Organizing a Toddler’s Closet

I recently got this awesome email from a reader and want to share it with you here today. I love success stories and would be happy to share more of them.  There is such diversity in how each person organizes a space and as you know I don’t believe any one way is right or wrong.  It’s what works for you and I would love to provide more examples of that for my readers.  Feel free to send me YOUR success story anytime!

Here is what Olusola had to say about her newly organized twin girl’s closet.


Our family of 4 (parents and 18 month old twin girls) recently relocated from Sugar Land, Texas to Calgary, Alberta. After 6 months of living out of a suitcase (7 suitcases actually but who’s counting), we finally rented a home and started settling back into a normal life.

Organizing the closet for my twin girls has been a sore spot for me. Sharing the closet space are their old clothes, the new clothes I buy on sale and off season, the diaper stash and a myriad of toiletries and hair doodads. The closet was not a happy place and had to be tackled with the organizational wand. As this house is a rental, my options are fairly limited. Here are the before and after pictures as well as some tips from me on closet organization for toddlers in general.



  • Think outside the box when it comes to using organizing solutions. The closet organizers work as well in kiddie closets as they do in adult closets. In the sweater organizer, I placed bed sheets, training pants, cloth diapers, towels and changing pad covers. The shoe organizer is handy for shoes the girls have yet to grow into as well as empty shoe boxes for shoes that will be re-gifted once outgrown.
  • Hang when possible and fold only when necessary is my mantra. It saves time as long as there’s hanging space available
  • Keep bibs, socks, wash clothes and hair accessories in separate bins.
  • Hang complete outfits together. This has a lot of benefits for me. Hanging complete outfits together gives me a quick view of how many days I can go without doing laundry, any caregiver can pick up a hanger and dress the kids appropriately plus outfit planning happens on laundry weekends and not weekday mornings when I have 20 minutes to feed, dress and get us all out of the house.
  • One great idea I got from a bloggy friend is to place all the empty hangers at the end of the rack. That way, there’s no digging for hangers between the clothes. A simple but effective time saving tip.

Olusola is a first-time mom to twin girls. She shares her twin parenting tips and adventures at

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5 Responses to Organizing a Toddler’s Closet

  1. 1
    Olusola says

    Thanks for allowing me to guest post Laura. With parenting twins, I’m learning to be more efficient and organized with each passing day

  2. 2
    Lisa says

    That is an awesome use of space!

    I love the idea of hanging outfits together for others to help you get your kiddos ready.

    I never thought about the idea that you could see how long you could go before doing laundry! LOL!

    That’s great!


  3. 3
    Kaui @ Thrifty Military Mommy says

    Good for you Olusola! Twins, wow! I don’t have twins, but my 2 children share a room since we’re sort of low on space. It’s so funny this post just went live today because I just got through organizing my kids room and posted about it today too!

    Thanks for sharing the tips. I really like those hanging organizers.

  4. 4
    Pam @ Momma Can says

    I am doing the closet thing one room at a time this summer. My oldest boy moved out on his own, so I have an empty one….. which will house the Ski Clothes and games.

    I can’t wait. Is that weird? Well, it beats what I did the first. Cried like a baby miss that kid.


  5. 5
    Awkward Kitchenette says

    Great tips for toddler closets! Now I need some tips for what to do in an apartment with NO closets…? 🙂


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