I’m Just Not an Organized Person

Please welcome my guest today, Professional Organizer, Susie Brown.  This is such a great post because I too believe that absolutely anyone can learn the skills needed for organization.  Oh yes you can!

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As a professional organizer, I have found that many people really do not know the simple basics of organization. I hear all the time, “I’m just not an organized person.”

It is not something you are born with, you have to learn it. If you know someone who is super organized, it is because they learned how at some point in their life. The center of being an organized person is the appreciation of the benefits and how it actually simplifies your life.

Families today tend to have too much stuff. We want it all, but our homes are only so big! In a perfect world, I would love to have room in my home for everything that I want, but we all know that is not possible.

USA Today reports that Americans are building smaller homes:

New homes, after doubling in size since 1960, are shrinking. Last year, for the first time in at least 10 years, the average square footage of single-family homes under construction fell dramatically, from 2,629 in the second quarter to 2,343 in the fourth quarter, Census data show.

So, if our houses are shrinking, but we still want more stuff, being organized is more important now than ever. We have to purge from our homes the things that we don’t want or need and designate a place for everything that we keep. An organized home is more efficient and it actually saves you time and money.

How does it save time? You know exactly where things are, which prevents you from running around in the mornings looking for your keys.

How does it save money? If you can’t find something that you already own or don’t know if you own it, you will go buy another one, hence duplicating what you have.

Also, it is never too soon to start teaching your children the fundamentals of organization. I recently went out of town to stay with my son for a few days to help out after the birth of a new grand baby.

This afforded me some extra time with my 6 yr old grandson Eli. Mommy had been on bed rest prior to the birth, so his room was a total disaster.

He didn’t want to play in his room because even he couldn’t stand it. Well, Gammy (me) asked him if he would like to learn how to organize and clean his room and if so, I would help him. He agreed. In less than 2 days, he and his room were transformed. He now loves to organize. Watch this video that was taken a week after I got home. Eli, my 6 year old grandson demonstrating how he organizes. Watch the video of my 6 year old grandson, Eli showing how he organizes.

You ask, “Where do I start and how do I get organized?”

Look at it this way: If you have all the pieces to a large puzzle and the big beautiful picture that comes with it, you know you have to start somewhere. Start sorting the boarder pieces, by color and so on, right? Getting organized is the same thing. A disorganized person does not have the picture to go by, so just getting started seems impossible. If you keep your eyes on the big picture while working with the small things, you will soon see the beauty of your organized home emerge from the pile.

Susie Brown has been a Professional Organizer for 25 years.   She is also a published author of the novel “Small Wonders”.  She is married to her best friend with two adult children and 9 grandchildren.  For more organizing tips and articles you can check out Susie’s website at simplify-organize.com.
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11 Responses to I’m Just Not an Organized Person

  1. 2
    Vickie says

    We could all learn from cute Eli.

    • 2.1
      Susie says

      Thank you Vickie. He is my little man. He really got into it and to this day he is keeping it up. I am so proud of him.:)

  2. 3
    Linda Stoll says

    I loved that video! What a panic! Shows it’s not too teach our kids to be responsible for caring for their stuff. The grandma in me just loved this … especiallly the ‘yes, ma’am!’

  3. 4
    Marilyn says

    Nice article Susie. I know I certainly have too much stuff! Eli was so cute and so on top of it! Great job both of you.

    • 4.1
      Susie says

      Thank you so much Marilyn. He is a really sharp kid. He feels like a movie star because of the video. :)

  4. 5
    Bev says

    What an adorable little guy! And just think – he has learned something that can affect him for the rest of his life.

    LOVE his accent and his description of his clothes.

    • 5.1
      Susie says

      Thank you Bev. (You have my mother’s name). Can you tell with his accent that he was born in Mississippi and now lives in Arkansas?? And Yes, this has not only affected him, because he guards the condition of the room from his older siblings. He has made sure they all know where to put his stuff back when they are done. :)


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