52 Weeks: #48 Time to Organize! with my new organizing app!!

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Update:  Unfortunately due to time constraints the developers have pulled my app and I’m unable to get it back.  Should this change in the future I will update this page.  Sorry about that.

It’s here!! 

I’ve been working with some awesome developers for months and months to design a simple and easy to use organizing and home task management app.  I’m so excited about it because so much time and attention went into it to making it just right.  It’s called Organize! and it’s now available for download from the App Store and works with both iPhone and iPad (future plans will see it available for Android).

How cute is this home page:

Here’s how it works:

This app has been designed as a tool to help you simplify and organize your daily task list without making things more complicated than they need to be. As a busy work at home mom of three, Laura understands that we don’t need another tool to distract us from what needs to get done. What we need is a tool that helps us focus and stay on task without overwhelming us further. This app was created with that goal in mind.

Each day take three tasks from your master task list and add them to the daily top three section. These three designated daily tasks are your priority tasks for the day helping you narrow your focus and not be overwhelmed with everything else that needs to be done. Check tasks off as you complete them and be rewarded with fireworks (so very fun!) when you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. Way to go!

Have 5 minutes to spare? You’d be surprised what you can accomplish in such a short amount of time. This app will provide you with one helpful suggestion at a time. Don’t like the one that’s given to you, shake your phone and you’ll be offered another. Use the included timer feature and you’ll be done in no time.

Another way to alleviate the overwhelming feeling that often accompanies clutter is to assign one organizing task to accomplish each week using the 52 weeks of organizing feature. This feature will help you monitor your progress as you take this year long organizational journey.

**So many simple yet effective organizing features all in one place designed to help you move from a life of chaos and clutter to one of sanity and order without losing your mind in the meantime.**

– Top 3 Daily Tasks
– 52 Weeks (getting organized one week at a time)
– Tidy Timer (for those walkabouts and 10 minute tidy’s)
– Less than 30 minutes and less than 5 minute suggested tasks
– Personal home Mission Statement
– Easy access to the “I’m an Organizing Junkie” blog
– and more to come with each free update…

Available for a limited time only at the introductory price of .99 cents.  Once we move to the next stages of design, the price will be going up.  Check it out by clicking on the button below:

I’m so excited to see it all come together and even more excited to see what you think of it!

I would love your help getting the word out if you would be so kind.  Please find my square share buttons below.  Thank you!!

For more information please visit this post where your app questions are answered.


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69 Responses to 52 Weeks: #48 Time to Organize! with my new organizing app!!

  1. 1
    Rebecca says

    Love it, already installed it. Congrats – launching an app is a huge achievement.

  2. 2
    Alicia says

    This app looks & sounds amazing! I can’t wait until the Android version is ready. 🙂

  3. 3
    Sarah DeVries says

    That clinches it: I am going to Walmart tomorrow to get an Apple AppStore card to use on my iPhone 4! Until now none of the cool paid apps I’ve seen have pushed me over that precipice, but now you’ve done it. 😉

  4. 4
    se7en says

    You have an app… I love it… What a genius idea!!! Seriously love how you use the work you have done in your past: your blog and your book, to come up with new and innovative idea!!! Really brilliant!!!

  5. 5
    Joyce says

    Neat!! Waiting for the Android app!

  6. 6
    Jade @ No Longer 25 says

    Just bought it – how exciting, looking forward to using it. It costs £0.69 in the UK – bargain!

  7. 7
    Amy K says

    Just purchased it – can’t wait to check it out.

  8. 8
    Beth says

    Love it….. Thank you xxxx

  9. 9
    Cathy Devine says

    Have never purchased an app so will be watching for the Android version and will make it my first.

  10. 10
    MonicaB says

    This looks amazing….downloading it now!!

  11. 11
    jenne says

    This might seem like a silly question but does it work on the IPOD touch? i don’t have a data package on my phone but do have an IPOD touch, which is just like the IPHONE but without a phone package. would love to get it if it is available for the IPOD. thanks so much!

    • 11.1
      Emily says

      Yes you can get it for the IPOD touch.

