some things can’t a be on my phone.

  372. 375
    Lisa Jaksik says

    Trash! Just got back from vacation and my bag is a disaster! Wrappers, scraps of paper, etc.

  373. 376
    Anita Beagle says

    My bag looks like a disaster. I seem to have a little of everything in there but really nothing that I am ever looking for.

  374. 377
    Abbie says

    I have a little of everything. wallet, coupons, pens, make-up, baby wipes, diaper, cell phone, note pad. I would love this conference bag. I LOVE purses!!

  375. 378
    Amanda says

    Hi Laura :) My bag is always super organized ahaha I keep my wallet in it, hand sanitizer (from bath and body works because it smells so good), my cell phone is sometimes in my bag but im usually carrying it, lipstick and lip chap, sometimes a bit of extra makeup if i know im going to be out all day, a mist of the perfume i put on that day and sometimes my knitting lol my grandmother just taught me how to knit and i love it!

  376. 379
    Gina Hiers says

    I have a wallet, kindle, sunglasses and keys in mine.

  377. 380
    Candi says

    I keep medicine pens, makeup and a notebook. If I had an ipad it would go in there too. I would love to win this awesome gift.

  378. 381
    Lori 122375 says

    I’m addicted to bags! I just organized my closet over the weekend to organize my bags- needless to say, I now have room for more!!

  379. 382
    Nicole Hankosky says

    What don’t I have in my bag? Right now, a folder, tax papers, work papers, wrist guards (carpal tunnel), cosmetic bag, name tag and some tissues.

  380. 383
    Angie says

    I recently switched to a smaller purse so as to carry around less crap. I just keep my phone, wallet, lip balm, and lavender essential oil. Oh, and asthma inhaler, of course.

  381. 384
    Kiki D. says

    My purse has my iPad, wallet/key pouch, a hundred pens, some diapers/wipes and my work planner. And my iPhone and blackberry. Ridiculous, I know!

  382. 385
    Tammy says

    A lot of what you carry looks like my tote. I also carry my IPad, water bottle for my iced tea, calendar for my work and pens. I am self employed and this would certainly work great for me. Thank you for considering me. Have a blessed evening!

  383. 386
    Heather @mylittlehea says

    Coupon organizer, wallet, lip gloss, keys, reusable bag/pocket, floss, purse hanger, phone, sanitizer…it’s all pretty much needed too!

  384. 387
    Marilyn says

    I carry the essentials like my wallet, cell phone, chapstick and lipstick, gum, paper and pen and my reading glasses. Thanks for the giveaway- I need this tote bag for my Bible class materials.

  385. 388
    Teresa Johnson says

    What’s in my Conference Bag? + Giveaway—I would include a small toiletry bag w/ comb, tissues, lipstick, etc. Also, a small bag with snacks (I’m diabetic).

  386. 389
    Nichole says

    I’m a mom and my purse doubles as a diaper bag most days. So wallet, phone, ipad, diapers, wipes, bottle, snacks, lip gloss, gum, hand sanitizer… and so much more :) great giveaway this bag is beautiful!

  387. 390
    Amy says

    The most helpful things in my purse are the fabric envelopes that hold coupons, store reward cards, and receipts.

    This giveaway looks great!

  388. 391
    Christine says

    Sadly, i don’t have a confetence tote, other than the ones i have gotten at conferences in the passed. This would be amazing to get as i have two upcoming conferences in April!

  389. 392
    Barbara Hall says

    What’s in my bag?
    Wallet – money (folding and rattling), cards (lots of cards), chequebook and register and stamps
    Cell phone
    Address Book
    Notebook & pens
    Measuring tape
    Handlotion, dental floss (travel size)
    Folding scissors
    Lipstick and lip gloss

    Yep, need a new bag,

  390. 393
    Dawnn says

    Wipes, a diaper, hand lotion, lip balm, my wallet, crayons, & a hand-held Yahtzee game

  391. 394
    Judi says

    Wow, what isn’t in my purse would probably be easier. Their is my phone, wallet, change purse, credit card/loyalty card holder, coupon holder, lipstick, lip balm, nail file, comb, brush, pill container, Ventilion puffer. Cheque book, pocket calender book, pen, gum, hand sanitizer, stain remover, small bottle scope, a few dog treats. I’m sure there is more if I went looking. LOL.
    So as you can see I need this new Conference Bag. So I would be honored to win it.
    Thanks for giving me the chance.

