Stationery Love

I love stationery, a lot.  Notebooks, journals, papers, labels, pens, pencils, calendars, planners, the list goes on and on.   As much as I love them though, my daughter (14) loves them even more.  My goodness does she ever have a collection.  She has bins and bins of notebooks in all sizes and shapes.  She does use them though so I can’t give her too hard of a time about it.  You know what notebooks sitting in a bin not being used is don’t you?


And what happens to clutter?

It gets P.U.R.G.E.D.

So she uses them.  She is a writer at heart so I often see her writing furiously away.  In fact she is working on a novel and that apparently takes many notebooks :)

So imagine the fighting that ensues anytime a stationery company sends us a “care” package.  The drool alone is ridiculous but the cat fighting is so unnecessary, sheesh :)  Actually I’m totally on to her and now I secretly sneak those stationery boxes into the house and squirrel them away in my office.  At least until I’ve had a chance to review them.

Blue Sky is one company we recently received a box from.  I’ve used their products before and they are fun, fun, fun.  They have a product called a Multi-Task Notebook and it is essentially a list notebook.  Some of you may remember this post I did on why I think having a list notebook is such a great idea.  Any notebook will work but this is the first time I’ve sort of seen one geared specifically for this purpose.  Let me show you.

It provides you with different sections to batch tasks which is something else I strongly suggest.  This notebook includes three sections….to do, to buy and to call.  It also includes pocket pages in between each.

One of their weekly/monthly planners is what I’m now using as my blog planner and it is working beautifully for me, a much better fit for this purpose.

Love these planning pages at the beginning of every month.

And I really love the monthly tabs.

Here’s a quick glimpse of some of their other fun products:

Don’t Forget Notepad for the door

Magnetic Grocery Pad

And a MousePad Pad

Plus many many more!  You can find this line of products for purchase at two places…their Blue Sky website and as well at Target.  I am also hoping to arrange a weekly bundle offer for my shop as well, that would be awesome.  I’ll keep you posted if we can make it work.

So tell me, are you a stationery junkie too?

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  1. 1
    Natalia says

    That notebook looks great, but in an effort to cut down on clutter in my house, I’ve gone wireless. Are there any iPhone and/or iPad apps you recommend to manage to-do-lists, schedules, etc?

    • 1.1
      raven says

      I love Awesome Notes for my iPhone – it syncs with google docs. Also, your calendar on the iPhone will sync with multiple Google calendars :)

      I’m still working out some tweaks (user error, not program issues lol) but this works great for me.

      • Tanna says

        Does this work for the Android too? I have a new phone and am looking for calendars and organization options! thanks

  2. 2
    heather says

    Yes! My husband makes fun of me because I cannot walk past a pretty or functional notebook without fighting the urge to take it home with me. These products look great. I just started searching for my 2012 calendar and your post may have just directed me to my purchase!

    While I try to do what I can digitally, there is just something about having the paper there in front of me and writing it down!

  3. 3
    Mary Newman says

    Yes I love stationery too. Please never call the show Hoarders on me!!

  4. 4
    Missy M says

    Could you tell me what model number the weekly/monthly planner is? I like the layout of it, but can’t seem to find it on the Blue Sky website or on Target’s website, though it may be a target store only item.

    • 4.1
      Karen says

      Yes, the layout for the daily pages is different on the website, and I like the one she reviewed much better!!

    • 4.2
      Laura says

      Yes it is my understanding that some are Target store exclusive.


      • risa says

        cant seem to find this planner anywhere. any ideas where to buy?

        • Laura says

          It wasn’t at your Target store? The item # is 12475 if that helps.

          • risa says

            Not at Target. The item # is not listed on the BlueSky website. Its a mystery product! Where can I get this?

    • 4.3
      Karen says

      Hello from Blue Sky! The product above is available in limited supplied on our web site: You may be able to find it in some Target Stores, but the collection was a limited edition program and that particular product is mostly sold out. We are so happy that our customers have embraced this collection and that we have helped so many busy people get organized!

  5. 5
    Shannon says

    I LOVE stationery…LOVE IT…I have two drawers of note cards and paper and a shelf of notebooks and not even my husband complains because I actually do use it (the drawers are probably the most organized part of our bedroom actually!)…

  6. 6
    Melanie says

    I love pretty notebooks and folders! And I love looking at them when new school supplies come out every year. I’m running out of kids — my youngest of four is a junior — so pretty soon I won’t be able to pretend I’m shopping with my kids!

  7. 7
    Marcia Francois says

    OH MY WORD – the gorgeousness is too much.

    I’m a stationery junkie like K too. And that notebook with the coloured sections left my heart going pitter-patter :)

  8. 8
    Susanne says

    Stationary is one of my favorite things ever! I get a thrill when I see lovely stationary and have to really control myself. Love the list notebook. I HAVE to get me none of those!

  9. 9
    Deb @ Home life simplified says

    I have been a stationary addict / fiend since childhood (started with stickers and erasers) and now at 39 cannot resist buying new notebooks, pens and pencils! I think if it is in your blood it will always be so – I have a smart phone but do not enjoy the calendar features etc so stick with my moleskin planner and a family wall calendar.