  12. 12
    Marcia Francois, Organising Queen says

    Well, look at you! I’m so proud of you, Laura. I want to be you when I grow up 🙂 even thought you’re only a few years older LOL

  13. 13
    Margarita Ibbott says

    OMG… this is great news! Now I just have to track down my iPod (my kids steal it all the time because it has Angry Birds and The Smurfs on it!). I am sure I will have to charge it,THEN I will happily download your app.


  14. 14
    Robin says

    Just bought it!! So fun!

    Are there supposed to be tasks under the 52 Weeks tab? I don’t see any and I don’t see any and there doesn’t seem to be a way for me to create my own.

    Thanks!! Congrats on the App.


    • 14.1
      Emily says

      Add tasks to the All Tasks basket and then you can put those tasks into the 52 week basket.

      • Roberta says

        Just got it too!! So much fun! I had the same question!

        Is there a way to populate the 52 weeks with the blog entries so we can follow along and not have to manually enter what we get in the blog feed. Would be great as an option to turn on or not!

        Thanks for offering such a great intro price!!

        • Shelley says

          I agree! I love the app but wish it was populated already. It would be a good way to start out then add or delete to personalize it. As someone who is just getting into organizing my life, I feel a little overwhelmed with the task of setting up a system.
          Thanks so much! I’ll look forward to the updates!

          • Laura says

            I did think about pre-populating tasks in the 52 weeks section but everyone’s list will be so dramatically different with what needs to be done. One idea is to check out the 5 min and 30 min task lists and using some of those to complete your list. Another suggestion would be to simply walk around your home with your phone and add to the all tasks list as you see things you would like to get organized. Once you have your all tasks list completed it is easy to populate your top three and 52 weeks sections. Hope that helps!

      • Robin says

        Thanks a bunch, Emily!!

  15. 15
    Amy says

    I am so excited about this app! As soon as I saw this post I bought it without even reading about. I figured that if you helped create it, then it would be good. When I read about it, I was even more excited! Thank you so much for creating this app at a reasonable price! I have been following your blog, and was wishing there was an app that I could use that was similar to your system. Now there is one that is like your system. I can’t wait to play with it and get everything set up!

  16. 16
    Kim says

    WOO HOO Laura!!! Way to go…I’m downloading it now…I’m so excited!!!

    A friend and I are currently working on an app – I am wondering if you could share some info with me via my personal email? Just email me and I’ll send you my questions if you have time. THANKS

  17. 17
    Rebecca says

    Back again to comment further after playing with it more. It is so nicely designed and user friendly, clearly layed out. The look and feel of it is pretty, bright and clean. Again kudos! Also anyone else, remember to review it in the store, 5 star reviews are like gold for new apps!

  18. 18
    Faith says

    Downloaded! looks like it’ll be a wonderful tool, very organized. Any chance you could do a desktop version to link to it?

  19. 19
    Lisa says

    How cool is THAT?!! Way to go, Laura!!!

  20. 20
    MaryJane Higgins says

    Please hurry and get the Android version up and running! I need this App!

  21. 21
    Claire @ Claire K Creations says

    How exciting! Well done. I can’t wait to use it. I’ve been using your top three tasks to get through a very busy time and it’s helped me so much!

  22. 22
    Martha (MM) says

    Awesome! I’m another waiting for the android version.

    • 22.1
      Pamela says

      Don’t forget us Blackberry people!!!

  23. 23
    [email protected] says

    Congrats on the app! It sounds perfect!! I’ll be looking for the announcement about the android version. I hope it’s soon!

  24. 24
    large family small world says

    I was so excited to see this! I got it on my phone right away. I found a great use for the 5 min. or less tasks….. Extra jobs for my kids! I often assign extra jobs when their regular work is not done properly to help them learn that being lazy just means more work later, but sometimes I have a hard time thinking of jobs they can do (that need to be done), this will help me have useful jobs for the kids! I can’t wait to explore some more!

  25. 25
    Gloria says

    The app looks great. Will the 52 weeks section be updated with 2012 dates when 2011 ends?

  26. 26
    KL says

    Is there actually going to be an Android version of this?