  392. 395
    Nichole says

    My bag contains everything but the kitchen sink! Definitely could use a new bag to motivate me to keep it more organized!

  393. 396
    rachelM says

    Mine contains a wallet overflowing with receipts that I need to go through. Makeup,my organizer, crackers from Jason’s Deli and a pair of reading glasses in a hot pink case. I keep having to use them more and more :(

  394. 397
    Sara says

    I love this bag! In my purse right now, I have…diapers, baby wipes, my phone and tablet, wallet, sunglasses, crayons, and random mommy things!

  395. 398
    Susan says

    I’m a stay-at-home wife, so I don’t have a bag that I carry to work every day. I am also a pastor’s wife, though, so I do carry a bag to church with me for each service, with any special music I’m playing that day, my Bible and notebook, and anything extra I need to give someone or return to someone. And right now, I have about 12 red velvet Christmas bows in my bag. I took them off the bulletin board in my Sunday school class the first week of January, stuffed them in my bag, then left for a month to go to our son’s wedding. And when I got back, I kept forgetting to take those bows out . . . so there they are still! I’d love to win that MS tote bag!

  396. 399
    Corinne says

    My bag? Oh how I wish I could say it’s as neatly organized and carefully planned as yours! It’s not. I’m alway running late so I try to put the essentials in the night before but often fail – too tired? Too lazy? A bit of both?

    So I have a list on my iPhone to make sure I have the absolute essentials:

    Pens in different colors (needed for work)
    My work notebook – Target paper variety
    My Kindle
    My iPad – I could read books on this but I just like the feel of my Kindle
    Remote, Bluetooth neckloop, extra battery for my cochlear implant. I just went from almost deaf to hearing the brand new world January 2013 with this miraculous device – but it comes with baggage. Lots of parts to remember to carry with you.
    At least a days worth of medications I take.
    And a water bottle.

    All of this has no permanent bag yet so I usually gather it in a reusable tote I got from the grocery store (a nice pretty one with straps I can use over my shoulder.

    That’s my daily bag. Trick is remembering to get it out the door daily :)

  397. 400
    Natalie G says

    Too many papers! My phone, more lip glosses than pens, and emergency toiletry bags with aspirin, tampax, gum, perfume samples, and eyeliner!

  398. 401
    Nancy says

    I have the usual wallet, check book, planner, lip balm (s), medicine cabinet (yep, it is almost like a medicine cabinet), safety pins, nail clippers, matches (I do not smoke), mints, a mesh bag with mini notebooks, crayons, colored pens, mini word search books, and various snacks for the grands) a ZILLION red pens (I teach), take along toothbrushes, floss, tissues, tissues, tissues, and on and on.

    I have won several times for having the heaviest purse. Sadly, I can’t find my keys in my purse most of the time!

  399. 402
    Joyce Ward says

    Luv the bag-my purse contains wallet, keys, sunglasses, tissues, make-up, & hand sanitizer-thank you ever so very much!u

  400. 403
    Janet W says

    I carry everything in my purse! The usual such as checkbook, wallet, etc. as well as flashlight, ibuprofen, calculator, notepad. The list goes on & on!

    Janet W

  401. 404
    Kate says


    I have many different things in my purse:

    A wallet
    A pouch that I keep my makeup in
    Eyeglass case
    Business card holder
    A small emergency set in a case

    Thanks so much for doing this giveaway!


  402. 405
    oneshabbychick says

    I also have some MSHO goodies in my bag – a Discbound planner and accessories. Love it!

  403. 406
    Pauline Pichoff says

    Just found your blog and will no doubt spend the day trawling through it!! In my bag I have my wallet, iphone and charger, notebook, lip balm, countless pens, sunglasses, magazine, miscellaneous mail, work ID and emergency sewing kit!

  404. 407
    Kim Webster says

    I also travel for various nursing conferences, and I wish for my bag to be as neatly organized! I usually have my purse, along with my conference binder, coffee mug, and whatever electronic gizmo I brought with me…..oh, and a light jacket…..a must have at any conference. Sometimes it is at the location I’m staying and other times not. Then, you have to lug all of your stuff wherever you go, because you can’t leave anything laying around. Before my next conference, I will have to do a much needed revamp of my take-a-long items and the means in which they are carried. Thank you for the inspiration!!

