New Year’s Organizing Revolution ~ Week Four: Living Room/Playroom

Welcome to week #4 of our New Year’s Organizing Revolution Challenge!! You can read all the details and see the entire prize list here. Let’s jump right in to our winners of Week Three shall we:

Week Three Winners:

First Place ~  Love of Family & Home (winner of  $250 towards a  Closet Maid ShelfTrack Elite Closet System)

Second Place ~ 23 Thirty  (winner of an Off the Floor Rack-It valued at $100.00)

Third Place ~ Apron Strings & Other Things (winner of  two weekday sets (one girl/one boy) of Organizables valued at $70.00)

Someone will be in touch soon (if not already) to get your address. Congratulations! In addition to the fantastic prize you have just won, each of your names will now also be entered into the grand prize draw at the end of the month.

Linking and Voting:

Just a reminder how the linking and voting works. You can link up your living room/playroom posts on this post anytime from Monday to Thursday of this week. Please link up a picture that is of your actual kitchen and not a fantasy one please.

Even if you haven’t participated in previous weeks, you can still join in this week!

On Friday morning at 6:00 am PST, the linky switches over to voting and you’ll no longer be able to link up. Each thumbnail picture will have a star underneath it. Click on any star to vote but be careful because you’ll only be able to vote once.

**You are more than welcome to ask your friends to vote for you however please keep in mind that as we go through the links and remove the ones that aren’t playing by the rules, it is possible your link number could change.**

Keep track of all the necessary timelines by printing off the official calendar here.

Living Room/Playroom Challenge:

This week we are organizing our living room/playroom spaces.  Some are fortunate to have both, others have to make one space work as two.  I went back through my blog and realized that I’ve never shown my Alberta living room space on the blog before in it’s entirety.  So I snapped off some pictures to show you how I make our living space work for us.

living room

living room 3

Since my kids are older, I no longer have to store toys in my living room but when my kids were small I had all sorts of tricks for toy storage in the living room which you can read a little bit about here.

living room 1


The basket under my coffee table is where our homeschool books live.

The table beside our couch holds blankets.

I suspect that the biggest problem with any living space will in fact be keeping the toys contained.  You can find all my posts on kid stuff here and you might just find a solution there that will work for you.  I also did a post where I helped my sister come up with a unique solution for all her kid’s toys in their living room.

If you have any storage dilemmas for me, be sure to leave it in the comments and I’ll see what I can do!

The Rules:

To join our week 4 challenge, follow these 4 easy steps:


2. TAKE PICTURES of your organized space. Please use your own pictures!

3. LINK UP to the challenge from your blog or Pinterest (by Friday morning at 5:59 am PST). If you need help linking up from Pinterest visit this post. Each of the seven blogger hosts will display the same linky so please only link up at ONE of our sites.

4. VOTE for your favorite space of the week on the same linky on this post starting Friday morning at 6:00 am PST. Once the linky switches to voting you’ll no longer be able to link up. You’ll find each thumbnail will have a star underneath it. Click on the star of your choice to cast your vote. You’ll only be able to vote once.

The Prizes:

First Place:

JOYS Collection $139 Value


Helping you find paper peace. Just Organize Your Stuff or JOYS is a collection of paper organizing techniques, philosophies, exercises and home filing system tools to help you create your personal home filing solution. A fresh twist on the old-fashioned filing techniques fit for your modern lifestyle.

Second Place:

$101 Scentsy gift pack


Scentsy started in 2005 after two busy moms presented an idea for a safer and healthier alternative to traditional wick and fire candles. Scentsy wants to help you warm the heart, enliven the senses, and inspire the soul. Currently Scentsy offers wax bars in over 80 different fragrances and over 75 different warmers in three different sizes. Scentsy has a patented technology that uses a low watt light bulb to warm a wax with a low melting temperature. This ensures lower temperatures to avoid burns and no open flames to avoid fire risks. As well, there are no toxins being released into the air, thus a safer and healthier way to make your house smell wonderful! Scentsy also offers a lot more than just warmers and wax though! Scentsy also has room sprays, scent circles, travel tins, buddies & baby buddies for the little ones in your life, and scent paks. On top of that Scentsy also has a layers line that includes great products like shower gel and cream and bath tablets, body butter and body lotion, body spray and solid perfume, dryer disks and wash whiffs, and hand soaps and hand creams. Check out my website to learn more information and shop these great products!

Third Place:

$100 Gift Certificate to Thirty One Gifts

Thirty One Button

It’s a new year! Time to celebrate organizing with Thirty One! Thirty One offers you a line of bags, totes, and organizational items that can be personalized to make them uniquely your own. Whether you are organizing your home, your car or yourself, Thirty One can offer you some great solutions. From large utility totes to hang up organizers to our new “Your Way” collection, Thirty One has something for everyone! Coordinating items means everything will have a place and will be easy to find! We can help with product suggestions, fabric choices and embroidery ideas. The possibilities are endless!

Your Hostesses:

Be sure to stop by each of the blogs below to see how they organize their kitchen spaces.

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