Babysitter Bag + Note Sheet Printable

My daughter (13) is at that age now where she might want to start considering outside babysitting jobs.  She babysits for me all the time but hasn’t begun to babysit for others yet.  I was thinking about how I could make that transition easier for her and to ease my mind a little bit as well.  So that’s how the babysitter bag became to be.  It includes everything she needs for a successful babysitting night.

I used one of my handy Piece Pouches which I adore (available in my shop soon!).

Some things to add might include:

  • microwave popcorn*
  • smarties (never know when you are going to need a little bribe!)*
  • coloring book
  • markers
  • bedtime book
  • craft packs
  • wet wipes
  • stickers
  • basic first aid supplies (contained in a small organizing bag with wrist strap)

*please always check with parents first about food restrictions

I also created a checklist to include to help her remember to ask the parents some important questions about the kids and any specific instructions.  All very important things to know when babysitting.  I’ve included the free download link below if you’d like to use it as well:

My Babysitter Notes

I remember how nerve wrecking it was to go on a babysitting job for the first time and I just thought this would be a fun way to help ease the butterflies.  What do you think?

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46 Responses to Babysitter Bag + Note Sheet Printable

  1. 1
    Shannon says

    What a great idea! I had a special book bag I took with me when I babysat. It was full of picture books that my sisters and I read when we were younger. I babysat my cousin’s kids at least once a week and they loved the books (my mom kept one shelf of our books and I rotated them)…

  2. 2
    tamara says

    this is a fabulous idea

  3. 3
    Kat says

    Great idea!!
    It reminds me of the books “The Babysitters Club” and their boxes they would bring babysitting.

    • 3.1
      Amanda says

      That was my first thought!

    • 3.2
      Skooks says

      I was thinking the same thing! You made a “kid kit”!! Hilarious and awesome. Always was a great idea. 🙂

  4. 4
    LisaC says

    When I was 12 or 13 I took a 4H class about babysitting and we made these. We had games and a puppet, and I forget what else. I think they are a great idea!

    • 4.1
      EmDiane says

      Hello. Im 11 and last year for 4H, I made a babysitting kit and got reserved champion on it!! But i was to young then, to go to state.

  5. 5
    Rachel says

    I love the idea of taking something new but quiet with you while babysitting. I’m sad that here in the UK you can no longer trust to a teenagers maturity and common sense for fear of getting branded a bad parent. A mother was recently given a police caution for leaving her 3 year old with his 14 year old brother for an hour during the day while she did grocery shopping. Nothing untoward happened she was not far from home and had her phone with her. I babysat from 13yrs old and left my 4yr old with a 14yr old neighbour when he was asleep as a baby. Now everyone is wary about using young babysitters and its a shame that these kids won’t get to experience it.

  6. 6
    Jennifer says

    My daughter just turned 13 and is hoping to break into babysitting soon. I LOVE this bag idea! Thanks for sharing.

  7. 8
    Shannon says

    Make sure she takes the Red Cross babysitters certification class. That will help with the self confidence thing tremendously and you learn CPR for kids/infants.

  8. 9
    Emilie Thompson says

    Hi! My girls were 3 and 1 when I lived in Albany, GA. I had a neighbor’s daughter sit for us several times and she had her own Babysitters Survival Kit. I was GREAT!!!! The girls loved to see her coming across the lawn with her bag full of surprises. Thanks for the printable. I am going to print it and fill it out for my future sitters to have to reference to. 😉

  9. 10
    A.L.Sugden says

    That is sweet. What memories I have of my own “babysitter’s survival bag”! When other kids my age were getting jobs at the fast food restaurants and movie theaters, I babysat. I loved being the best in the area, and the most available: I got the best jobs! We actually just hired a babysitter for the first time, boy was it weird to be on the other side. I think I would’ve felt a little less nervous if the babysitter had come with a bag like this. 🙂

  10. 11
    Suzanne says

    What a wonderful idea. My 13 year old, Babysitter’s Club book reading self would have been so jealous.

  11. 12
    Kristin_OPC says

    What a great kit! It reminds me of The Babysitters Club!

  12. 13
    Kandace {Making It Bright} says

    So cute and what a great idea! Our neighbor isn’t quite old enough to babysit on her own, but she has been coming over lately to serve as a mother’s helper. It’s fantastic. I’ll have to remember to buy the Babysitter’s Business Kit to give to her for Christmas.

  13. 14
    heidi @ wonder woman wannabe says

    great ideas!

    I grew up in the era of the books, “The Babysitters Club”
    and had quite a thriving ‘business’ as a sitter in my town. 😉

    I brought a bag similar to this with me. I had a stash of toys and activity books that I rotated and the kids loved to see what I’d bring – there’s just something novel about *new* things to look at and play with even if it is really simple.

  14. 15
    Sarah says

    I was just thinking that something like this would also be great for parents to have on hand for when they have to leave their kids with a babysitter. A special for when mommy/daddy have to leave bag.

  15. 16
    Carrie says

    I love it! I was so into the Babysitter’s Club when I was her age, and I made a “Bag of Fun” to take with me on babysitting jobs. The kids very much loved having “new” or different things to play with. Very good idea!

  16. 17
    Lori K says

    That’s a really good idea… my first thought was ooh… popcorn… hope she’s asking about food allergies ~ and I saw that on the print out (yay!) ~ one of my girls is allergic to several different kinds of foods, so I’d be nervous if a babysitter brought popcorn – but I love the idea!! And I really like having the location of fire extinguisher and first aid kits on there… something I hadn’t even thought about telling babysitters!!