  405. 408
    julie says

    I have a pretty small purse (thankfully!) and keep only the essentials. Wallet, checkbook, cell phone, lip balm and hand sanitizer. Trust me though, i could cram more in there, i would! :)

  406. 409
    thomasania says

    What’s in my Conference Bag?
    My ipad (always), advil (for the occasional headache), student papers that need to be graded, so I can fill empty time, my phone, a snack – usually a granola bar and a drink/water bottle, and a pen or two.

  407. 410
    Katie Ault says

    I have a wallet, checkbook, and a zipped fabric pouch that keeps misc stuff together.

  408. 411
    thomasania says

    my ipad, a drink bottle, a snack, some advils, a pen or two, student papers so I can fill empty time.

  409. 412
    Alayna says

    I always have my diaper bag which gets unloaded a few times a week because its got so many “mommy essentials”, Ive got to clean it out to keep track!

  410. 413
    Kristy says

    My purse….lots of receipts, wallet, calendar (one of several) – pens, phone…and candy! oh and gum.

  411. 414
    Lani says

    Well, in my bag right now, which happens to be my Dayspring Allume tote – is only what I need to be on shore today – my passport, my camera and a water bottle!

  412. 415
    Wendy says

    Everything I think I might need, but never really actually end up needing! :)

  413. 416
    Kristen S says

    My 3 essentials are my good Aveeno hand cream, a fold-out reusable bag, and my iPhone which lives in a Speck case that holds my Visa and ID. Other junk comes and goes but those 3 are always in my bag!

  414. 417
    Jenean says

    Thank goodness for totes with lots of compartments! That’s the only way I can compartmentalize my life!

    I always have my wallet and phone, planner, small notebook, a few pens/pencils/highlighters, snacks (for me and/or my kids!), random receipts, quite often my Nook or a small book or magazine, hand sanitizer, lip gloss, gum and/or mints, and sometimes a diaper and pack of wipes.

  415. 418
    Annie says

    What is in my purse…well always my wallet and phone (and the everpresent walmart receipts!!…right now that is about it

  416. 419
    Kyra @ RACKS and Mooby says

    My purse is fairly small. It houses: phone, credit card wallet thingy, checkbook, coupon organizer, about 6 lipglosses, and way too many BB&B coupons. (I won’t mention, the broken crayons, half-eaten lollipops and other sundries left over from my kiddos) :)

  417. 420
    Jennie says

    My bag is home to my wallet, kindle, jump drives for work, a small notepad to take notes, a small tape measure and about 14 chapsticks. I keep kicking them out of there, but they keep managing to find their way back into my purse. I would LOVE this conference bag!

  418. 421
    JBattah says

    Love this bag! It seems I’m always changing my bag around to fit my needs. In my bag; Sunglasses, Regular glasses for those not so sunny days, Wallet, water bottle, cell phone, kleenex, small day timer/calendar, make up bag with smaller items, nail file, medicine, hand wipes, lipstick etc, Another small make up bag to hold receipts, winter gloves, pens, small folder for my Canadian Tire $$, This bag would be a perfect fit for me! Thanks for offering this !

  419. 422
    Barbara Morgan says

    Oh how I so need to win this! I carry a small purse that often falls short of what I need. I should be carrying coin purse, wallet, makeup, a few meds, phone, pen & pad, checkbook, keys, coupons, and often need my iPad. And can’t overlook a water bottle! Also, since I wear corrective glasses, I need a case and sunglasses. I often carry tissues, too! This would be handy for several conferences and workshops that I plan to attend this year. Thank you for sharing this bag and also for giving me a chance to win one. Thank You.

  420. 423
    Vonnie says

    I currently use a Liz Claiborne bag my mother purchased a couple of years ago when visiting family in Puerto Rico. While it came in handy for her then, she has then replaced it with a much larger bag. I snatched it when I found it hidden in the closet. It has three large compartments. The outer two compartments zipper shut while the middle compartment has a magnetic clasp.

    The first compartment is the “wallet.” It has card slots, pen slots, and a coin pouch, so here is where I keep my business cards, shopping cards, receipts, cash, checkbook, a pen and a pencil, and my medication. The middle compartment has a pencil case and three pouches; I keep my make-up, hand sanitizer, travel tissues, deodorant, hand lotion, camera, and phone stored here. The last compartment has two large pouches and a zippered pouch. The zippered pouch holds my tiniest items, such as my tweezers, bandages, a pocket knife, a small flashlight, and my memory sticks/cards. The pouches hold a small notebook in one, and the other has an address book and a memo pad. This compartment also stores a book to read, a book of Sudoku, and my bus-route map.

