Menu Plan Monday ~ July 4/11

Happy July 4th to all my friends in the US!  In light of the long weekend I’m thinking today might be a little quieter around here but you never know.  We all still have to eat this week 🙂

I don’t sign up to do too many food reviews because well it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with organizing.  But when I was recently contacted about trying out Gluten Free Rice Chex I got very excited.  It seems I’ve been hearing about this cereal for forever on food allergy message boards I use to participate on over at Kids with Food Allergies (an amazing site by the way!) and I could never try them because they weren’t available in Canada.  Until now that is!  They have arrived in Canadian stores…saw them at IGA just last week even….yay!!

As you know my son has many food allergies (dairy, gluten, eggs, fish and nuts) so I’m always happy to find a “regular” cereal he can eat rather than a specialty one that can often cost so much more.   My son really liked these.  As for myself I love to snack on dry cereal at nighttime (I like to crunch).  The Rice Chex make for an awesome snack because they are only .5 grams of fat and 110 calories per one cup.  Yay!  I also tried out the Gluten Free Honey Nut Chex (my son can’t eat it due to his nut allergies) and liked them for a sweeter snack 🙂

If you are a Chex fan, check out these yummy recipes over at Life Made Delicious including this one for Gluten Free Sweet ‘n Salty Coconut Chicken.  Yum!

credit: Life Made Delicious

Another recipe that looks delicious that I want to try is called Citrus Chex Buddies from one of my favorite food blogs, Eat at Home.

I had a wonderful visit with all my company last week but I definitely needed the three hour nap I took this afternoon 🙂  Hopefully this week I’ll be able to catch up around here including doing something about my sadly neglected email…yikes!

Have a great week everyone!!

My Weekly Menu:

Monday: Tortilla Pepperoni Pizzas

Tuesday: BBQ Baby Back Ribs served with baked potatoes and grilled veggies

Wednesday: Garlic Chicken with Sweet Potatoes

Thursday: Leftover buffet

Friday: Ravioliagna

Saturday: Italian BLT’s

Sunday: YOYO (you’re on your own)

Disclosure: I am participating in the Chex Gluten Free program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of General Mills.  I received a Chex gift pack and a gift card as a thank you for my participation.  The opinions are, as always, my own.


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28 Responses to Menu Plan Monday ~ July 4/11

  1. 1
    Rita says

    I am a big Chex fan, especially since having to go gluten-free more than a year ago. Thanks for the links.

  2. 2
    Miz Helen says

    Hi Laura,
    Your meal plan for the week looks great. We would really enjoy your Baby Back Ribs. Thanks for hosting today and hope you have a wonderful week!
    Miz Helen

  3. 3
    Tiffany says

    Thanks for linking to my Chex recipe. I’m going to have to check out the ribs recipe. I’ve got some in the freezer that need to be cooked.

  4. 4
    Angela says

    Since my husband as been on a lower-carb diet, we’ve started making flatbread pizzas. Ds#3 uses tortillas, and hubby & I use FlatOut breads. They are perfect!!! We love to top them with turkey pepperoni, or some of the veggies from the garden. Yummmmmmmmmmmmm.

  5. 5
    [email protected] says

    Looks like another yummy week! Thanks for hosting another great MPM Laura!

  6. 6
    Kim Daniels says

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    Kim Daniels
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  7. 7
    Denise says

    Your meals always sound so scrumptious! I hope your holiday is awesome. 🙂

    • 8.1
      Laura says

      Thanks Gina!

  8. 9
    Carrie says

    We love making pizzas on tortillas in our house. English muffins are yummy, too. Have you ever made your own tortillas? It’s not that hard or time consuming. Here’s the recipe I use-
    Thanks for hosting! As my Monday evening routine, I click through for recipes from MPM for future use. I really appreciate all you do !

  9. 10
    Katie says

    Wow, I didn’t know you had a child who was gluten free. We are in the US, we have always taken Chex for granted. We like them okay, but my kids really like the EnviroKids gluten free cereals, and I can almost always find them on sale cheaper than Chex. Not sure if they have Enviro Kids in Canada though. You can purchase them off Amazon though.

