April 2012 Sponsor Spotlight

It’s that time again where I give a huge shout out to the FANTASTIC sponsors on my blog from the previous month. Please read below to find out how each of them can assist you on your organizational journey or in future endeavors. I’ve also highlighted any specials, giveaways, promotions, posts, discounts and/or any workshops that may be available to you at this time. Keep reading and you’ll see what I’m talking about, there is something for everyone!!


Profitable Organizer is a company created to help you set up your own Professional Organizing business. I get many inquiries from people wondering how to go about doing this so I’m thrilled to be able to refer you to an excellent resource. Professional Organizer, Cynthia and her husband Adam have designed their business and membership site to help walk you through this process step by step. To find out if this is a path that might be right for you, you can watch this helpful video plus download their free 38 page 2-Week Guide To Generating $50/hr as a Professional Organizer that walks you through what is required and how Profitable Organizer can assist you with setting up your business. Find out more about their membership options, which include videos, forums, sample documents and much much more, here.


Returning this month is Naked Binder. Naked Binder makes the highest quality recycled and recyclable eco-friendly office and school supplies on the planet. They have designed their binders to be safer and healthier to make, use and recycle. Their binders, folders and tabs are all made in the US and don’t include any plastics, vinyls or toxins. Thumb through their online catalog to see all they have to offer. Everything about these binders works. Because they last, you have no worries about your papers, or having to get another in a month, or a year, or even 5 years. Read more on their blog here as well as on Twitter.


The Confident Mom site is a blog focusing on helping moms make small changes to create peaceful and loving homes. I’ve linked to many of Susan’s blog posts in the past because I love her heart for struggling and overwhelmed moms and her passion for helping them become purposeful and intentional mothers. Susan has recently created a fabulous ebook called The 2012 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner. This series of planning pages for each week of the year offers a variety of tasks staggered at appropriate intervals and includes everything from meal planning to items often forgotten such as checking your credit report to school shopping. Taking care of yourself should also be a priority, so there’s even “you” time on the list! You’ll be able to efficiently keep up with the tasks that can often be forgotten and feel prepared each morning with a realistic ‘to-do’ list. In addition there is a daily quiet time laid out that will get you through the bible in a year (note: a version without Bible reading is also available). You can also find The Confident Mom on Facebook and Twitter.


Get Organized Wizard is a company designed to help you move from procrastination to action. Their programs help busy men and women take action toward a life of greater happiness, productivity and personal organization. Have you checked out their newest program called 52 Weight Loss Missions yet? This program helps you take action and do the things that bring weight-loss success. Forget struggle, perfectionism and willpower. This is a better, saner way. The 52 Weight Loss Missions are smart, achievable and motivating. They give you information and empowerment to do the things that help you lose weight. They guide you to change the path of least resistance so eating, moving and thinking right get easier. They’re succinct, to-the-point, and even a little bit fun. They cover diet, exercise and mindset and offer hundreds of practical ideas & strategies. You can find TWO free sample missions here. You can also find Get Organized Wizard on Twitter and Facebook.


ListPlanIt.com offers you access to hundreds of lists & planning pages to help you organize your family, home, time, business, – & life! As a Print Member, View pages you want & Print as often as you like. As a Download Member, Type into a page & Save to your computer. Organize the New Year with these pages: resolution map and planner, goals for this year, exercise and calorie tracker, daily, weekly and monthly planners and to-do lists, meal planning pages, project planning pages and lots more! See for yourself with some examples in their FREE Trial. Jennifer’s newest product is her Homemaking ePlanner filled with lists, checklists, worksheets, schedules, inventories, and to-dos in areas such as cleaning, home organizing, needs shopping and more. Find ListPlanIt on Facebook and Twitter.


become a photo organizer Also new this month is APPO, the Association of Personal Photo Organizers, a marketing and training association that offers certification and support to its members.  They are looking for independent business owners who would like to add photo organizing to their services or start a business as a photo organizer.  So many people struggle with how to get organized in this area so there is a huge need for professionals who can help.  If you have a passion for photos + an entrepreneurial spirit then this might be the perfect time to leap into this growing new industry. Digital, print or video–help people go from overwhelmed to inspired by bringing cherished memories back into their lives.  If this is something you might be interested in please visit this page and sign up to find out more information.


In addition to her professional organizing business, Aby Garvey also offers terrific online workshops at Simplify 101. For a complete list of all upcoming online classes please visit their workshop catalog. Unsure if an online workshop is right for you? Take a tour of their online workshop system in advance. Their next workshop, Organizing With Your Kids, begins May 10th. Is your child’s clutter a source of stress or disagreement in your home? In this online workshop, you’ll learn how to team up with your kids to organize with them and put an end to clutter. Whether your child is a toddler or teenager or somewhere in between, if kid clutter is a source of stress in your home, this workshop will give you concrete ideas to get organized with your child. Learn on your family’s time schedule, with the support of a professional organizer and a friendly online community.You’ll start by pinpointing the ways you’d like to change how you spend your time and manage your to-dos. Then, using the ideas and techniques presented in the lessons, along with a questionnaire, worksheets, and straight forward action steps, you’ll create a customized approach to time and task management—one that works for you. You can also find Simplify 101 on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.


I was pleased to welcome back Misty Marsh, owner of Your Own Home Store and authorized independent consultant for Shelf Reliance. On Misty’s site you can find all sorts of storage systems for your pantry to assist you with organization. It is Misty’s goal to do all she can to support her customers in addition to providing the lowest price on products. She is readily available to answer any questions you may have about your order, Shelf Reliance, the products she sells, or preparedness in general. She promises to get your questions answered in a friendly, timely, and efficient manner. For more information please visit Your Own Home Store.


Last but not least is Erin, a consultant for the popular organizing home party company, Clever Container.  Clever Container is all about organizing, functionality, ideas and fun.  They have many wonderful products for organizing all aspects of your life.  They offer excellent incentives and free products whether you host a party or join their team.  For more information and to check out their online catalog please visit Erin’s website, Get Cleverly Organized.  You can also find Erin on Facebook and Pinterest.


If you would like to consider joining these awesome sponsors and advertising with me, please send an email to orgjunkie (at) hotmail (dot) com and I’d be happy to discuss my rates with you. Please also check out my advertise page for my site statistics. Thanks so much!!

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