  17. 18
    Angie says

    My daughter and I was just talking about her taking babysitting jobs. This post is perfect timing! Thank you so much!

  18. 19
    Jan says

    What a great idea! I love everything you added to the bag and now your daughter will be the “go-to” babysitter with such a cool get up. Love this idea!!! Maybe it’s something I could have on hand here at home for when our babysitter comes to watch my son. Loving it! Thanks!

  19. 20
    Living the Balanced Life says

    Very cool! My daughter was an awesome babysitter until she got a social life. hen she was always too busy, lol!
    She enjoyed taking the babysitting class taught by our local hospital, plus she took a red cross first aid class too.
    10 steps to learning for life

  20. 21
    Lily says

    Great idea! I had one of these when I was younger- inspired by the babysitters club…

  21. 22
    Amanda says

    It’s smart to bring your own first aid kit. Once as a babysitter, I needed a first aid kit. I could not find one. I seriously went though every cupboard, every drawer. I don’t think they had any sort of medical supplies in their home. It was before the days of cell phones so I was stuck. Thankfully it wasn’t a huge problem and I was able to take care of it. Very smart to take your own and to ask detailed questions before the parents leave!

  22. 23
    Lowbudget says

    This is great. Has your daughter ever taken Safe Sitter before? It is an awesome class for preteens (boys and girls). I use to be an instructor for the class. Go to for more information. Good luck to your daughter on future babysitting jobs. I am sure the kiddos will love her since she has this neato bag full of goodies to share.

  23. 24
    Andrea says

    Wish I had this when I was a teen & babysitting tons! Bringing in books/activity sets/toys that kids aren’t used to is an *excellent idea. That should make the time fly & I’m sure the parents will appreciate your daughter’s preparedness.
    Smart momma, org junkie !!

  24. 25
    Elizabeth says

    I made a kit like this for my boys to take to church. They had quiet activities (books, crayons, and paper). Made those sermons go by a little smoother! Wish I would have had that cool bag!

  25. 26
    Sarah Jane says

    That is awesome! I used to bring a bag with me as well, but not nearly as well stocked! I often included a set of stencils, and Ed Emberly’s Drawing Book of Animals (or another small book of easy craft ideas). The kids were always excited to see what was in my bag, although there were more than a few times it would have been nice to have that first aid kit or Babysitter Notes information! I also used to bring a book or activity for myself, if I was going to be there after bedtime – since I couldn’t always figure out the electronics (of course this was before most people had the internet…lol).

  26. 27
    Jen says

    A little something for you!

  27. 28
    Angie says

    I *LOVE* this idea! My daughter has a babysitting bag, but it usually just has books and movies in it that she has picked out from out collection for the children she is babysitting. I think the addition of popcorn and smarties would be a big hit! My 14 yr. old made $170 babysitting last week for 3 different families over 3 days!!! Soon, I will be borrowing money from her!

  28. 29
    liza says

    this is a great idea, as the others commented.
    As a consumer of babysitting services, I would be very, very upset
    if someone
    a. brought and made food in my house (I always ask if there is anything I can buy for them). We have house rules, and don’t like food brought in that we haven’t seen. Families who are keep kosher, halal, vegan, might have these same considerations, and be dimayed.
    b. I get to decide what my kids eat, not the babysitter. I love the idea of new toys, and a babysitter kit, but seriously, there are lots of allergic kids out there, and lots of parents who do not want their kids to have sugar, etc. Most parents I know have SOME allergy in their family.
    I seriously think many parents would think “please don’t bring food I don’t know about into my home, especially not for my kids”.
    not trying to offend, just giving you a different (paying customer) perspective.
    all the best,

    • 29.1
      Laura says

      Hi Liza, I have a son with severe and multiple food allergies so I totally agreed with what you are saying. I’ve told my daughter that she always needs to ask first before any food comes out. Because food issues are something we deal with on a regular basis it’s so second nature for us that I always forget that not everyone deals with allergies and would know to ask first as a result. I’ll update my post to reflect this.
      Thanks for your thoughts and concern. Appreciate it!

  29. 30
    liza says

    thanks, i was a little wary to point this out.

    • 30.1
      Laura says

      So glad you did!

  30. 31
    Mandi says

    I love that your daughter is preparing to babysit and using such a greaet babysitting bag. I used one when I was young and babysitting as well. I always found that the kids were so excited to see what was in my bag that they were usually pretty good for me! Good luck to your daughter!

  31. 32
    Paige says

    Great idea!! I actually saw what you wrote, searched it on Google, and found a site selling almost that! Its perfect for my daughter (also 13). Check it out:

  32. 33
    EmDiane says

    Hello. Here’s just a suggestion… Maybe you should try to get crayons in there too because markers may be a little messy for some kids and parents.

    I also babysit but, I am 11.

  33. 34
    EmDiane says

    Also, you should always ask which the parents prefer…

  34. 35
    Karli says

    Where can i buy one? (the kit)

    • 35.1
      Laura says

      Hi Karli, the kits aren’t for sale but the bags are available through my Opensky shop:

      Hope that helps!


  35. 36
    Karen says

    Love the idea, but remember popcorn is a choking hazard! Until age 4 it’s Pirate’s Booty or a similar treat only.

  36. 37
    Charleigh says

    Hi! I thought this was a really great idea. I sewed a really complex bag from an old pair of jeans I had and it’s perfect for a babysitting bag because it has a lot of pockets. I’m 12 and I’m wanting to start babysitting this year.


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