Traveling and survey winner

I’m currently out of town traveling with my hubbie as he interviews for a new job.  It is scary and exciting all at the same time.  Thank you so much to all of you that have emailed and commented that you have been praying for our family.  I am immensely blessed to have you all in my life, thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I am encouraged and hopeful about the possibilities God has in store for us in the next couple of weeks and months.

I also want to thank each of you that completed Org Junkie’s Reader Survey.  Oh my goodness you blew me away with your amazing comments, I so wasn’t expecting that.   I appreciate everything you had to say and will definitely be taking all your suggestions and organizing questions into consideration for the new year.   I have so many ideas swirling through this head of mine as a result of your excellent participation.

Some of you were asking about Org Junkie’s Monthly Round-Up and whether or not I’d be bringing it back for 2010.  To keep things fresh around here, I’ve decided not to repeat that one again in the new year but will instead bring back the 30 Day Organizational Challenge in some format.  I still have to work out all the details but as always I’m open to suggestions.

I have selected a winner for the totally cute and fun apron and that lucky lady (hi Julie!) has already been emailed.  Oh and just in case anyone is wondering, before I looked at any of the survey results I moved all your email addresses over to a separate excel spreadsheet, selected the random winner via and then deleted all the email addresses once my winner had confirmed.  Now, to keeps things completely anonymous, there are absolutely no email addresses attached to any of the results at all.

Speaking of results, I thought you might be interested in a few:

  • my average reader is a 37 year old married woman with two children
  • 89% of my readership lives in the US
  • an equal number of you work full time outside the home as are full time homemakers
  • 56% of you are currently menu planners (yay!) with 42% interested in starting (you can totally do it!)
  • 43% classify yourselves as somewhat disorganized but trying to get a handle on it (which explains why you are here, awesome!)
  • the top two organization struggles are clutter control and daily maintenance so I’ll definitely focus more on those two topics in the upcoming months

Thank you again ladies (and my two male readers!), I’ll chat with ya all later.  I’ve got to go warm up, it sure is cold here :)

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18 Responses to Traveling and survey winner

  1. 1
    Christin says

    Yay!! Glad you got some direction :)

  2. 2
    Allison says

    Good luck to both you and your hubby on your travels! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that very successful interview!

  3. 3
    ter @ waaoms says

    I’m glad the survey helped you!!

    I have been working on my clutter control (mostly paper) and I’ve got a few boxes assigned to help me sort through it. (I did really well one day and now I just need to get the motivation to keep going) The boxes are labeled “Recycling” and “Shredding” and I have another box lined with a black garbage bag for garbage. I also have another box for things to sort through and another one for things to give away. It’s mostly paper that I’m going through right now, and oh my, there’s alot! Unfortunately, though, there’s alot of papers I don’t know what to do with, do I need to keep it? I don’t know. I’m considering hiring someone to help with some of the paper clutter ideas but if I can do it on my own in the next few months , (I’d like to be completely done by spring if I can – it’s what I’m going to call my winter project since it’s too cold to go outside anyway!) , I’ll feel so much better about it all. Just gotta keep up the motivation and hope my grief doesn’t keep hindering me from getting it done.

  4. 4
    Kim says

    Come back soon – you are missed!
    I’ve been thinking about you lots and praying….hope things are going well – I’m looking forward to hearing all about it (hopefully before I leave for PG)!!

  5. 5
    Julie B says

    I was so excited to be the winner of the beautiful apron! I have enjoyed and used many of your cleaver ideas on staying organized. Adding my prayers as well for the job search!

  6. 6
    Joyce says

    Hope the interviews went well. I’m excited about what’s to come for the new year over here.

  7. 7
    Charity says

    Good luck with your husbands interview. My prayers are with you.

  8. 8
    Colleen P. says

    Fingers crossed for your hubs! My hubbie retired from 20 years active duty in the Air Force just over a year ago, and interviews in the civilian job market sometimes really rattled him. It took a while but he’s found a job he’d probably happily do for free, and I hope the same for your hubbie! (but don’t let him say that he’d do it for free!)

    Ter, I need to do the same thing-I went looking in our file cabinet for something the other day and realized what a mess our files are, and how much is in there that we don’t need any longer. Good luck to you and wish me luck on mine as well! I might suggest I recall correctly somewhere on the site is a comprehensive list of documents that should be kept and documents that can safely be disposed of. Hope that helps

  9. 10
    Crystal says

    Merry Christmas! I haven’t stopped by in awhile – but I think you would be proud of my closet/drawer decluttering project I took on last weekend.

    And I am also reducing some of my “virtual” clutter in my work email inbox – I had over 700 emails in my inbox that really needed to be filed into their appropriate folders or just deleted altogether. I gave myself a goal to clean up 50 per day, and I started today. In 2 weeks I should have a very clean and organized email inbox. :)

  10. 11
    Betsy says

    Prayed for you, your husband and family about a new job just now. One of the things I think I personally need the most is just a month of closet purging. Since we live where it’s already cold in the winter, I’ll be doing this as soon as the calendar turns 2010. My January I’ve already named “Closet Clean-out Month.” I’m excited to hear whatever you have planned for us this coming year!

  11. 12
    Rana says

    Hope everything works out with the job and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the new year at Organizing junkie!

  12. 13
    Sandy says

    I’ve been praying for you too, totally on my mind. Let me know how the job sit. works out. Congrats on the big “red” win, too! How fun.

    Love and hugs Laura!

  13. 14
    Susanne says

    Blessings to you and hubby as you travel. May God direct your path! I’m just sad it’s not a tad closer to moi! :v)

  14. 15
    Kim says

    Hope all goes well with the interview and you have positive results.

    We are in the same position and are cautiously optomistic about hubby’s interview tomorrow.

    Merry Christmas!

  15. 16
    Sandy Watts says

    Hope your hubby’s interview is just what he wants and fruitful! About what to keep, paper wise, I just cleaned out my file cabinet, we discussed some papers, decided we didn’t need them, had not needed them ever and couldn’t think of any reason we might in the future, so purged them 2 weeks ago. Two days ago, I needed them!! HONEST!! But my file cabinet is clean, my computer email inbox is purged, my bill pay system is ready for the new year!! I was determined to start fresh and I made it!!
    Good luck to all of you on your goals!

  16. 17
    Marcia Francois, Organising Queen says

    Enjoy the travelling :)

    Love the results of the survey – I think I should do one too. Isn’t it fun finding out where people are from and what they do?

    On my mailing list, my readers (1) work full time outside the home then (2) run their own business from home and are 90% female :)


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