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I’ve partnered up with technology lifestyle expert Carley Knobloch to bring you some fun yet informative videos on various products and services related to technology that will help you get organized.  I know I’m lacking in this area on the blog simply because I’m a little old school and haven’t really embraced what technology can bring to my life.  I find that I simply don’t have the time it takes to get through the learning curve.  I mean I still have to hand my cell phone to my 14 year old daughter if I want anything done on it.  However what I love about Carley’s videos and why I’m excited to share them occasionally with you is that she really simplifies everything into just a couple of steps.  The visual instruction really works well with me because I am very much a visual learner.

Today’s topic is all about Evernote, an online site that MANY of you have raved about to me in the past.  Well you’ll be happy to know that I got it set up online (and even installed on my phone!) all by myself.  I’m excited to see if this is something I will regularly use and if the need is there for me.  Anyways if you’d like to learn more just watch the video below for more information and if you are an Evernote user already let me know what you love most about it.

Notes from Carley:

Look around your house. Are you seeing stacks of papers that you keep meaning to go through? Boxes and files bulging with stuff you put there for safe-keeping, but couldn’t find what you need if your life depended on it. Don’t worry, we won’t judge, it’s the exact overload we were facing that made us think there has to be a better way. Wouldn’t be amazing if you could store information you needed to remember in one place and more importantly, find it instantly, anytime, from anywhere. Good news! It exists, and it is a total game-changer. Evernote is a website, a free app, and an extension that builds functionality into tons of programs you already use. If you can email it, scan it, type it, snap it, recordit, or find it on the internet you can keep track of it all with Evernote. You won’t believe how simple it is to use, watch the video then forget about forgetting important information ever again.

If you have trouble viewing the video, you can find it here.


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15 Responses to Organizing with Evernote

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    Laura Jane @ Recovering Chocoholic says

    I love Evernote! I use it for everything, but my favorite thing is for recipe organization. I have a separate notebook with recipes to try and once I tried them I move them to my tried-and-true notebook. The button for you toolbar in your browser makes it super easy to copy a recipe that you want to try. I also have the iphone app so I can look up a recipe to see what ingredients I need while at the grocery store.

    • 1.1
      Laura says

      Great idea!

  2. 3
    Julie says

    Please note for people who haven’t used evernote that they do not automatically encrypt what you sync. You have to highlight text and ask it to be encrypted with a password. They do not encrypt documents or images, so be selective with what financial or personal information you place in evernote. If you have the downloadable application on a computer you can have notebooks that are not synced, however these won’t be backed-up online.

    • 3.1
      Laura says

      Okay now you’ve totally lost me LOL. I think I’ll stick to the basics because that sounds WAY too complicated for me :)

      Could you explain the sync feature a little more for me. What does it even mean?

      • Julie says

        Sorry I lost you!

        Syncing is having a file on more than one platform, like an ipod that syncs songs that are on a computer onto the ipod without affecting the file on the computer.

        Evernote can sync files between a desktop application (for Mac and Windows), the online site, and a smartphone. No action required from you, it does it automatically. So you can access a file from anywhere you are.

        For example, if you see a recipe you want to try, you can save it to evernote online. Then at the store you can open evernote on your phone and pick up the ingredients you need.

        I use it more the opposite way. If I see a book at Chapters that I want to read but get it from the library. I take a picture with evernote and then go home and look up the picture and order the electronic version from the library.

        Evernote has many possibilities just be careful with your financial and personal information. Like any website your account could be hacked.

        Sorry for the long comment! =)

        • Laura says

          Okay gotcha!! Yes I will definitely avoid anything financial for sure…great point and I so appreciate you taking the time to explain this to my simple mind :)


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    Margo says

    I’m wondering how Evernote compares to Springpad? They are both very interesting but I’d really have to stop myself from picking up that piece of paper and pen!

    • 4.1
      Julie says

      I have tried both – I liked some aspects of springpad, but I found I was clicking in and out of different notebooks and it wasn’t as easy to organize the tag feature, because they are notebook specific. Plus, evernote has a downloadable app you can run on your computer, I don’t have to open a browser and log-in to find the article i want.

      But, easy to their own!

  4. 5
    Jodi says

    I’ve been using Evernote for over a year now and love it. I mostly use it for recipe organization and to save ideas I get from the blogosphere. I have a notebook for each category, Appetizers, Beef, Pasta, etc., and love linking up the recipes. It makes it really easy to find ingredients to use up as well, ie leftover buttermilk, I can search the word and it pulls up where buttermilk is mentioned in any of my notes, makes it easy to not waste anything.

    And then all those creative organizing ideas or craft projects you come across, I save the ideas to use in the future!

    As someone above stated, I also would not use it for personal/financial information.

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    Living the Balanced Life says

    I have been hearing about evernote, but I am like you Laura, a little behind in technology, so it had me a little scared. Seeing it in video helped me understand better and I am definitely gonna check it out!
    How to schedule your priorities

  6. 7
    kimberly says

    cool~ i downloaded it…thanks


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