Menu Plan Monday ~ March 18/13


Hey y’all.  How are you?  Hope you had a terrific week.  I wanted to share with you a picture I took yesterday so you can see what I mean about how far away we are from spring.  It was -16 degrees celcius out.  I want spring!! 🙁

winter in march

Did you all have a fun St. Patrick’s Day yesterday?  I’ve got some Irish in my blood so for dinner we did green spinach smoothies and green pancakes.

green smoothies

My son (7) was blown away by the green pancakes.  He couldn’t stop talking about it, hilarious!  It’s the little things in life isn’t it.


I posted these pictures on Instagram.  Are you following me there?

Menu Planning Resources:

Check out this post on 10 Tips for Better Meal Planning.

Gluten Free Bloggers:

I know there are many of you here that are gluten free menu planners.  Cathy the owner of the great gluten-free blog Strawberries are Gluten Free is looking for contributors for the site.  If you are interested please contact her here for more information.

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My Weekly Menu Plan:

Monday:  Man-Pleasing Chicken (thanks to This Felicitous Life for the link) served with baked potatoes and mixed veggies

Tuesday:  Crock Pot Country Style Ribs served with rice and broccoli

Wednesday:  Crock Pot Bacon Corn Chowder

Thursday:  Leftover buffet

Friday:  Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

Saturday:  Ham Caribbean served with spinach salad

Sunday:  Picking night!

Have a great week everyone!!


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One of my favorite menu planning resources:

Simple Meal Planning - Plan to Eat


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27 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ March 18/13

  1. 1
    SusieQTpies says

    Thanks for the weekly linky!!! It is a tasty one. Love the green pancakes! SusieQTpies

  2. 3
    Robin from Frugal Family Times says

    We made green pancakes, too! Our kids loved them – and quite frankly so did we – such an easy meal! My husband went so far as to make the first few shamrock shaped. 🙂

    • 3.1
      Laura says

      Oh I never even thought to do that 🙂

  3. 4
    SnoWhite @ Finding Joy in My Kitchen says

    I am so ready for spring too! It was 8 degrees F on our way to church yesterday! Now, we’re getting more snow. At least the sun is at a stronger angle and I know spring is coming 🙂

    • 4.1
      Laura says

      So can’t wait for spring, so glad I’m not alone in the waiting 🙂

  4. 5
    Lynn says

    I love the green pancakes! What a simply way to change up pancakes. I won’t tell you the temperature we had in Oklahoma last week. 🙂 I hope spring comes soon for you. Have a great week!

    • 5.1
      Laura says

      Oh me too, me too!! 🙂

  5. 6
    Kelly @ Dysfunctionally Functional says

    I just got a call from the school district saying that they’re dismissing the kids early today on account of snow. Snow, mind you, that isn’t even falling yet…and, incidentally, that I wasn’t even aware was impending until I checked the weather channel AFTER the phone call from the school!

    I am SO ready for spring!

    We both have Man-Pleasing Chicken on our menus this week…how neat is that?! (My kids LOVE that recipe!)

    Have a great week, and thanks for hosting!

    • 6.1
      Laura says

      I found the recipe scrolling through the MPM links….can’t wait to try it!

  6. 7
    Kimberley says

    I think I am in the same “deep freeze” as you 🙂 It looks like the frozen tundra around here! I love your idea of green pancakes……I didn’t get a chance to do anything for St. Patty’s day yesterday, my Irish ancestors would be ashamed, lol!

    I’m excited to host my first MPM post today, thanks for a great link-up!!! Your blog rocks!

    • 7.1
      Laura says

      Welcome to MPM!!

  7. 8
    Dawn says

    I am just wondering how you make your french dip sandwiches gluten free with the beef consumme? I have not ever seen it gluten free, but would love to make these sandwiches, as we haven’t really had any kind of french dip since going gluten free!

    • 8.1
      Laura says

      I found a can of french onion soup that is gluten free. Brand is Baxters. I may have to thicken it a little.

  8. 10
    Laura says

    Wow! Thanks for the shout-out Laura. And thank you for hosting this every week. I’ve gotten some great recipes from other blogs that link up here.

    • 10.1
      Laura says

      I’m looking forward to trying that chicken recipe. Looks delicious!

  9. 11
    Angie @ Losing It and Loving It says

    We actually had a green smoothie for breakfast yesterday but it didn’t turn out (way too sweet) BUT then we juiced and that green juice was yummy. 1 loss, 1 win not to bad.

    Totally ready for Spring! It’s snowing today in IL. BOO!

  10. 12
    Heather @ Rise & Shine Life says

    Love your festive breakfast yesterday! How fun 😀 Thank you for introducing me to Strawberries Are Gluten Free AND, as always, for hosting the linky party! I love getting new ideas each week 🙂

    • 12.1
      Laura says

      It’s a great site isn’t it 🙂

  11. 13
    Jean says

    Yikes, that picture of the snow makes me cold! Ours finally melted and we had a few spring-like days last week. I’m not going to complain about yesterday’s rain/sleet mix after seeing your snowy surroundings. Hopefully, spring will come early and surprise you!

    • 13.1
      Laura says

      That’s what I’m hoping for too!

  12. 14
    Janet @ Frugal & Focused says

    Oh, I feel for you! I hope Spring finds you soon. What a fun SPD dinner. We were busy all day and just had to grab something on the way from one thing to another.

  13. 15
    Jenny says

    Love the smoothies and pancakes for dinner- I bet they were a hit. Also an Irish girl here and keeping my fingers crossed that spring is just 48 hours away for you as well 🙂 Winter scenes are always more beautiful on other people’s computers than they are under our cold feet at 05 in the morning! BRRR!

  14. 16
    Amanda @ The Fun Mommy says

    I love those green pancakes! I remember when I was little we read Green Eggs & Ham one day and then my mom surprised me with green eggs!

  15. 17
    Mama Kalila says

    We do actual Irish food lol… for a whole week because the first year I did it I couldn’t pick just one meal. Unfortunately this year it got off to a really rough start and we didn’t celebrate at all food and all.

  16. 18
    Tabitha says

    We had a lot of green foods in our meal plan last week. It was so fun! Spinach pancakes were one of our favorite breakfast items. Looks like you had a great time with your menu too!


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