2011 Christmas Home Tour

It’s been four years since I participated in a blogland Christmas tour of homes so I thought it would be fun to do it again.  So come on in and welcome to my house!

This could be a long one so how about I start by offering you two of my favorite things.  A cup of delicious Earl Grey Vanilla tea (so good!) in my fancy Regis and Kelly mug (I saw the show LIVE in October!).  Sit back and relax and off we go :)

This morning we woke up to a glorious hoar frost (I live in Alberta, Canada).  It’s absolutely stunning to see.  All the trees glistening in the beautiful sunshine.  Gosh it never gets old to me.


and closer

When you first come to my door you’ll be greeted by my new sparkly wreath (are you sensing my love for the sparkly yet?).  I hung it up using the coolest product.  The Zip ‘n Hang.  Flexible lines go over the corners of your door and hold up to 20 lbs with the wreath hook attachment.  No hassles closing the door makes me a happy girl :)

As you enter you’ll see one of my favorite Christmas decorations…my stuffed snowman hanging on the banister railing.  He’s so cute!

Are you getting hungry?  Perhaps you’d like a snack?  These Mini Cherry Cheesecakes are to die for.  And if you know I’m making it, you know it’s got to be easy :)

I purged so many Christmas decorations this year and really tried to only keep my absolute favorite things.  One of those is our village scene which we absolutely love when it’s all lit up.

Time for another treat.  How about some yummy Butter Tarts?

Whenever I visit someone’s home at Christmas I always gravitate to the Christmas tree to look at their ornaments.  Each tree is so unique and tells a story all by itself.  It fascinates me.  I like to call our tree a Hallmark tree because we buy the kids a new ornament each year and they are taking over the tree!  (my kids are 14.5, 12 and 6).  I still get to sneak a few of my homemade ornaments on though in amongst all the others.

We’ve used the same popcorn strands on our tree for years.  We just seal them up real good and bring them out year after year.

And our newest ornament from our trip to Siesta Key, Florida this year:

Definitely time for another munchie.  This time I’ll serve up some “can’t eat just one” Chocolate Pretzel Bites:

Our lovely angel tree topper was made for us by my mother in law.

Each year I purchase a couple of things that really say Christmas to me.  It starts with these awesome smelling cinnamon scented pinecones from Walmart.  I love the way they smell up the whole house :)

The other is a Poinsetta that I get through a school fundraiser.  Can you believe that this Poinsetta only cost me $20.00, it’s huge!

Oh speaking of plants, I forgot to show you what my hubbie picked up for outside our house this year.

Because nothing says Christmas like a light up palm tree :)

Totally cracks me up!

My youngest son got the Star Wars count down calendar this year and thinks it’s the best thing going!  What tour of homes would be complete without seeing this…lol.

The rest of us however enjoy lighting our advent candle ring each night to count down the days (this picture was taken last year).  I purchased it a year ago from Ann Voskamp of A Holy Experience.  Her teenage son makes them (although I’m not sure if he still does).  So peaceful.

Finally I want to share my nativity scene with you because after all Jesus is the reason for the season!

Well I think it must be time for me to go.  I’m getting sad doggy eyes from my sweet girl who is waiting patiently to play.

Thank you so much for stopping by to visit!!!

I hope you and your family have a beautiful and delightful Christmas!!

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27 Responses to 2011 Christmas Home Tour

  1. 1
    Annie says

    I still have my safety pin ornament from my sweet sweet friend!! Michaela knows that is one of my special ornaments!

    • 1.1
      Laura says

      I love that you were the first to comment girlfriend! Miss you like crazy :)

  2. 2
    Anne says

    I love all of your decorations, and you’re so sweet to offer such delicious snacks!

  3. 3
    Ginny @ Organizing Homelife says

    I laughed when I saw the Rainbow Brite ornament. That’s a blast from the past. I have my Strawberry Shortcake ornament (sweet smelling, of course!) on my tree every year. :) But I really laughed out loud at the palm trees. Aren’t husbands great? ;)

  4. 4
    Southern Fried Gal says

    Your home is so festive and fun. I love how you move us around with the food – great hostess! Thanks for sharing.

  5. 5
    Gin says

    That frost is spectacular! Here in Australia, Christmas means cherries, seafood, barbeques, end of year school concerts and carols by candlelight. I love our Aussies Christmases, but I do like seeing all those wintery pictures like on old-fashioned Christmas card.

  6. 6
    Becky L says

    Love the hoar frost. We don’t have it here in Oregon. I did find frost still on trees and a spider web and some plants of Friday at NOON, believe it or not. Driving the back way looked like a winter wonderland.Thanks for sharing your Christmas decorations at your house. It’s always fun to see other people’s houses. Speaking of goodies, I made some thumb print cookies the other day and Phil took 5 plates with 6 cookies each plate to work today for a cookie exchange. He brought home 6 different plates with 6 cookies each….yum! Fun!

