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Please welcome my guest, Rebecca from D and R Tabb, to the blog today.  Rebecca is talking about my favorite subject, containers of course!  Talking about containers never gets old to me, especially inexpensive ones.  They are the best!  And they make me deliriously happy too :)

Containers bring me inner peace.

If I had not been a toddler in the 80s, I would probably have sold Tupperware.  Things have a way of growing legs and spreading all over your house. From the shoes you kick off at the door, to the bag of groceries you bring in from the car, to (my personal unfavorite) the junk mail that multiplies no matter what you do.

Here are a few of the containers that I have bought or re-purposed that make my Type A self say, “Ahhh…” when I see them in action.

Since I have long, skinny drawers in my bathroom, these white baskets keep things corralled. I can’t fit a third organizer in the back so a few items are roaming free back there. Although it may not be a perfect fit for everything I need, I saved money by using containers I already had.

My new favorite way to organize bobby pins. This is an old first aid travel kit that is a little bigger than an altoids tin (which also makes good container for bobby pins).

I threw away several old spices during my 7 Days of 7 Throw Aways week and I re-purposed this one to hold toothpicks.

This basket was just sitting in a closet and I now use it to house bathroom essentials we keep on the counter.  I really don’t like clearing off the sink to clean it every week. So this basket is amazing because it holds a lot, is nice and sturdy, and I can just pick up the basket and move it when it’s time to clean.

An old container for sprinkles holds our headphones.

This red table in our entryway serves as a place to keep shoes, keys, papers, and mail until it is sorted and filed.

What containers in your house can be re-purposed to make your life easier?

Rebecca is a former educator turned stay-at-home mom (for now). She loves exercising, reading, and blogging about her adventures as a wife and new mom at D and R Tabb.



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4 Responses to Container Organization

  1. 1
    Robin says

    I have to say I use those old first aid containers to divide my first aid supplies. I created labels for each and have all the little containers in a larger box. They work perfect. If you were a couponer and obtained these last year, I took out the items and split them all up individually.

    The baskets you’re using for makeup, etc. I’ve been collecting 2nd hand for a few months now. With a larger “desk” drawer in my kitchen I keep adding these baskets to the drawer. Now, nothing slides and everything has its place. :) Nice and tidy!

  2. 2
    Valerie says

    I love finding new uses for old things. Some of my favorites are those clear plastic zippered pouches that drapes and sheets come in. I recently re-organized my craft supply cabinet and used a whole bunch of those pouches to store embellishments, stickers, fabric scraps, etc. It’s great because you can easily see what’s in each one without opening.

    I also recycled a large hard plastic lidded tote (looks kind of like a toolbox) that a friend had given me when my daughter was born (she is now 9) filled with baby bath essentials. It is the perfect first aid boxt, complete with a little tray that has compartments. Plenty of room for band-aids, alcohol, bandage scissors…you name it!

  3. 3
    Amber says

    Oh bless you bless you!! I didn’t think I’d find anyone who loved containers as much as me! I save them and have a drawer cluttered with them but never even thought of using them to organise clutter! I’m gonna have a big rummage tomorrow and get started!

  4. 4
    shelley says

    I take my small ziplock plastic containers and lids and put them in a dollar store square dishwashing bin…now when i need one I just pull out the bin..they fit 2 deep in my lower cupboards. The back one is used for small reusable juice containers….my daughter laughs at me..but when i open my cupboard i don’t have an avalanche of plastic..


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