    While I bought a purse organizer a few years ago, I haven’t had to use it while having this bag. LOVE IT.

  421. 424
    Jen Nelson says

    Love all the pretty colors. All organized and functional, but snazzy. I particularly like the business card holder. What a great idea.


  422. 425
    Leigh E. says

    I have EVERYTHING in my bag. I have my wallet, makeup bag, tissues, Wet Ones, makeup bag with meds in it (asthma, epi pen, band aids, neosporin, etc) phone, gum, pen, pad…
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  423. 426
    SalBug says

    I love keeping an organized bag. Right now I have a larger one and it’s filled with really cute small zippered pouches – – one for my wallet, one for makeup, one for tissues/bandaids/wipes, another for tools/clippers/brush, etc. Works well for me!

  424. 427
    Andrea S. says

    Great bag. I’m going to go see the other colours.

  425. 428
    Jenni Shaver says

    In my bag is my wallet, a notebook, and phone – plus – toys, diapers, wipes, snacks, and all the little odd things that having two little ones brings. I would LOVE this bag!!!

  426. 429
    Heather says

    I have a wallet, epi pen, brush and the purse perfect or! I got it as a gift for Christmas and love love love it!

  427. 430
    Jodi says

    I could really use a bag like this, I refuse to shove everything in my purse but it is a disaster somedays! Wallet, tissues, sunglasses, iPhone, Kindle, hand-sanitizer, few toiletries, pens, coupons, receipts. Um, yes, I could really use this! Thanks for the opportunity!

  428. 431
    Marla says

    Love the Martha Stewart line. Love the organized bag.

  429. 432
    allison says

    Purse= wallet , coin purse, diaper, wipes, tape measure, crackers, pacifier & some small toy or two.

  430. 433
    Jenn P says

    Wow. That is one cool bag.

  431. 434
    Jenn P says

    Oops, clicked too soon on my previous comment. I have my wallet, phone, meds, diaper/wipes/toys for my son, makeup, notepad for ideas, lists, etc. A book to read if I’m stuck somewhere.

  432. 435
    Karin says

    I always have wallet, lipstick/gloss, gum, small notebook and keys. Other items vary.

  433. 436
    jess says

    My purse is currently a diaper bag… so diapers, wipes, toys, soother, oh yeah, and wallet/keys/cell phone. And chapstick. Cannot go anywhere without chapstick.

  434. 437
    Jennifer K. says

    I’m currently carrying 2 bags most days…one is my purse with my wallet, lip gloss, camera, phone, etc. and the other is a tote bag for books, laptop, etc. This MS tote looks perfect! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  435. 438
    Ashley says

    My purse is always a mess. I have a wallet, chapstick, phone, keys, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, and tons of receipts and other paper stuff.

  436. 439
    Yana S. says

    My purse has all the ‘necessary’ items plus books, so it ends up being bigger and busier than normally… I would love this purse :).
    And thank you for the blog!

  437. 440
    LorieR says

    Wallet, planner, cell phone, hand cream, hand sanitizer, and way too many lip products. Thanks for the chance to win such a great bag.

  438. 441
    Kathy C. says

    Wallet, lipstick, pens, pack of kleenex, notepad, phone, coupons. What a great giveaway!

  439. 442
    Natalie Jean says

    In my bag: my wallet, a notebook, tissue, a tiny puzzle, hand sanitizer, business cards, phone charger, earbuds, and the “I hope I never use it but I always need to have it” epi-pen.

  440. 443
    Nicole says

    I always carry my Kindle Fire, wet wipes(someone is always making a mess!), Carmex (because it works) 2 pens ( I’ll probably lose one). I must have a water bottle, and granola bars for three, and a spiral notebook.

  441. 444
    Traci Bender says

    You would be proud to see how organized my purse is. I can’t stand junk!!!! In my purse I have my wallet, checkbook, change purse (get too much to keep in wallet), chapstick, lotion, cell phone, pen or two, coupons, usually a bottle of water, and my credit card holder where I keep all of my store club and membership cards!!!

    The Bender Bunch

  442. 445
    Melissa says

    I have a wallet, phone, lipstick compact ( with makeup )..business cards, and small notepad in my purse, ( and I keep a pen and lip gloss on a outside pocket )
    I would love to win! =)
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  443. 446
    Tanya says

    No conference bag so would love to get one for my upcoming family reunion. Lots of stuff in my purse that needs organizing with Martha Stewart products.

