5 Steps to a Solid Time Management Foundation


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Time management and balance are always a hot topic. There is an awful lot of advice out there about how to juggle many different balls and keep them all rotating in the air just so.

Unfortunately, though, as we try and balance this erratic tightrope of life, one strong wind could come along and send all those balls flying every which way if we don’t have our feet firmly planted on solid foundation.

Trying to find “more” time in our day in order to pack even more into an already busy schedule is temporarily just patching the crack. You might hold it together for another couple of hours or even a couple of days but it’s not a permanent fix and most definitely not sustainable for the long haul. We’ve all been given the same 24 hours to manage, that we know will never change. What we can change is how we choose to fill that time. Continue reading here.

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4 Responses to 5 Steps to a Solid Time Management Foundation

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    Susanne says

    I wasn’t sure how to leave a comment on that other post so I’m leaving it here. :v)

    I love this post. I think I need to take the being intentional point a whole lot more seriously. It’s so easy for me to just flit from day to day and then wonder why I didn’t get stuff done.

    Btw, you have a book coming out????!!! HOW EXCITING! Congratulations.

  2. 2
    Sharisse says

    Love it!! I struggle so much with time management. One of the reasons why I struggle is because I am so tired and dragging all of the time. I wanted to add another blip in there with regards to time management is the please please please get enough rest. Don’t burn yourself out like me to cram everything into one day only yo drag the next. Another one is eating healthy, which will give you the energy to get things done. **I really need to practice what I preach LOL**

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    1st Place home says

    This is great advice, for those of us who are continually writing lists and getting sidetracked.

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    Tom says

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