Getting rid of toys…your kids CAN do it!

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This post isn’t so much about how to organize and contain your kid’s toys before Christmas but rather how to get your kids to part with their toys before new ones invade their space. Think it’s impossible? Are you ready to just grab a garbage bag and head on in to their rooms while their at school to get it done yourself? Not quite so fast. My experience has taught me that the only thing that teaches your children is not to trust you. Let me assure you that the more you involve your children in the process of organizing (and purging!) the more they’ll acquire the necessary skills to make it an ongoing habit that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.  Continue reading

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    Gabe says

    Wonderful post! I’ve been doing this for a few years with my kids and I’m starting to reap some wonderful rewards! My 10 year old daughter has started helping me de-clutter the whole house now! What a blessing to have another pair of eyes and another perspective on our things! Putting the effort in years ago to involve her in this process is paying off now! Now if only my boys would catch on….

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    Jen says

    i have done exactly this with my son (4.5 yrs old). he is actually really good about getting rid of his old toys – we try to do it twice a year, before his birthday (march) and before christmas/hanukah. he parts easily with the little broken pieces of crap that he gets at birthday parties, etc. for the stuff he’s outgrown or forgotten about, i have found he parts with it easiest if he knows where it’s going – often to his baby cousin, or to a friend who has a younger child. sometimes to his daycare/preschool, which also cares for babies and toddlers. he seems to like the idea of giving his toys to someone who will really use them and like them. it’s also possible that the fact that he has 7,456,342 other toys helps though 😉

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    sandi says

    we have been doing this with our three (as well as my husband and i). our rule is ~ when something comes in, something goes out. want a new pair of shoes, then you need to get rid of a pair… same with toys. we do three presents at christmas ~ a physical gift (coat, gloves) a spiritual gift (christian dvd, book) and an emotional gift (legos, doll baby). this helps keep the clutter down and makes it easy when things need to go to someone less fortunate.

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    Vanessa says

    What age do you recommend that the kids can get involved? My 5yr old’s school has an outreach programme where the kids are encouraged to bring in old toys and clothes – for a very poor farm school nearby – so he has some understanding of “have” and “have not” but what do you recommend?

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    Mom's Many Projects says

    We actually started the cleaning process this week! I told the boys I wanted half of their stuff gone…mostly for my almost 9-year-old’s benefit, who’s in that in between stage for toys…some toddler, some older kid toys. So far so good, but it’s a slow process! Right now it’s decluttering time and organizing will come after when the unwanted stuff is gone!

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    [email protected] says

    I’m a bit behind on my blog reading! I just read this today (4 or 5 days after it was posted!) and I posted on pre-holiday toy purging yesterday. Had I seen this I would have linked to it! What a great post! I’ll have to tweet it or fb it tomorrow!

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    anon says

    i am absolutely appalled.Making your kids get rid of their toys? That’s just not right. Toys are like treasured memories that last lifetimes that remind you of how good life used to be. I believe you should keep all your treasured possessions, whether it’s your toys or the last birthday card your dead grandparents sent you. So whenever you’re just bored, you can look at it all, and remember all the good times. and maybe having a game of monopoly now and again. Is that too much to ask? Space… pfft. Free space is not better than toys. You all make me sick.


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