  444. 447
    Sallie says

    I’ve been carrying a large work bag instead of a purse – and that’s stuffed with a computer, charger, notebooks, pens, phone, etc – all in a disorganized mess!

  445. 448
    Michelle says

    My purse holds ipad, purse organizer (which I love), keys, wallet, medicine pouch, makeup, plastic pouch to hold my business flyers, + more!!! Would love to win the bag!

  446. 449
    Maria mcdonald says

    I keep a notebook, iPad mini, magazines for waiting time, pens, headphones and a snack love the pink tote. Looks like it is not too deep so things won’t get lost on the bottom. I have a conference coming up in a few weeks looks like the perfect fit.

  447. 450
    Jennifer says

    Everything is in my purse! Magazines, books, snacks, makeup!

  448. 451
    Stephanie says

    Besides the usual lipstick, wallet, phone, etc. I have a small reusable shopping bag, a stash of blue pens (my assistant makes me sign in blue), and rich hand lotion because of the brutal soap in the ladies’ room at the office.

  449. 452
    Logan McLeod says

    I could REALLY use this. My current “travel/office” bag is a wreck and very unprofessional looking. This is a very bold and sophisticated look that is office friendly! I absolutely love it all! Please consider me! Have a nice day! :)

  450. 453
    Sonya says

    Oh I would love to win this bag! In my purse i have my wallet, dayplanner, pens, tweezers, and my glasses!

  451. 454
    fern says

    My bag? Phone, wallet, notebook, file folders, pens, a few files/folders, small of bag of misc. supplies like medicine, kleenex, post it notes.

  452. 455
    Sharon K says

    Pretty much an assortment of what has been listed above. I also carry a Leatherman (kind of a Swiss Army knife but with more tools) as well as a collapsible water bottle. :-) My wallet, makeup bag, note bag (little bigger than makeup bag but with pens, mechanical pencil, small notepad, and small sticky notes). I’ve seen the MS bag at Staples, it’s beautiful. Would be great to have that rather than carry 2-3 bags when I’m attending a meeting, conference, or the like. Thanks for the opportunity!

  453. 456
    Kristin Peterson says

    I have all the standards in my purse – bandaid kit, contact solution, makeup, wallet, pocket calendar, phone, pens, small zippered bag with misc. things, notepad…

  454. 457
    Kathy says

    I keep mints/gum/chapstick as well as some form of payment should I need to buy something ie credit card, cash.

  455. 458
    Allison says

    Tissues are something that I always carry.

  456. 459
    Andrea says

    I have a binder in my bag that I use to keep everything organized, make up, small first aid kit, wallet and tissues!

  457. 460
    Carolyn G says

    Lip gloss, kleneex, mints, wallet and phone

  458. 461
    Gwyn says

    What’s in my purse? So much! Lotion, 2 things of hand sanitizer, my phone charger, my daughters taekwon do schedule. And many things that need to be cleaned out.

  459. 462
    Michelle Stewart says

    Lots of goodies in my bag. Just like a boy scout, even though I’m a girl, I must always be prepared. Secret compartment for emergency money, phone, business cards, snacks, chapstick, gum, kleenex, wet wipes, cross and rosary, flashlight, wallet and pepper spray. Best part of all, got the purse for $2 at the thrift store. Have a wonderful time!

  460. 463
    Suzanne says

    This bag looks like the perfect catch-all! It holds a lot yet looks snazzy.

  461. 464
    Jenny C. says

    I have my wallet, planner, snacks for my son, phone, charger, meds, and random toiletries

  462. 465
    Jessica Eckels says

    I have my Martha Stewart binder/organizer (LOVE!), usual wallet, keys, etc. I also have small baby toys to keep my son occupied when we are out and about!

    I would love to win :). Great blog!

  463. 466
    vicki says

    i just bought a small organizer that holds my wallet plus other little items that can get lost and i can pull it out and put it in another purse or tote!

  464. 467
    Melanie says

    Holy Moly I would love these! My big ole purse is a very dark (unorganized) scary place… I have everything from lip gloss, spilled gold fish crackers, sippy cups, & my fancy camera… not cool Lol) Thanks for the chance Laura! xx

  465. 468
    K says

    I’m a speech-language pathologist. My bags always have smelly stickers, tissues, sanitizer and wipes. When going to a conference, I always have gum, small snacks, post it’s, eye drops and Benadryl just in case.