    I LOVE that weekly/monthly one and thank you for giving me the idea to use one for my blog planning. I have tried the editorial calendar plug in but cannot get into it – i simply need a paper format that i can look through, carry around etc. This is exactly what I need and feel calmer already knowing I will action this asap! THANK YOU

  10. 10
    Christina in NO KY says

    I have it bad! I get all excited in the fall (well, summer now) to go “school supply shopping”. My kids get a few things and the rest are for me! I finally found the perfect pen, but I am still interviewing others; love the notebooks that are divided into sections by different colors on the page edges. I have a thing for calendars, I really love the MomAgenda products, except the calendars start on Monday, too hard to get used to!

    I was looking at these Blue Sky products at Target. Had to leave with none of them ’cause I couldn’t take them all home and couldn’t decide which I had to have now!

    • 10.1
      Deb @ Home life simplified says

      OMG interviewing pens – love it – i have so many!! sometimes i think i have found the one and buy a box of 12 and then feel suckered – was not the real “right one”. I never spend the big bucks on fancy Japanese pens I read about but maybe it is false economy and i should splurge and save the money i waste trying out lots of cheaper ones LOL

  11. 11
    Becky L. says

    Yes, I’m a stationery junkie. Alot more when I wrote letters and sent them snail mail. I miss it. I like to buy colored paper sometimes, usually purple if I can find it and love to buy a calender for my purse and need to watch sales that are coming up for another one from Office Depot as I love it! It’s my mini brain!

  12. 12
    Claire @ Claire K Creations says

    I am a serious stationery junkie. I’m not as bad as I used to be now that I live in a small apartment but I love the stuff. When I was at school and university going back from holidays used to be my favourite time because it meant new stationery!

  13. 13
    Mark A. Morales says

    I can’t imagine caring a to-do list everywhere w/ me. Even though they are very nice looking and appealing and make me want to write in them I think it will be too much clutter to carry. Imagine carrying a bag, a cell phone, car keys and children and a to-do list, geeez.

    I like to keep my to do list and schedules on my phone.

    I do like these blue sky products though, I wouldn’t mind keeping them next to the home phone or on the refrigerator, just not carrying them with me.

  14. 14
    Alicia says

    Hi, my name is Alicia and I am a stationary junkie, too. I love when the new school year begins since I get a lot of my favorite or new favorite stationary items easily. Plus, if you wait about 3 weeks after school begins, you can get many of these items at 50% to 75% off. I recently purchased the list notebook from Blue Sky that you have on your blog for clearance. Not only was I excited about this list notebook but it was even better to purchase it at a discount price!

    I use both paper calendars, lists, notebooks as well as a family google (digital) calendar. There is something about checking off items I’ve accomplished on my To Do List. Plus, if I am out and don’t have my calendar right on me, I can easily look up our family calendar on my iPhone. For example, a parent was asking me about an upcoming date while we were at the soccer field with our kids. I was easily able to respond right there just by checking my digital calendar. Not only did this save me time (I didn’t have to remember to look up the date and email/call the parent when we got home) but it saved me from having to remember one more thing after soccer.

    Best of luck to everyone!

  15. 15
    Marianne says

    I plead guilty! I love stationery in all its forms, but I TRY to restrain myself from buying every pretty, useful, or fun thing I see.

  16. 16
    Andrea Scoville says

    Oooooh I totally am. And so are my kids. We LOVE to give it as gifts for their kids birthdays too… nice fresh notebook or journal, some cool pens or pencils and maybe a nifty little bag to carry them.

  17. 17
    Carrie says

    i’m drooling over the first notebook right now

  18. 18
    Sinea says

    I absolutely love new pads of paper, journals, notecards, stationery. YES, I am a stationery junkie too!

  19. 19
    Sarahna says

    Junkie is a great word for it :) I adore stationery……my latest fixation is notecards…been trawling on Etsy looking for the right design to become my personal stationery.

    Been dreaming of opening my own store filled with gorgeous paper, notebooks, pens….the works

  20. 20
    Nicole H. says

    I purchased the 12475 planner at Target during back to school time and LOVE it. I purchased it for work, and would really love to have another for personal use. Unfortunately, I can’t find them anywhere (including the Blue Sky site as Karen mentioned or other Target stores).

    I certainly hope they plan to make more of this style. I am a list-maker and the list style of the days of the week is perfect, perfect, perfect for me.

    Please make more Blue Sky!

    But if anyone has found them, I would appreciate knowing where. Many thanks.


  21. 21
    Chrissy says

    Now these are SOOO great!

    Always looking for good products that I can use to get clients and myself organised more, and its about time that someone came up with notebooks fit for purpose. Makes me want to write a list right now!

    Thanks for sharing

  22. 22
    Karen says

    Both my daughter and I are junkies, of tablets and folders, and pens and pencils. I always have a hard time getting storage ideas for hers and making them work. She’s autisic, and always wants to change it around to her way of doing it. Which is putting them all over the place, than when she wants a special one she can’t find. She comes running to me. I’ve organized her room many times, and nothing seems to work. Even labeling. And she doesn’t want to put things back where they belong.


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