  7. 7
    Cindy says

    Thank you so much for taking the time to show us all your lovely decorations and all the goodies!! I loved every photo!! You are a Proverbs 31 woman or at least working toward that ideal!! Thank you, again!!!

  8. 8
    George says

    Actually – The Solstice is the reason for the Season. Jesus wasn’t born in December, he was most likely born in June. The church didn’t start celebrating “the birth of Jesus” till A.D. 336 when they decided that they needed a winter festival to combat the growing paganist beliefs of the time.

    Not knocking the beliefs, just reminding the truth that Jesus is not the reason for the season, celebrating the solstice was, Christianity borrowed the date and took it for themselves.

  9. 9
    Dawnee says

    Goodness, for some reason I’m hungry now!!! This was wonderful! I’m glad I found you on the Christmas Home Tour Linky!!

  10. 10
    Kim @ Homesteader's Heart says

    I loved your tour. Man I feel like I haven’t stopped by in ages. Missed it here. Boy some of those ornaments bring back memories. Rainbow Bright, the Little Schoolhouse. I love it. And your tree topper is gorgeous. She did an amazing job making that. We don’t even have a tree topper this year. Maybe I’ll have to make one because all the ones at the store are pretty ugly.
    Thanks for sharing your Christmas home with us. It’s beautiful.
    Have a lovely day!

  11. 11
    Hogward says

    Very wonderful art works. I love everything and especially i like to have Butter Tarts. I gonna try

  12. 12
    Audrey says

    I had a very hard time moving past the mini cherry cheesecakes. I remember having these about ten years ago at a party and eating three or 4 of them. Cherry is one of my favorite fruit fillings.

  13. 13
    Lisa says

    Love the candles! I also want to try the butter tarts. Thanks for having us all over for the tour!

  14. 14
    kim says

    Wow, I haven’t seen the advent candle thing like that one. I sometimes check out the blog you refer to , but I haven’t seen that advent candle. We almost had a fire here the other night because we forgot to blow out the candles and got talking etc when suddenly my husband noticed one of the candles had burned all the way to the wreath and it was about to burn!

  15. 15
    Tammy A says

    I have my safety pin ornament hanging on my tree too!! :) Love your village!!

  16. 16
    Barbie says

    Thank you for the home tour! I love all of the decorations. But I really want to come over and have some snacks!

  17. 17
    cathy Tibbles says

    Absolutely beautiful! I gave up all the styled Chrstimas Trees in favor of the homemade (& home made looking) ornaments. Our kids are still young (elementary) so we made paper chains last year – I’m hoping they stay in good shape this year – I ADORE them on the tree!

    And I haven’t been here ina while obviously – Love the ‘new’ design! Very clean and organized – very YOU! :)

  18. 19
    Amanda says

    Sentimental ornaments are my fave. I love your nativity & I wish it would snow here!

  19. 20
    Susanne says

    Beautiful and festive, Laura, and I’m right full from all your tempting goodies. ;v) Seriously I have to make some of those especially the butter tarts. I loooove butter tarts.

    The palm tree cracked me right up. That’s one way of bringing Florida to frosty Alberta!

  20. 21
    Pat says

    Thanks for the tour Laura. The tree and its menagerie of ornaments is always my favourite part of decorating for the season…like a walk down memory lane. Your whole house looks very inviting and festive. Am sure you have a lot of fun, well-planned activities for the holidays. Sending you wishes for a very Merry Christmas and all the best to you and the kids and that palm tree hugger husband of yours. Gotta run, on my way to pick up your book up at Bookmasters…can you believe they are out? I can, hot item;)

  21. 22
    Kate says

    Hi from Australia, I jus had to tell you that our family lived in Calgary when I was little, my sister was born there. But more excitedly, I had as a kd, the exact same school house that you have as an ornament, but toy size to play with. Our kiddies now play with it when they are t my mums! If you send me your email address, I’d love to send you a photo! Merry Christmas , Kate

  22. 23
    Debra M. says

    Wow! I SO enjoyed the tour! How sweet for you to take the time to share it on your page! Here in sunny Florida, we don’t see snow. (snow=flurries every 10 years…so exciting to us, that the schools close so that we can enjoy catching the flakes on our tongues, since they melt once they hit the ground).
    Thank you again!

  23. 24
    charli says

    I just was looking through at your cute christmas decorations and I had to comment on your palm tree decoration. It may seem funny in Canada but here is Las Vegas it is what we get. I guess the trade off is we get lit up palm trees and 60 degree winters and you get to freeze your bums in the snow. I love the beauty of the snow just not the temp:D
    ps. love the door wreath!!!

    • 24.1
      Laura says

      Hi Charli, yes there is just something silly about seeing a palm tree in the snow that is for sure. I would take your beautiful hot weather any day, so jealous! :)


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