  466. 469
    CEM Webster says

    My conference bag looks similar to yours: Bright colours (often pink), binder and pen for notes, business cards and a water bottle.
    I often bring healthy snacks as I never know what will be available or when.
    Other regular items are kleenex and lip balm, as I often just bring my ID and some cash in a pocket and leave my purse locked in my hotel room’s safe.

  467. 470
    Tammy @ SkipperClan says

    I currently have two bags going at all times…one is my camera bag which is easy to add my wallet to when I want it. The other is a small tote I carry to work 5x a week with my Bible/devotional journal, book I’m currently reading/Kindle, and my planner. End pockets have an assortment of colored pens and a great lipstick.

  468. 471
    Anna-Kate says

    What’s in my bag? I think a better question is what’s NOT in my bag?! Wallet, cell phone, chap stick, lip gloss, tissues, iPad, and always a book to pass time.

  469. 472
    Jessica says

    I’m pretty sure my addition to totes and bags is diagnosable! I just love them AND I use all of them in some form or fashion!

  470. 473
    Sydney D says

    In my purse I have some gum, my cell phone, money, keys, the usual things lol. I’m not too fancy with what’s in my purse. Sometimes I have a chapstick. Thx for opening the giveaway to Canada.

  471. 474
    Dawn says

    I don’t carry a purse on an everyday basis. I have a small wallet attached to my car keys that holds ID, money, cards and two pictures of my children. When I’m working or at a conference, I always have a notebook of some kind and tons of pens (because you really can’t have too many!). Love the bag.

  472. 475
    Eydie says

    I need a new bag! Laptop, working folder, planner, Bible (yes that’s right), makeup, snacks, water, phone, and whatever my kids threw in!

  473. 476
    Lori M. says

    My purse has keys, phone, sunglasses, wallet, checkbook, receipts, cash, reward cards, makeup bag, and junk.

  474. 477
    JennB says

    I have a teeny, tiny bag and which often causes me to carry another bag as well. I would love to merge the two and this bag looks great. I love all the organization it seems to have! :)

  475. 478
    Cindy Cooper says

    Here’s what’s in my bag: ipad, wallet, favorite pen, hand lotion, lip,gloss, iphone, notebook for on the go genealogy work, glasses, water bottle and protein bar!

  476. 479
    Shari says

    I love not only my purse, but my purse organizer! My purse actually has 3 large compartments. The middle is for all of MY stuff (wallet, keys, gum, pen, small NotePad, phone charger, nail file, mp3 player. One outside compartment is for small snacks for me or the kids, and the other outside compartment is for coupons, the kids tablet, and any extras that get picked up during the day. I also have a wrap around purse organizer with lots of pockets that goes in my compartment to hold the little things that tend to get lost in the bottom.

  477. 480
    Katherine says

    My purse, well it’s a diaper bag. Haven’t used a purse sinse I’ve had kids, I need to learn again, lol. All the essentials in a diaper bag. Everything for kids, no room for my stuff.

  478. 481
    Lucy says

    Count me in. I can always use an expandable bag!

  479. 482
    Kathy V says

    What’s in my bag? Ipad, Iphone, eyeglasses (iglasses? :-) ), a car key and my little baggalini wallet… let’s me grab and go with a smaller “necessities” pack, and my iphone fits in that, too!

  480. 483
    Jennifer M says

    What’s in my bag? Better question is what isn’t. I have the kitchen sink in my work tote and the bathroom sink in my purse!!!

  481. 484
    Mary @ The Calm of His Presence says

    What’s in my bag? I’ve just downsized to a small purse so I carry just the necessities – wallet, checkbook, keys & lipstick. When I go to appointments I carry a bigger tote bag that holds my bible, kindle, journal & book I’m currently reading. Thanks for the giveaway & can I just say I LOVE your Menu Planning Monday posts!

    In His Calm,

  482. 485
    Sacha says

    Right now I have my wallet, a dvd with pictures from my ultrasound, tylenol and keys in my purse. I would love a Martha Stewart tote for taking my scrapbook stuff with me when I go away on a retreat. Thanks for the chance to win :)

  483. 486
    Naila says

    I love totes!!!!!!
    I use theme as purses as well. I’m trying to carry a normal size purse however I still have two smaller totes in it. In one is my makeup and the other bag as travel size toiletries. I also love pens and find them all over the bag. I also have two wallets and a calendar.
    I’d love to add this pretty spring tote to my collection. Whoot whoot!!!

