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Well would you look at that.  Here we are at the end of the month again.  This end of month is particularly significant though because it’s also the end of the year!  If you are going into 2011 thinking this is the year you’re going to get organized, you’ll definitely want to check out my sponsors featured below.  All three of them offer tools to help you in your quest to live an organized lifestyle.  You don’t have to just dream about it, this CAN be your year to make it happen!

Even Hoda (from Kathie Lee and Hoda) was talking on yesterday’s show about how she wants to get organized in 2011.  I joked on my Facebook Page that I’d love to be the one to help  I may not have the chance to help Hoda but I am going to try and help all of you that come here day after day (thank you by the way!).  I’ve got some fun things planned for 2011, stay tuned!

Is 2011 your year?  Here are some amazing resources:

Get a taste of simplify 101—and the organized life—with a FREE, simple-to-follow guideHow to Create a Command Central Binder“. You’ll put together a home reference binder that will help you get organized, save time, and minimize paper clutter and the stress that comes along with it! Visit simplify 101 to sign up for a monthly organizing newsletter or take a tour of the online workshop system.

List Plan It offers literally hundreds of list printables and downloads to get your world in order. Every checklist you could possibly imagine! Choose between a personal/family print membership for $20.00 a year or a personal/family download membership for $30.00 a year. Jennifer offers plenty of printable pages to get you organized in the new year as well.  From a Resolution Map to a Resolution Planner, List Plan It has you covered!  To take a trial of all List Plan It offers and to see sample pages visit here.

I’m so excited to tell you that Michelle from Get Organized Wizard is offering her brand new 2011 Goals & Priorities Diary for FREE, all you have to do is LIKE their Facebook Page.  It contains fully interactive (type, save, search & edit) Monthly Goals Planners that guide you to set and plan your goals for the month, Daily Priorities Planners that help you focus each day on your top priorities first, plus Goals Lists for the current and next year, and a record of Goals Achieved And Rewards.


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11 Responses to December Sponsor Spotlight

  1. 1
    KT says

    Thanks for the free download from Get Organized Wizard, I cannot wait to begin the process!

  2. 2
    Twisted Cinderella says

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas! Happy New Years! Here’s to a fabulous new year!

  3. 3
    More Than A Mom says

    Thanks to the link to the Wizard and to Michelle for offering it to all of us. Happy New Year!

  4. 5
    Jessica says

    I just downloaded the 2011 Goals and Priorities for free! I can’t wait to use it in the morning when I get up! I also got the Simplify 101! Thanks again for posting these! Every day my life gets a little more organized and clutter free thanks to you!

  5. 6
    Emily says

    I “liked” Get Organized Wizard on their FB page and am not getting the green tab/code for the free Simplify 101! Any suggestions? I am sad, I was looking forward to reading & using it :-(

    • 6.1
      Emily says

      Ooookay, they got it worked out, so kindly disregard my plea for assistance. I guess I should add increasing patience to my New Year’s Resolutions ;-)

    • 6.2
      Laura says

      Oh whew, so glad it worked out for you, enjoy!


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