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I mentioned last week that my garage was in need of a massive makeover.  Professional Organizer, Sylvia of Niche Designs saw that and was kind enough to send over a guest post with some garage makeover tips for us.  Also don’t miss the terrific “Org Junkie” special Sylvia is offering to my readers at the end of this post.

This is the time of year we pull everything out of the garage and re-organize! But wait! Don’t go to all that work again this year without a plan to create long lasting storage solutions for this space.

Remember scraping the windshield all winter because you didn’t have the room to park in the garage? Don’t want to go through that again, do you? Let me help you prevent your stuff from taking over this much needed storage space and car stall for good this time!

I know it can be intimidating to start organizing such a large, often over cluttered area. The good news is you likely have items stored in your garage that haven’t been touched in years. No difficult decision needed for these, just make a trip to the dump and local charity. Now onto the rest of the stuff cluttering valuable floor space.

1) Before you purchase any new garage storage systems, identify categories for the items you absolutely need to keep in this location.

2) Sketch a quick plan including all of the necessary zones….gardening, sports equipment, workbench, vehicle supplies.

3) Create a shopping list of products that will provide the best storage option for the items that tend to scatter.  Here’s a video I did recently showcasing some available options:

4) Once everything has its place, it should be visible, reachable and easy to put away. (clear containers, labels, and quick access)

Sylvia Daoust is the owner of Niche Designs Inc., a company focused on creating streamlined homes and small businesses.  We provide storage organizing solutions to fit your needs and your budget…with consistent support every step of the way.  Visit Niche Designs for access to a free eBook and weekly storage solutions!

**Organizing Junkie readers have exclusive access to the “Mini” Virtual Package valued at $120 for only $75!  You only have until May 31 to purchase using code…orgjunkie!

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6 Responses to Get the Garage in Gear

  1. 1
    LoriD says

    My garage looks exactly like that first picture. I’m looking forward to finding some time to give it a good overhaul (something I’ve said for at least the past 3 years!)

  2. 2
    Frugal Living says

    Organizing the garage is probably the hardest things for me to do because it is hard to get motivated to actually do it

  3. 3
    Laura says

    Great Website! I’m a junkie too! Can’t wait to explore!

  4. 4
    Nony (A Slob Comes Clean) says

    Great post! I recently organized my garage and it is so nice to be able to get into our car without turning sideways and rubbing up against the (not always pristine) side of the car.

  5. 5
    Patti says

    Most of our identifying documents are all in one place…an easy to carry place.The rest are in my purse…also in an easy to carry place and kept in the same spot. I’ve always thought I was disorganized in this aspect, but really I’m not…one place to grab the important stuff and the rest in my daily bag. We’ve also taken to copying pictures onto a hard drive and then to CD and giving a copy to my in laws…just in case. We do that once a year. I felt like we were paranoid, but I couldn’t stand to lose those photos.

    The fires in Slave Lake make me want to make more copies, my wedding photos were before the digital age and I just never got around to scanning them. I will do that this week.

    • 5.1
      Patti says

      This wasn’t the article I was reading when I posted this..


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