  484. 487
    Heather S says

    My cell phone, chapstick, planner, and wallet! :)

  485. 488
    ali says

    My bag is also a disaster and I have about 10 (yikes) that I keep trying to get me organized. I always have my ipad and note pad and a ton of pens + wallet & water.

  486. 489
    Stace says

    Whoot! Whoot! Love your site and your awesome tips !!! When I grow up(am 51 now) I hope to be an organizing junkie just like you !!! =)) I always seem to be “organizing” something and yet the clutter still seems to find its way into various places in my home, purse, laptop bag, home office desk, you name it the clutter finds it !! Here’s a small sampling of what’s in my bag:
    coupons, cash, receipts, credit cards, parking passes, appointment cards, notes, grocery lists, to do lists, directions to places, meds, gum, toothpicks – you name it !! lol sometimes I look in my bag and think I need to be on “Let’s Make a Deal” because I’m sure I would have anything they might ask for and I could at least make a few bucks from all my “stuff”.
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog, and in my heart I am an awesome organizer, just have to get the mind and body to catch up =) Have a great weekend .

  487. 490
    jen n says

    wallet, cell phone, snacks, checkbooks, and right now, a stuffed giraffe.

  488. 491
    Lauren says

    In my purse, I have my wallet, extra card wallet with store cards, calculator, small measuring tape, pens, kleenex and wipes (yep, I have little kids), gum, lighter (no I don’t smoke but you never know when you’ll need one), small mirror, cover up stick, Tide pen, and a stuffed turtle.

  489. 492
    Amy Z. says

    In my purse I always have my phone, wallet, tissues, gum, my planner, and a small makeup bag. I usually have a bunch of other random things as well!

  490. 493
    Susan says

    As a working mom, I have a BUNCH of stuff in my bag. Pens, loose change, books/magazines, my phone, paper/notebooks, usually food circulars to plan food shopping and then some random kids stuff always makes it in!

  491. 494
    Jolene says

    Have to have my iPhone and some lip balm as well as something to read and a notebook with favorite pen (or pens.)

  492. 495
    Dreena Tischler says

    I carry a small notebook, large wallet, cosmetic bag, bottle of water, pens, ipod, phone, hankie and sometimes charges.

    I’d love to win this beautiful bag!

  493. 496
    Stephanie Grant says

    My purse is pretty empty except for my wallet, check book, mini first aid kit, gum and lip gloss :)

  494. 497
    Cathi says

    Throw in a highlighter and some post it notes to your efficient bag and you are set.

  495. 498
    dail says

    I would love to win the bag so I would have someplace to put my wallet. leatherman’s tool, plastic bags for shopping, cough drops, mp3 player, hair bands, gym lock and key, small knitting project and cell phone. Thanks!

  496. 499
    Celeste says

    Oh goodness – I have way too much in my purse! I’m a teacher – and for the last 2 weeks – I was doing a Unit in class on the facets of light & dark. I had the kids do tests to determine if items were transparent, translucent, or opaque. I still have glass cups, blocks of wood, etc. in my purse from this lesson! Ha! Actually — just yesterday I got myself a separate work tote so I could clear out my teaching stuff from my purse!

  497. 500
    Raelynn says

    I would love to win this give away-I am one of your Western Canadian readers!

  498. 501
    Ellen says

    Necessities – wallet, credit cards, store cards, hand sanitizer, hair brush, lip gloss, literature, eye glasses and sometimes too much!

  499. 502
    Maureen G says

    I never leave home without my iPhone in my purse and other typical mom things – wipes, pacifier and snacks!

  500. 503
    Carisa says

    Too much! I have my wallet, pouch of lipsticks, 2 cell phone (one for work), compact and makeup brush, keys and a whole bunch of coupons!

  501. 504
    Carisa says

    Makeup, wallet, compact and brush, coupons, keys, cell phone

  502. 505
    Michele D. says

    I have my Kindle (always), billfold, cell phone, kleenex, lip balm and nail file

  503. 506
    Bridget says

    My bag is full of my stuff, babys’s stuff and 10,000 receipts! Sometimes the iPad mini is shoved in there as well. At anytime you’re sure to find a higjlighter, a pen, wintergreen gum, my planner, broken mints, 3-4 hair ties and countless bobby pins. All tucked somewhere between some diapers, wipes, a paci and a burp cloth!

