Video ~ the one where I talk about blogging

So yesterday I sat down and did a vlog and was shocked when I was done to see it was 8 minutes long!  Really 8 minutes, it didn’t seem like I talked for that long but I should know better because well I really love to talk.  Talk, talk, talk.  Once I get started, there is no telling when I’ll stop.  Maybe vlogging isn’t for me after

So then I posted to Facebook asking for advice on what I should do, Post it anyway or re-do it?  I was shocked by the number of people that didn’t want to hear me blab on for 8 minutes.  Sheesh!  Just kidding, I feel your pain, I really do.  The general consensus on video length appears to be around the 4 minute mark.

So I tossed my one take rule and re-did it…oh only about 20 more times.  I should know better about that too because no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get it below 5 minutes.  I.JUST.COULDN’T.DO.IT.  It didn’t matter what I cut out either because I just kept talking.  I tried, I really did!  So while this video below is not as long as the original (and missing a few anecdotes), I only managed to shave about 2 minutes off my time.  So be warned.  If you’re in to it, great.  If you’re not, I get it.  Believe me, I get it!

Got more questions for me?  Just comment below.  Thanks!

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22 Responses to Video ~ the one where I talk about blogging

  1. 2
    Jo says

    That was very useful, Laura, and it was very genuine! I’m chatty, too, if I was doing a vlog I’d probably be rambling on for hours …!

  2. 3
    Kim @ Homesteader's Heart says

    You are so like me. I can’t get over it. Great advice on the starting a blog. I’ve been blogging for 5 years and I’m taking a little vacation to see if I even want to continue so we’ll see what happens. I think I need divine intervention. Ha! Ha!
    Have a lovely day!!

    • 4.1
      Laura says

      I personally think it was better too, so from now on it’s take one all the way!!

  3. 5
    Hilda says

    Great job Laura! I didn’t mind the length at all. I love that you’re just natural and not too scripted. Thanks for answering my questions! Great advice :)

  4. 6
    Nita says

    Hi Laura, it was genuine and helpful- enjoyed it,thank you.

  5. 7
    Jami says

    Thanks, Laura. You need a new pic on your site, though. I didn’t recognize you! :) LOL

    • 7.1
      Laura says

      LOL…yes I grew my bangs out :) Hoping to get new headshots done soon but they are soooo expensive!

  6. 8
    Marcia @ Organising Queen says

    Oh I love your video and who cares if it’s nearly 6 minutes? :)

    You’re looking more and more gorgeous – what are you doing?!!!

    • 8.1
      Laura says

      Oh you are too sweet, thank you! Just good makeup I guess :)

  7. 9
    becky l says

    Good video and good advice. I am now doing blog posts 2-3 times a week. Too many more is way too much time for me. Did one today cuz I was home sick from work and could do that sitting down so not much effort physically. Well enough to go back tomorrow!

  8. 10
    Barbara says

    I watch them if I’m interested even if they are 10-15 minutes long. However, you can always do a Part I, II, III etc to break it up for others.

    • 10.1
      Laura says

      Except I don’t know how to edit my videos LOL

      • Barbara says

        I guess I just meant for the future. If you have a few things to talk about, or you are doing a Q & A again, answer 3-4 questions, then do 3-4 more the next day or something. I wouldn’t worry about it too much though. If some don’t want to listen they won’t, but others will. :)

        • Laura says

          That’s a great idea Barbara, thanks!

  9. 11
    Maria Welke says

    Laura I loved it and want to see the 8 minute one as well!!! Thank you for all of the time and work that you put into your blog and all. I appreciate you.

  10. 12
    Rachel Anne says

    LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing you in person!! Your warmth and “realness” came through in the first minute – the following 5 were icing on the cake. :) Great job…let’s see more!

  11. 13
    Elizabeth says

    I loved seeing you…you are so cute! And you are so confident! I enjoyed the vlog and I didn’t find it boring at all:) I have been thinking of starting a blog and you gave some good tips.

  12. 14
    Samantha says

    laura….you are PRECIOUS!

    samantha :-)

  13. 15
    Organize365 says

    I am inspired too! I am going to try ALL vbogging this week. I think it will be so much easier and faster for me!

  14. 16
    Jill Robson says

    Hi Laura
    I first saw an article on you in BHG Secrets of Getting Organized magazine this year. I was just starting my journey towards becoming a Professional Organizer. I loved the advice you gave on the video about blogging, being my authentic self is very important to me, and i am going to start off slow and blog once a week, i already have 3 months worth of blogs organized into a list. I think blogging is going to be a great sleep aid for me, no longer will these ideas keep me awake at night LOL, I can now blog about them, and your site gave me confidence that i could do it.
    :) Jill


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