    • 10.1
      Laura says

      Canadians can’t order through unfortunately 🙁 We do get the Envirokids cereal here but it is usually very expensive and rarely goes on sale. Bummer because my son really likes the Gorilla Munch 🙂

      • Katie says

        Oh, Laura! I didn’t know. Amazon is where we get A LOT of our gluten free foods because it’s so much cheaper than in the store here. I can generally find Envirokids for sale at about $2.80 sometimes cheaper.

  10. 11
    Bethany says

    I am definitely going to try those tortilla pizzas yummm!!!!

  11. 12
    Jami @ An Oregon Cottage says

    We’ve always enjoyed Chex cereals- nice that you have that option now, too! Hope you have a great week. 🙂

  12. 13
    Judi @ Frugal Frolic says

    Thanks for the link to the tortilla pizzas… going to show it to my teenage boys. I can see them making these for themselves as “snacks”, as we’ve always got the fixins for these in the house!

  13. 14
    April says

    Those Italian BLT’s look really interesting. I pinned it, and will try them soon. Thanks for hosting another week of Menu Plan Monday Laura. 🙂

  14. 15
    Sam says

    So Sorry! Link 103 links back to this page lol. 104 is my actual link up!

  15. 16
    TechValleyMom says

    I just discovered this site through another friend and love it. I’ve created my first menu Monday! excited to explore everyone’s posts.

  16. 17
    Prerna says

    Hi Laura and all the other lovely ladies, I’m a regular reader(not commenter) and one of the reasons I love lurking is all the inspiration I get when stuck in a rut with my menu plans.

    Thank you for making this a great community, Laura.

  17. 18
    Heather says

    Oh, I am so happy that you’ve finally gotten the GF Chex cereals in Canada! We just got GF Rice Krispies in the states this summer. I love that the gluten-free options are expanding.

  18. 19
    From Cristin To Mommy says

    i bookmarked the ravioliagna- making it next week!
    i’d love if you visited my blog
    you can check out my Menu Plan here

  19. 20
    Melisa says

    Corn chex are my families choice for cereal. They have a lot more flavor than the Rice chex, to me. I had no idea you couldn’t get them in Canada! Give the Corn flavor a try.

  20. 21
    Lisa says

    The BLTs sound interesting–I need to find those bread crumbs…where I live it probably means going to world-famous Jungle Jim’s!

  21. 22
    Maryann says

    Thanks for the mention. I hope the Tortilla pizza turned out!

  22. 23
    The Healthy Apple says

    So happy you’ve found the Chex in your neighborhood! Being gluten and dairy intolerant I’m always on the look-out for a good cereal and I’m so happy your son can now enjoy this!
    Have a great weekend.

  23. 24
    Tammy says

    Hi. I don’t have a blog, but I would like to share. I love looking at everyone’s menus! Thanks!
    July 3rd – Salad & crudités served at lunch & dinner
    Sun. – B – Zucchini muffin frittatas, L – leftovers, D – Shrimp cocktail, Grilled barbecue ribs, cole slaw, corn on the cob, Red, white, & blueberry pie
    Mon. -*Happy Freedom!*- L- summer pasta salad (artichokes, tomatoes, broccoli, black olives), shrimp; Cars 2 movie; S’mores, D – Leftovers
    Tues. – Chicken Florentine, squash
    Wed. – Baked four cheese ravioli (double batch-for a vegan church family of a baby in NICU who’s doing well! ?)
    Thurs. – Pepperoni smiling face pizza
    Fri. – Italian tuna melts (provolone, tomato, capers)
    Sat. – L – Birthday party for boys’ friend at Monkey Joe’s, D -The Counter (Groupon)
    Lunch – M – Leftovers, T – Portabella & provolone “burgers”, W – McD’s after dentist appt., Th – Play date at McDonald’s, F – Leftovers


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