  504. 507
    Tara says

    My bag always has my wallet, phone and keys. But i never leave home without a lip gloss, business cards, and my coupon organizer. I am the marketing discount queen

  505. 508
    Gaby L says

    I have several bags. My purse, which fits into a larger tote bag that has all my “mommy” things in it (I.e., water bottles, snacks, and changes of clothes for the kiddos). That way, I have everything I need with me for the kids, but if I happen to make a Target run while they are in school, I can just grab my purse.

  506. 509
    Sue Gardner says

    I chose a small purse with a side zipper that has room for money, a pad of checks, debit cards and savings cards ( we don’t do credit!!!) and room enough inside for lipstick and note pad and a very few extras. I tend to accumulate paper and just stuff in my purse and this keeps me from doing so. Easier on the shoulders, too!!! Thanks for your site!

  507. 510
    Danielle Noel says

    Wallet, coupons, my son’s diabetic supplies, a juice box, a notebook, pen, and sunglasses. Oh and various ponytail holders and Bobby pins.

  508. 511
    Tiffany T says

    My purse is a mess right now! I have a very cute purse with three sections that ill pull back out once I start wearing spring colors again, but being that the one I’m using is big, with no separate compartments, it becomes more like a suitcase! Anyway, it always holds my wallet, a smaller wallet I keep just for gift cards, promo cards, etc, my phone, sunglasses, I have a little zipper pouch similar to the Martha Stewart one you have that I keep for coupons, but I generally forget to use them! I always have at least a few snacks, and a little pampers bag with pull ups and wipes. That along with all the receipts and trash that I/my kids throw in through out the day, pretty much makes up what’s in my purse!! Very sad, I know!!

  509. 512
    Elizabeth says

    Right now I am traveling, so my purse has all my liquid necessities in an security approved plastic bag and in small sizes. Pretty snazzy!

  510. 513
    Angela says

    My purse has everything I need to get my through day-to-day things. Wallet, keys, cell, sunglasses and of course a little cosmetic bag with lip gloss, hand sanitizer, travel wipes for the kiddies and clippers. This bag would allow me to organize it the way I would want it to be. Fantastic giveaway!

  511. 514
    Annette Shelton says

    Everything that’s in my purse plus half of my house! Would love to show this off at the Teach K conference.

  512. 515
    Glenda Stephens says

    I love the bag! I keep lots of pens, a calendar and buisness cards. I love it when the conference materials all fit in my bag so I only have to keep up with one thing. I have my iPad and my phone also!

  513. 516
    Angela Yeremenko says

    I have a little bit of everything in my purse. Wallet, makeup bag, pens, baby toys, diapers, and snacks for the baby. It is a disaster ;) Thanks for the chance!

  514. 517
    Shawna says

    A hodge podge of mommy and kid stuff. Wallet, Keyes, lip gloss, cell phone, lists of stuff to do/get, coupons, sunglasses. Also snacks, notepad and crayons to entertain a 2 year old at any moment. Sometimes my iPad when I have space.

  515. 518
    Michelle says

    I carry around a diaper bag, which holds the baby essentials plus my wallet, keys, phone, gum, and a pen.

  516. 519
    kesha says

    Wow! I have lots of stuff in my purse from lip gloss, hand cream/sanitizer, oyster crackers, gum, hershey kisses, of coarse all of the usual stuff like wallet, and change. I also have earrings, mascara, hair bows and ties………….

  517. 520
    Nancy B says

    My purse has wallet and keys, which then goes into my bag, containing everything else! tissues, notepad, pens, fingernail clippers, knife, band-aids, floss…and one can’t have too many bags! Wait, may have to re-think that! ;-)

  518. 521
    Melissa C says

    In my purse… always a book, gum and water. Plus my wallet, medication, lotion, lip balm, hand sanitizer, toilet seat covers and some baby wipes

  519. 522
    Megan says

    What’s not in my bag?! always a little bag of nuts

  520. 523
    Teaching in Turtlepond says

    My bag just holds my lunch, my keys and my small wallet. Oh, and my umbrella, since I live in BC and it rains A LOT here!!!!

  521. 524
    Missy says

    I take my coupon binder with me EVERYWHERE I go. This MS bag would REALLY come in handy. Thanks!!

  522. 525
    Michelle says

    In my bag…my wallet, keys, water bottle, ipad and usually an apple. Water in hand because my luck it would leak and ruin my ipad! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  523. 526
    Leslie Dempkowski says

    That bag is super cute! I’ve already got 3 different uses in mind!

  524. 527
    Vicki D says

    Pens, post-its, pad of paper, ipad, index cards, stapler, pencil sharpener


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