  27. 27
    Tracey says

    Wish I could try it but I have an android phone…not willing to deal with apple’s inferior products.

    Any idea when the android app will be released?

  28. 28
    Maggi says

    I love the app! Is there a way to set up my Top 3 tasks prior to the day they need to be done? I’d like to set up my tasks ahead of time to plan out my week. Also is there a way to get a daily alert of what my three tasks of the day are? Thanks!

  29. 29
    Kathy says

    Congratulations Laura, it’s so cool that you have an app! I can’t wait for the droid one to come out. You must be so excited. I will spread the word.

  30. 30
    Rachel says

    LOVE IT!!! Congrats on the app, it is fabulous and I love that it links to the blog! I can’t wait to see what types of things you add in future updates!

  31. 31
    Melissa says

    Any plans for a windows version? I could do this on the iPad but that doesn’t seem as portable as it would be on my windows7 phone. I gave my daughter the iPod so..that’s not really a possibility now.

  32. 32
    Angie says

    How can I add my own options?

  33. 33
    Jodie says

    I love this idea and it looks amazing.
    I was wondering, would you consider making such a thing that you can just download on to your computer? We don’t all have smart phones unfortunately. You could maybe make it in the form of a Yahoo! widget.

  34. 34
    Shawnna Gugler says

    Help please!! I was using the Organize! app and was viewing your blog. I exited the blog, and now all I have is a black screen. Any thoughts on how to get back to the app. I am so excited to use it, but right now I cannot. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    • 34.1
      Laura says

      Thank you for bringing this our attention. We are looking into a fix for it. Here is what I found fixed the problem: If you kill the app (meaning you push the home button twice, a list of apps comes up in the bottom section, press and hold the organize app until the minus sign appears, press the minus sign on the Organize! app, then press the home button twice again) then launch it again it should work. Let me know if that doesn’t work.

  35. 35
    GG says

    I have been using several different apps to help with getting myself more organized, however I have been looking for a single program that would combine them all into one place. That is why I downloaded your App last night for my Iphone. I LOVE the Home Page as well as a lot of the features, but I did find what I think is a clitch in the timer. I had a hard time getting it to reset to 15 minutes and once I pressed the start button- it started counting down at 2 minutes. The second time I reset it- it started at 7 minutes (even though I had it set for 15). Hope there’s a way to fix the clitch! Also, just some suggestions… Hope you don’t mind! I would love to be able to add my own list of 5 & 30 minute task and there currently is no way to do this. I would also love to be able to add 2012 dates ahead of time to the 52 week list. Currently the dates begin Jan 2011 and go to Dec 2011 and the year is almost over. Once these are worked out… I think I am going to LOVE this app and it will be EXACTLY what I have been looking for. Would highly recommend to others (once the clitches have been worked out). Can’t wait to see what you have planned for the Menu Planning and Shopping List!

    • 35.1
      Laura says

      Thank you so much for your suggestions. Yes we are in the process of working some kinks out and all upgrades will be free. Will keep you posted!

  36. 36
    Krys_in_IL says

    Laura, many congratulations on such a fantastic achievement! I’m a big fan of your blog and your book, and so I am very excited that you’ve created an app (I positively LIVE on my iPhone!).

    I downloaded the app today, and have been taking a little tour. I appreciate the “sneak peek” price, and I LOVE the layout. It’s straightforward, clean, and attractive!

    However, I did give the app a 2-star rating, because the preview screenshots show lots of tasks, and the app doesn’t come with pre-loaded tasks, so it’s immediate usefulness is very low for me, as I won’t take the time to manually type in all of the tasks that are in your book or on your blog.

    I sincerely hope that you’ll consider an update that includes all of the many fantastic task suggestions that you’ve given us through your book and blog. With that, this is easily a 5-star app.

    Congrats again, and keep us posted on things to come!

  37. 37
    Kimberly says

    I’ll be downloading it for my iPad, but unfortunately, don’t have an iPhone, I have an android. :/

  38. 38
    nicole ross says

    LOVE this app! Thank you and look forward to when the menu planning is on the app as well. 🙂 It will be a great help.

