Why does paper organization sink to the bottom of our organizational to do list?

Hi everyone, I’m excited to introduce you to my guest today, Lisa Woodruff, a Professional Organizer, who blogs at Organize 365.  Lisa has created an awesome e-book to help people get their piles and piles of paper organized, yes!  From taxes to coupons, this step by step guide will motivate and teach you how to turn your mountains of paper into organized systems.  Paper is one of the hardest things to stay on top of because it just seems to breed in the night.  Seriously it doesn’t stop, does it?  I’ve read Lisa’s e-book and think it’s fantastic so I invited her here today to tell you a little bit more about it.  Welcome Lisa!

Paper isn’t pretty. It isn’t fun. It’s practical, tedious and stressful.

Paper piles are easily hidden… at first.

I often debate with myself about how long I should save different papers, where to file papers I want to be able to retrieve, and WHY is CAN’T FIND a paper!

Organization is a hobby and a business for me, maybe you too!

When I finish a room I love to show off my work. But you don’t get that same feeling when you organize your paper. Your friends are not going to rush over and see how pretty your files look!

But slowly overtime the weight of those bloated files and not being able to find that coupon AGAIN build up until… ENOUGH!

I had enough last summer and tackled my paper monster once and for all.

10 Steps to Organized Paper will walk you step by step through organizing every paper you have. Taxes, coupons, photos, birth certificates, it’s all there.

As a former teacher I have written this book in a step by step manner to guide you and encourage you as you tackle your paper.

Part one covers archival paper like old tax records, manuals and kids artwork.

Part two is the daily paper that can be just OVERWHELMING.

You know the daily kid’s book orders, homework, field trip and camp registrations. Then there is the mail that contains coupons, bills and magazines you want to read. Add in a few medical receipts for good measure and you have the beginnings of the average mom’s kitchen paper monster.

I have been using my paper system and helping others do the same for 10 months. And it WORKS!

I have to say, when I was done tackling my paper, my friends really DID come see my files and systems. They too had paper monsters to tackle; they just didn’t know where to begin.

For more information and to purchase please visit my site here.

Lisa is a Cincinnati mom who has struggled the last 12 years to give her kids the best education, food and treatments money can buy. Raising special needs kids is taxing emotionally, relationally, financially and physically. Her dream is to break down the walls isolating special needs families and providing them with information to help them achieve their goals. Lisa blogs at Warrior Mama “Helping busy moms…Manage All Mama’s Assets”. Lisa also shares her organizational tips on her blog Organize365: Helping Busy Mama’s organize their busy lives.

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5 Responses to Why does paper organization sink to the bottom of our organizational to do list?

  1. 1
    Lisa says

    Thanks Laura!

    I am so excited to be guest posting on your site! You are the organizational goddess!

    I am excited to help other MAMA’s tackle their paper piles!


  2. 2
    Melissa says

    Do you or any of your organizer friends use any bill scanner/software to help manage the paper mess? For kid papers, I store the girls artwork throughout the year in a folder or plastic file and then during the summer I photograph all of it and once I have enough, I create a photo book on qoop.com or elsewhere. Then I have a book of all their wonderful artwork and I can throw the actual artwork out :) I am interested in the NEAT bill scanner, but I’m unsure how well it really works.

    • 2.1
      Laura says

      I have used the NEAT receipts scanner and it’s a fantastic product!

      • Melissa says

        Awesome! Thanks – I’m going to put it on my ‘things I want’ list :)

  3. 3
    Becky L. says

    Sounds like a plan for me. I struggle with paper organization. I guess just taking care of it immediately works best, which I try to do. Sigh! Thanks!


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