May 2011 Sponsor Spotlight

It’s that time of the month again where I give a great big shout-out to my awesome sponsors. I thank each and every one of them for hanging with me here and for the services they offer to my readers to help them get organized. Please visit their fantastic sites! I’ll also take this opportunity here to highlight specials, giveaways, promotions, posts, discounts and/or any workshops that may be available to you. Keep reading and you’ll see what I’m talking about! There is something for everyone!!

My newest sponsor this month is a company that is committed to helping people find joy in their pictures again! The owners, Christine Sutton and Tracey Dubois, have written a 104 page e-book called Save Your Photos and Your Sanity to teach you how to organize and protect your entire photo collection in as little as 10 days without losing your mind. With this valuable information, you’ll finally have all the answers you need to be able to conquer your piles of photographs-once and for all! You’ll enjoy the satisfaction and peace of mind of having your photos organized, but much more importantly, you’ll have the joy and pride of knowing that you’ve preserved your family’s memories for your loved ones to cherish. In addition, Chris and Tracey have also designed a line of products dedicated to organizing photographs.


I’m excited to tell you about the new online workshop Aby from simplify 101 will be leading soon.  The Organizing With Your Kids workshop begins June 16th and runs for three weeks.  Whether your child is a toddler or teenager or somewhere in between, if kid clutter is a source of stress in your home, this workshop will give you concrete ideas to get organized with your child. For more information please visit the workshop syllabus.  I do not think you’ll be disappointed with Aby’s affordable and interactive workshops (they are awesome!) but for whatever reason if you are not satisfied they do offer a cancellation policy.  Unsure if an online workshop is right for you? Take a tour of their online workshop system in advance.


Up your organizing game with lists, lists and more lists!  Jennifer of List Plan It wants to help you be your most efficient, productive, and organized self! Members will find all you need to help chart your goals for the new year, manage your time, plan activities/projects, plan meals, and so much more! You’ll have access to literally hundreds of list printables and downloads to get your world in order. Every checklist you could possibly imagine! Choose between a personal/family print membership for $20.00 a year or a personal/family download (download, type and save) membership for $30.00 a year.  To make it even easier, you also have the option of choosing from pre-made bundles called ePlanners ($7.00 each) which are an excellent tool to get you started.  Want to know more about what List Plan It offers? You can view sample pages here.


Get Organized Wizard is a company designed to help you move from procrastination to action. Their programs help busy men and women take action toward a life of greater happiness, productivity and personal organization. Be sure to subscribe to Michelle’s Get Organized Tips Newsletter to receive a FREE copy of her 72 page Organize Your Life & Goals Workbook Planner designed to help you organize goals in 12 life areas. Michelle offers many other great online products to help you get organized and to assist you with choosing the one best suited to your needs visit her Get Organized Wizard Comparison Grid.  I’m loving the post she wrote this week about having a declutter mantra.


Professional Organizer, Sylvia Daoust of  Niche Designs is back this month with an awesome promotion just for Org Junkie readers.   Sylvia is offering her “mini” virtual organizing package for $75.00 (regular $120.00) to help you create storage solutions for your “mini” spaces….utility or linen closet, kitchen cupboards, communication centre and/or pantry.  You send her the pictures of your existing “dilemma” and she’ll give you the best solutions to create more function.  She’ll also include product images and links so that you can shop with ease!  Use code orgjunkie at checkout for your discount.  You can find a list of all the virtual services Sylvia provides along with prices here.


If you would like to consider advertising with me, please send an email to orgjunkie (at) hotmail (dot) com and I’d be happy to discuss my rates with you. Please also check out my advertise page for my site statistics.

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    s says

    has anyone had direct experience with the photo ebook? I desparately need to get my photos organized physically and digitally, especially since one of our computers is crashing a bit and I’m worried – I have some photos backed up, some on discs, some in online albums, but nothing pulled together. one of the projects I want my older kids to work on this summer is putting photos in chronological order and then putting into albums. The price on the ebook is more than I want to spend without being able to preview (a normal book I could check out in the bookstore or be able to return). any direct experience (not on the sponsor sites) would be helpful to determine if worth the $.


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