  39. 39
    Jessica Hesse says

    Hey I am wondering if I can get it for my android phone? I really want to try it. It looks very effective!

  40. 40
    kim says

    ooohhhh….can’t wait for the android version…it will make a nice addition to my kindle fire!

  41. 41
    Anne Marie Freitas says

    Love it so far! Can;t wait til it’s out for android phones!

  42. 42
    Josi says

    Hi. Just purchased app. I follow Fly Lady. Hope you have heard of them. They give you a weekly plan for the zone they are in (kitchen, foyer, bathroom, etc). I was hoping that was in 52 weeks that you have. I was a bit disappointed when I found it empty.

    Is there a chance you might pre-fill these?

    Let me know. Would want to have to transfer from flylady.

    Thanks. God bless.

    • 42.1
      Laura says

      Hi Josi, I did think about pre-filling it but everyone’s needs are so different. An easy way to do it would be to go to the 30 minute and 5 minutes task boxes and there is an option in each of them to add that particular task to all tasks. Everything works off the All Tasks basket so once you have that filled it is a snap to populate the other areas as needed. Hope that helps!

  43. 43
    Corrie says

    Hi I just found your page & Im loving it! I was wondering if the android app ever came out? I was trying to find it but Im not having any luck. It looks like exactly what I am needing. Thanks, Corrie

    • 43.1
      Laura says

      No it hasn’t come out yet, sorry!

      • Lori says

        Any idea when this will be available for android? With more and more switching to android it would be great if the apps were available on both.

        Thanks, Lori

        • Laura says

          I’m sorry I don’t know at this time 🙁

  44. 44
    Andrea says

    I just found your site and love it….and to be honest the app sounds great but unfortunately I’m an android girl through and through…really hope you make this available to use roidies…lol

  45. 45
    Kathy says

    Am I the only one out here who thinks this app is schmarrn? Love the website but the app is not usable for me & can’t recommend because there is no overview “master plan” or connection between weekly and daily planning. Sorry -increased instead of decreased complexity.

  46. 46
    Katie says

    When will this app be updated to include the menu planner?

    • 46.1
      Laura says

      I’m sorry Katie, I’m completely at the mercy of my app developers and they haven’t committed to me when they’ll be doing it. They know I’m anxious so hopefully sooner rather than later.

      Thanks for your patience,

  47. 47
    LF says

    I like the app a lot, but am disappointed as i would like to see my own 5- and 30-min tasks.
    The pre-loaded ones are not useful to me.
    Thank you

  48. 48
    deb s says

    I’m disappointed with this app. Had I known that I would have to enter all of the tasks, I would not havepaid for it. If I’m doing all the work, why would I need this. Sorry, but I’ll stick with my FlyLady. It’smuch more “organized” and it’s free.

    • 48.1
      Laura says

      Hi Deb, I’m so sorry you feel that way. All the 5 and 30 minute tasks are pre-loaded and you can add those to your all tasks basket if you want to. However as you can see from the comment above yours though, not everyone is happy that these come pre-loaded as many want to be able to add their own tasks instead. So some want them pre-loaded and some don’t, it’s hard to find a happy compromise but hopefully we can come up with a solution where we can maybe please both at some point.

      Thanks for your feedback,

  49. 49
    Tracy says

    How On Earth do I set the date to start now on the 52 weeks. Seems to be set on 2013.

    • 49.1
      Laura says

      Hi Tracy, it’s currently set for 2014, if you scroll down on the 52 weeks box you’ll see that it goes all the way up to Dec 29/14. At the end of the year my developers will switch it over to 2015.


  50. 50
    Ana Steele says

    Will there be an app update? Love the app but a widow pops up every time I open it now say the app will slow down my iPad because the developer needs to update app.

    Is there another app you recommend like yours?

    Thank you for your time in responding.

    Ana Steele

    • 50.1
      Laura Wittmann says

      Hi Ana, I’m so sorry about the app. My developers stopped supporting it and updating it for me which is so sad because it really is an amazing app. I am still looking for something similar out there but so far no luck. Always keeping my eyes open though 🙁


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